Your CRomnibus, just showed it’s true colors….

I am feeling a whole mix emotions, confused, disappointed and angry. After the #CROmnibus Bill passed the House on Thursday, I was so mad, I went and ran stairs for quite a while. I was so heated and furious!
What is the CR Omnibus Bill? Great question….it’s a bill that is over 1600 pages long, I am going to be honest, I haven’t had time to read it, but that’s not my job….it’s Congresses job and well they decided they didn’t want to read it either! Ughhhh….anyways, I did however read what this bill entailed:
The bill authorizes congress to spend over 1 Trillion, ya…you read that right a TRILLION on specific programs between now and October 2015, that’s not even a whole year-ONE TRILLION to spend in 10 months! Last time I checked we were over 18 Trillion in debt….so hey what’s another trillion? My almost three year old and 1 year old can pick up the tab right??!!!!
The Bill included halting the legalizing process of marijuana in DC, which was overwhelmingly voted in favor of in the midterms. I really am blown away that Republicans are wasting their time on marijuana…..I don’t smoke that stuff, but I personally think there is a helluva lot more to get bent over shape over and Mary-Jane ain’t one of them…..but that’s just me.
The bill also had budget cuts for the IRS, and EPA, so that’s good….but here’s the kicker-
Under the CR Omnibus Bill, Obamacare is still funded, which Republicans swore to D-E-F-U-N-D! Granted no additional funding is being given to the IRS and DHHS, which are the two big orchestraters to Obamacare, but there is nothing now in play to stop the funding of FORCED healthcare! I can literately hear Freedom, being suffocated…can you?
Also, the CR Omnibus Bill funds Obama’s Executive Amnesty in a way, because Republicans wanted to limit the funding to the Dept of Homeland Security, in order to delay the process of this illegal amnesty, that the King demanded. This funding will continue until February of 2015. So in other words….we are still funding it! Do you get that, we are funding an illegal order by the president, when we promised to stop it!
What’s even more infuriating is the House created this BILL! They could have broken it up….but instead they tied a bunch of crap into one bill to appease everyone so it will pass.
Oh but the government will shut down….ummmm…hey it’s happened before and we’ve survived!
Oh but the military was going to be shut down too, then exercise your 2nd amendment right geeez…. I think we can hold our own while we are …being held hostage on a vote that mind you “we” Republican’s created! Ughhhh this is straight up blackmail if you ask me….
Does it not disturb you that Obama was whipping votes to pass this and that Boehner asked him to?? Gag!
Here’s the deal, we were lied to. Our elected officials said one thing to us, to get elected but then after campaigning and elections are over -deals are being done behind closed doors, deals WE the people would never approve of!
Wherever the BIG money is HOW they vote….and this….this is wrong….and in my eyes criminal.
I gave them my vote, my support and they betrayed me.
Ya…ya….I don’t know the politics at play, I don’t know what it’s like to be a part of the DC elect…you’re right-I don’t.
But here’s what I do know.
I know that I elected my Congressman based on a set of principles. Those principles were not witnessed in this vote.
I know that if you are voting on a Bill, READ the Bill…yes the whole DAMN thing!
I know that I don’t want my kids to endure the debt that these elected congressmen and women are driving us deeper into.
I know that if we continue on this path, of bigger government, backdoor deals, this concept of “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours”….it is NOT about the people but about the politics. It’s not about the ones that sent you to Washington but instead about how you can get re-elected and hold your job.
I know that the system is corrupt, but this system is no longer the system it was intended to be. If our founding fathers were to witness what we have done to the Constitutional Republic of this great nation….they would be filled with great sorrow. I know that the voice of the people is no longer being heard and this cannot last. Political Representation was NEVER intended to be a career. In the beginning our representatives were, doctors, farmers, school teachers- who went to Washingtonto represent the people and then they returned home!
WE the People are no longer being represented….and this is causing great unrest.
I believe that a Revolution is at hand.
Because there are still those who cannot be bought, there are those who cannot be corrupted, there are those who hear the cry of America’s heartbeat and run! They run with passion, they fight fearlessly for freedom, they wake in the night burdened by responsibility, there are those who will SPEAK UP when others are silent, and there are those that hear the cry of the patriots before them and they will not let their work be in vain, there are those who will not surrender to the all powerful system at hand…..why….because corruption is evil, and in the end evil never wins. There are those who say “enough” and have had enough. You might not hear our voice now, but our numbers are growing.

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