Your vote reflects you

Amidst the madness of this election I keep hearing a phrase that is truly puzzling to me: “I don’t support _________.” But then I am told that they are supporting the candidate that DOES support what they don’t support.

This makes NOooooooooooo sense……period.

If you are choosing to support a candidate that supports what you are against and yet you still vote for them….you are contradicting not only your values and principles but you are putting into question your own moral character.

It’s literally like saying “I don’t support under-age drinking,” and yet you find yourself buying alcohol for minors.

It’s literally like saying “I believe in being faithful and loyal to my spouse” and yet you are having an affair.

It’s literally like telling your kid “Don’t cheat” and yet you are cheating on your taxes.

It’s literally like saying “I think eating meat is inhumane” and yet find yourself secretly ordering a “Big Mac.” 

It’s literally like saying “I believe in protecting animals” yet you place your bid in dog fights on the weekends.

It’s like saying “I don’t believe in abortion” and yet you are voting for the candidate who does………….


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