The good ole’ Post Office

As my husband was leaving for work, he mentioned how he needed to stop at the Post Office today to mail out some packages…I said I would do it for him to save him some time…..
So I loaded up my seven month old son Bode, and away we went. My hands were full- one holding Bode and the other the packages as I entered the Post Office building. The line was long….ummm why are all these people here? It’s the middle of the day!
Bode also found this ridiculous, and began to continuously attempt to get out of my arms and high tail it out of there! I struggled to hold his cute, cuddly and very squirmy body and not drop the packages on the ground, all the while Bode expressed both our frustrations with loud but friendly screams….
Ahhh…..the front of the line…after what seemed like hours I was finally next up…I love being at the front…it’s such a great feeling. At that moment the woman, that would have called me to be next, walked away from her post. Where was she going….no no don’t leave please don’t leave…check me out and then leave….
So I waited as this woman meandered about…literally…I just watched her mulling around almost pacing back and forth behind the counters…she didn’t even attempt to look busy! After about 5 minutes she sluggishly walked back to her post…….I then got the “you have permission to approach halfhearted wave……”
As I walked out of that glorious Post Office, I thought to myself….how the heck could people possibly think the government does a better job at running things!?
If you don’t agree…just go renew your driver’s license 🙂

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