Hollywood Women Don’t speak for me!

I was once that starry eyed little girl, when on a stage felt as though I could be anything I wanted to be…an actress with big dreams.
I loved performing at any chance I got, and I did.
I spent three and a half years of my early 20’s in the “Hollywood” scene. I even worked for a major celebrity and lived in her home. This made me see Hollywood from a whole other angle. The “red carpet” glitz and glamor…soon faded away and I was exposed to hard truths and the cold reality of the entertainment industry.
It’s so easy when I was there to begin thinking the way “they” think, to begin acting the way “they” act….
My values, morality and the very core of who I was and who I was raised to be were put into question. The journey is longer and much more detailed than what I can write in this short blog but I did leave, I knew I needed to leave, clear my head and re-group….and that’s what I did…..

Now years later….I watch and see the impact Hollywood has on the rest of this country. It has the ability to inflict “group think” so powerfully and intensely that it’s hard to escape-

With this recent election, Hollywood has played a major role-especially on women.

Declaring that we (women) will be sent back to the Stone Age if a Republican is elected to office.

I will say this:
My womanhood is NOT defined on whether I can abort my child or not.
My womanhood is NOT defined by insisting the government pay for my contraception and the contraception of others.
My womanhood is NOT defined by the mainstream media
My womanhood is NOT defined by Hollywood

I will NOT make and base my decisions based on fear but on faith.

My womanhood is defined by my Creator-
My womanhood is defined by the impact I leave on the community around me.
My womanhood is defined by what my great grandchildren will say of me after I have left this earth.
My womanhood is defined on the love that I give to those that have never known love.
My womanhood is defined by my ability to bring a different perspective.
My womanhood is defined by the leader I am to my peers.
My womanhood is defined by my ability to use my brain and not my body to make decisions.
And my womanhood is to take care of the “least” among us and that to me means those babies still yet in the womb who cannot speak for themselves-I will speak for them……

I am woman.


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