Don’t Blink

Yes, it has been forever since I have written anything on my blog…trust me I am aware. To say I have been “busy” just wouldn’t suffice.
When I was entering my 9month of pregnancy this summer with our second child, our house went under contract. Crazy…yes…I know! Chasing a 16month old around the house, packing a house all on my own and of course going into labor on moving day have prohibited me from writing 🙂
Now we are settled and I have a moment.

I just wanted to mention something that has stuck with me since I heard it about a week ago. I was in a store with my two little babies and an older woman stopped me and wanted to know my children’s names and how old….she then looked me squarely in the eye and said “don’t blink.” Now I have heard “cherish every moment, ” “it flies by” “before you know it, they’re grown.” but for some reason when she said “don’t blink,” it got me thinking.
I think as mom’s we are always looking ahead…it’s natural…we are planners. It annoys my husband even, -I am the type that wants to know what we are doing three weekends from now 🙂 But we have to ‘plan’ just to have some since of order…though we operate the majority of our time in chaos…having a ‘plan’ or ‘schedule’ gives us some sense of sanity.

I don’t know if we “cherish” every moment as moms…I mean it’s hard to when you have a 1month old wanting to be nursed, while your 18month old is screaming to get out of the high chair. When you gage your day on whether or not it was successful-if you were able to take a shower and the kids have gotten out of their pj’s by lunch time 🙂 To me “cherish” isn’t the right word and let’s be honest-it’s impossible not to “blink.”
I think as parents, we often look ahead to milestones and miss the moments. We often look ahead to the day of the 1st smile, 1st crawl, 1st step, 1st word, 1st day of school, 1st day of high school and often forget the days in-between. I will say this,  I have or I am learning to “be” in the moment. To be present…because I do know that this moment will pass…so with every diaper change, outfit change, bath time, story time, late night nursing (while I am half awake) I am learning to be in THAT moment and not the one that lies ahead. Just thought I’d share what has recently been on my mind as a new mom of two.

new posts to come 🙂

One thought on “Don’t Blink

  1. Well said! CONSTANT struggle of mine! That, and I always catch myself focusing on what could go wrong, what might happen as a result, instead of enjoying the now… It's hard my friend, but I think realizing it is surely the first step. I try daily to stop the worry and the 'what ifs.' Every time we 'blink' we miss something… embracing what we are given each day, even the toughest moments, is something I strive to achieve.


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