I posted on my face book page today the “Freedom” speech by William Wallace in “Braveheart.” The post was in response to Scotland’s decision to not secede from the United Kingdom. I will be honest, this decision bummed me out. I think about all the men that died trying so desperately to free Scotlandfrom the oppression and tyranny of England, the price paid, was great. I get that it’s not like that now…England is no longer raping and pillaging villages in Scotland like they once did….everyone is living in counterfeit perception of “peace” or I would call it repressed silence.  Anyways, the choice to not annex…got me thinking…Scotlandis looking a lot like Americaand vice versa. A price of countless lives was paid for our freedom as Americans and yet there is little acknowledgment and few willing to preserve it.
I have noticed a slumber fall over the greatest nation on earth…America. Its people are trading comfort for freedom and we are witnessing this daily. With roughly 35.4 percent of the American people on Welfare, that’s 109 million of the 309 million receiving Government assistance! Over half of Americans don’t have jobs and therefore pay no income tax, relying on the other half of America to carry the burden. With this comes more government and less individual liberty and yet shhhhhhhh…..silence……
A nation founded on religious freedom, the freedom of speech, and the pursuit of happiness has now succumbed to no expression of religion, no speech unless it’s politically correct in every facet and our happiness is temporarily filled with frivolousness, creating an empty shell of Americans. Americans who are silent, who gorge themselves on reality tv, fast food and pop icons. Americans who vote according to the last tv commercial they saw, and in return electing completely incompetent leaders who are taking us further down the rabbit hole. Americans, who stuff their faces with glitzy magazines and twitter feeds full of garbage, while American flags (our symbol of freedom) are being banned in parts of this country, because it “offends.” Americans who have no clue who our elected officials are, but they can rattle of every name of the Kardashian clan. Americans who seek shelter in fleeting pleasures, because reality is too painful to view. Americans who keep their heads down because it’s too unbearable to witness what is. Americans who have lost hope, because they have electively taken away hope.
What is hope? Technically, it’s a “feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.” What do we as a country desire…what do we want to happen and why have we given up?
We want people to work right? We want our borders to be secure? We want terrorism to be eliminated, we want our kids to be safe, we want to be healthy, we want to live a long life, and we ultimately want peace.
When you study history, peace does not come without a fight. When you watch William Wallace on that battlefield in the film of Braveheart, it’s gruesome, bloody and ugly. It would have honestly been much more comfortable to just let the English kill his wife and not avenge her death….to just lower his head and continue on with life. That’s what is happening…we are lowering our heads and continuing with life….but life as we know it is changing and tyranny is at our front door. William did not lower his head, he fought and because he fought he embarked courage upon a whole nation….ultimately yes, he died….but I sit here today inspired by his story. His life was not in vain and I don’t think you want yours to be either.

I am asking you to look up….look up and fight. I know it’s not easy, I know that the path can be lonely but you are here…living, breathing for such a time as this. Do you want your kids to remember you filling yourself with fluff or substance?  Be a fighter, because a fighter is someone who doesn’t give up, someone who believes in something greater than themselves, a fighter paves the way for peace….
Why put on the full armor of God if we aren’t called to fight…..?

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