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I posted on my face book page today the “Freedom” speech by William Wallace in “Braveheart.” The post was in response to Scotland’s decision to not secede from the United Kingdom. I will be honest, this decision bummed me out. I think about all the men that died trying so desperately to free Scotlandfrom the oppression and tyranny of England, the price paid, was great. I get that it’s not like that now…England is no longer raping and pillaging villages in Scotland like they once did….everyone is living in counterfeit perception of “peace” or I would call it repressed silence.  Anyways, the choice to not annex…got me thinking…Scotlandis looking a lot like Americaand vice versa. A price of countless lives was paid for our freedom as Americans and yet there is little acknowledgment and few willing to preserve it.
I have noticed a slumber fall over the greatest nation on earth…America. Its people are trading comfort for freedom and we are witnessing this daily. With roughly 35.4 percent of the American people on Welfare, that’s 109 million of the 309 million receiving Government assistance! Over half of Americans don’t have jobs and therefore pay no income tax, relying on the other half of America to carry the burden. With this comes more government and less individual liberty and yet shhhhhhhh…..silence……
A nation founded on religious freedom, the freedom of speech, and the pursuit of happiness has now succumbed to no expression of religion, no speech unless it’s politically correct in every facet and our happiness is temporarily filled with frivolousness, creating an empty shell of Americans. Americans who are silent, who gorge themselves on reality tv, fast food and pop icons. Americans who vote according to the last tv commercial they saw, and in return electing completely incompetent leaders who are taking us further down the rabbit hole. Americans, who stuff their faces with glitzy magazines and twitter feeds full of garbage, while American flags (our symbol of freedom) are being banned in parts of this country, because it “offends.” Americans who have no clue who our elected officials are, but they can rattle of every name of the Kardashian clan. Americans who seek shelter in fleeting pleasures, because reality is too painful to view. Americans who keep their heads down because it’s too unbearable to witness what is. Americans who have lost hope, because they have electively taken away hope.
What is hope? Technically, it’s a “feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.” What do we as a country desire…what do we want to happen and why have we given up?
We want people to work right? We want our borders to be secure? We want terrorism to be eliminated, we want our kids to be safe, we want to be healthy, we want to live a long life, and we ultimately want peace.
When you study history, peace does not come without a fight. When you watch William Wallace on that battlefield in the film of Braveheart, it’s gruesome, bloody and ugly. It would have honestly been much more comfortable to just let the English kill his wife and not avenge her death….to just lower his head and continue on with life. That’s what is happening…we are lowering our heads and continuing with life….but life as we know it is changing and tyranny is at our front door. William did not lower his head, he fought and because he fought he embarked courage upon a whole nation….ultimately yes, he died….but I sit here today inspired by his story. His life was not in vain and I don’t think you want yours to be either.

I am asking you to look up….look up and fight. I know it’s not easy, I know that the path can be lonely but you are here…living, breathing for such a time as this. Do you want your kids to remember you filling yourself with fluff or substance?  Be a fighter, because a fighter is someone who doesn’t give up, someone who believes in something greater than themselves, a fighter paves the way for peace….
Why put on the full armor of God if we aren’t called to fight…..?

That’s not fair!

I saw a picture on a few social media sights a few days ago that people were sharing and it’s stuck with me. It’s a picture of African women caring gigantic bushels of wood/kindle on their backs and a quote from George Monbiot that read:  “If wealth was the inevitable result of hard work and enterprise, every woman in Africawould be a millionaire.”  When I read it I thought….true.

 You see this quote rings true for every 3rd world country in the world…perhaps for every country in the world, besides the United States of America. The United States of Americaprovides possibility and that alone is worth fighting for and even dying for. With possibility comes hope and hope provides motivation and motivation provides success.

 Capitalism is by all means not perfect, but I believe it’s the best system we have. It is a system that provides for ”next to nothing” to become “something.” No other system does this. I am witnessing a wave of socialism in our country and it grieves me. The idea that you take from the “haves” and you give to the “have nots”….that way it’s “fair” right? That way everybody has a piece of the pie…..the concept is pleasant…but it does not work….why….well….let’s think about it.

 Say your son or daughter is going to care for their surrounding neighbors lawns for the summer. They are getting paid $20 bucks/week for each lawn…this includes watering, trimming, weeding, etc. Now when they get home, you take their money and give it to your son or daughters younger siblings. The younger siblings want to care for the lawns too…but they aren’t able to because they are too little. The younger siblings have watched their older sibling use the money earned to by candy, ITunes, video games and the younger siblings want those things too. So it’s only fair to divvy it up-that way everyone is happy. As the summer progresses your son or daughter’s quality of work on the neighbor’s lawns starts declining. Some lawns are just mowed with no other maintenance….some lawns are not being watered at all and the neighbors start complaining. You ask your son or daughter what’s the deal…and their reply is obvious….”why am I working so hard and don’t get to keep the money I am earning…..I am just going to stop working…this doesn’t make any sense!”

 Before you rebuttal with “it’s working in Europe” ummm…no….no it’s not. The wealthy in Europe who are having the hell taxed out of them are the ones with the off shore accounts. That’s right instead of keeping that money in the country…creating jobs….boosting their countries economy it’s being stored some place else entirely. In fact many are leaving their countries because of the high high taxes! And some European countries are on the verge of default or have already defaulted. Not to mention many European countries are now including Black Market Sales as part of their Gross Domestic Product…this includes stuff like prostitution, illegal arms trafficking, and illegal drug smuggling..,,,ummm ya….

