Liberalism vs Conservatism

Ha ha I keep finding clips from Dumb and Dumber that I can relate to politically…..(hmmmm maybe that says something :/)

There are MANY differences between Liberalism and Conservatism, one of the very basic fundamental differences is government intervention. In defining the difference between Liberalism and Conservatism on this topic-I thought of this clip-

Liberalism is like having someone else drive the car for you (The Government). They think they really know what they are doing, but-the government is just made up of people -and lot’s of them are total morons! I don’t understand why one would advocate giving the government more power???  It’s putting an incredible amount of trust in another person (a stranger actually) other than yourself.

Conservatism is YOU driving the car. Now, I get you might not consider yourself a “good” driver-but ya gotta be better than Loyd Christmas 😉

Both hold some sort of risk. But when someone else is driving the car, your individual freedom is limited!

I prefer Freedom!

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