 What’s amazing to me is people who are for this socialistic society are benefiting in their daily lives from Capitalism. Most of the wealthy that speak out against Capitalism are the very ones who have profited so greatly from it! What….they get a shot, but we don’t?

 The idea of “fair share” is… it’s not fair. It’s not fair to take something from someone else and give it to someone else and what’s worse is putting this power in the Government’s hands….I mean have we not seen how the government runs things!?? Why would you trust them….seriously…why…tell me cause I am clueless when it comes to people who wholeheartedly trust their government to do the right thing. They aren’t even abiding by the Constitution anymore, which is the very framework under which we are to operate. If there is no moral code how can you expect morality from them??

 But there are a lot of hurting people out there. Yes there are, and what are you specifically doing about it? Let me guess….you are hoping your government steps in and does something about it….

Well….the United States Government is bigger than it’s ever been and poverty is higher than it’s ever been….why….because the Government has no clue how to spend and where to cut. So who suffers….we all do….that’s right we are taxed higher, hoping it’s used for good, but in reality the Government is like a rapper at a strip club…”making it rain” with your dollar bills!

 How do we help those in need….the task seems overwhelming at times, I know….but it’s not. It starts with you personally lending a hand. Giving to a charity that you believe in, being a mentor to troubled youth, volunteering at your church, getting involved in your local politics and have a say on where the spending is going, and encouraging all to dream big…because this is America and it is still the land of opportunity.


 Capitalism is the only system that can make freedom, individuality, and the pursuit of values possible in practice-Ayn Rand



Jealous much…

People always talk about greed and how terrible it is….it destroys, corrupts and can never be quenched. Now I am not a fan of greed, but what I found is in the end, it tends to damage the individual most.
What I am witnessing is something that has the ability to control the masses, stirring up anger, resentment and rage. Those who have the power to manipulate and wield it, obtain all authority and we are seeing it used today by many political operatives.

It is jealousy.

They have what I want and I want what’s theirs.

Accompanied by this jealousy- is judgment.

They shouldn’t have a house that size.
They shouldn’t drive a car that nice.
They shouldn’t be able to frequently eat at that nice of a restaurant!
They shouldn’t be able to take that many vacations.

No one should have that much money.
No one should be that well off.
No one needs that many houses.
My question is…who are you to judge?
You don’t know how much those people give or don’t give to those in need.
This immediate assertion that those who have, should give what they have worked for, to those who have not, is not freedom.
 A place with all ‘haves’ is heaven.
A place with all ‘have nots’ is hell.
A place where you can go from having nothing to working hard and having something is America.

Are you ‘guaranteed’ -no. But you are given a chance, the ability to climb up! You were born an American.

So I just want to say….if you want something, get up off your ass and make it happen!

Do some people get a head start-Yes. Is the process ‘fair’ -no, but we were never promised ‘fair’ -we were promised the ability to ‘pursue happiness.’

This ‘you owe me attitude’ is divisive-it does not unite.
Stop thinking about what others have, what you don’t have, and judging those that did seize the opportunity to pursue.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

If you do nothing you get nothing.

No one owes you anything.

Are there some that are incapable of achievement? Yes- but very few, if you are reading this then you are not one of the few…!

Now get out there and be the BEST!



Do something….ANYTHING!

You know what astounds me….I mean what really amazes me…the American people’s total lack of concern about being lied to. Straight up LIED to.
We were first told “if ya like your plan you can keep it, ” we were also promised that our health insurance premiums (through the Affordable Care Act) would Decrease, when in fact, just yesterday Katherine Sebelius admitted that they will in fact -increase in the next year. INCREASE!
I don’t care which way you vote (as long as you know what the heck and who the heck you are voting for) But, it truly does concern me that people are like -“ya the President lied to us…ok…so what??”

LYING. This is NOT okay people!

You know WHY this matters….because we are saying it’s okay by NOT responding! We are saying it’s ok by not speaking up.
When we stay silent we are giving this injustice our own stamp of approval.

You wanna know why are politicians are a bunch of hypocritical liars and thugs in suits….cause We have allowed it!
We have gotten too busy with our little lives and in the whirlwind of it all, the integrity of our nation has been lost.
Hey I get it, life is crazy-it’s busy!
But in the midst of the present we MUST look ahead to the future.

Will our kids think we cared? What proof do we have to show them that we fought for a free America? We fought for justice? What evidence will we be able to show our children that we did not stay silent when we were lied to, we did not approve! America is screaming for help, as her Constitution is being torn from her body. She is begging for someone to stand up and stop this abuse!
We must stand up, we must speak up!
This is America we are talking about people. We are losing her. She is slipping right through our fingers and we are doing nothing….

What can you do? You’re crazy busy… you barely have time to take a shower, and put your feet up…before you hear ‘momma’ or ‘daddy’….I get it-I do!

So here is what I ask….here is what YOU CAN do.

1) Don’t stay silent. Being lied to…is not acceptable-period. When a political figure lies…no matter the party-call-them-out! Blog about it, write about it, tell your neighbor, tell your local paper…
2) Vote. Not just in your general election but in your PRIMARY, elections are won and they are lost in the primaries. If we do not send our strongest, fiercest, most qualified to Washington they will be nibbled to bits by the Parana that abide there.
3) Go to your caucuses -it’s a meeting of your political party-cannidates are selected and policies are decided on YOUR behalf-just show up!

I still have hope that all is not lost, if we the people….begin to say enough and demand for justice!