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God DOES NOT Bless #PlannedParenthood

Just recently released today is a video of Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s Senior Director of Medical Services -involvement in selling aborted baby parts!

It was so difficult for me to watch this woman candidly talk about selling aborted babies while she chomps away on her lunch! I am sharing this video because I think it is vital for EVERYONE to know about this! If a baby is not a life, not human than how can someone make a profit off of this?!! “My body my choice”…..well then just whose body parts are you selling?

You see, It IS A LIFE!! A living, breathing, heart pounding life.

You wonder why our country is so messed up?

We are killing God’s children…..this is a big ‘F you’ to God…..you remove God from society….BAD things happen…terrible things happen. On top of all this people like you and me….who totally oppose this are paying taxes to fund Planned Parenthood! This is insanity! This needs to be STOPPED, this MUST be stopped! I could never ever ever vote for someone who votes to continue the funding of this trafficking of baby parts and the taking of innocent life!

Here’s what our president has to say about Planned Parenthood:

Planned Parenthood is not going anywhere, As long as we have to fight to make sure women have access to quality affordable healthcare, and as long as we have to fight to protect a women’s right to make her own choices about her own health, I want you to know that you have a president that is right there with you fighting every step of the way. Thank you planned parenthood, God bless you“…..Huh…..what about the baby’s rights? Does that baby’s right entail being torn apart limb by limb for profit Mr Obama?

Oh and NO NO NO……God DOES NOT BLESS Planned Parenthood. There is no blessing from God on Planned Parenthood…..Mr. Obama….DO NOT use my God’s name in vain like that!

You know what’s amazing to me…is  those liberals out there I know and how they’ll freely speak out against Oil Spills, Dolphins Dying, Endangered Eggs not being protected, Climate change, Fracking, Puppy Mill dogs, Fur…..but not a peep about aborted babies being sold for profit…..silence……

That silence is the sound of Evil.


Oh…you belong in that _____ box!

Over the weekend I was asked to call into a radio show and discuss the topic of Freedom of Speech, our first amendment right-which has got to be one of my favorite topics! (Although the 22nd amendment is appealing to me more and more-because that’s the one that limits the President to two terms-thank God right!!)

So after I hung up on the call, I started to realize I had yet to discuss one of my greatest concerns that I have noticed becoming quite the trend. Labeling. That’s right…..if you think “this way” you are “this.” The quick swift-let’s put you in a box labeled “THIS” approach! If you have a view other than “anything goes” you are a bigot in some way! We don’t care if your ethics, moral code, faith or religion says this “______”….if you don’t agree with us- ‘the majority’ -you are now labeled!

This way of thinking has SHUT DOWN free speech. This way of thinking has eliminated all conversation, dialogue and discussion.

I was recently on twitter (@conmomma)…..and I said something about our President that wasn’t supportive (if you know me that’s not a big surprise) and immediately I was sent a tweet that I am racist! Yep, I was told I was a racist because I think Obama is failing in many areas! This…this is a way to shut down everyone-throw em in the “racist” box! Ughhh!

If you oppose the president, you are racist! If you think the rioting and looting that took place in Ferguson was wrong-you’re a racist! If you are opposed to illegal immigration but support LEGAL immigration….you are a racist! If you prefer cream in your black coffee, you guessed it-you’re a “racist!”

It doesn’t stop there….oh no! If you support traditional marriage-you are homophobic! Who cares if you totally support Civil Unions, you believe homosexuals should be entitled to the same rights as heterosexuals….but you think that marriage (which is a religious sacrament) is between a man and a woman-well then you are thrown in the “homophobe” box!!

Oh let’s not stop here, we’re having too much fun now aren’t we!?

Oh….you support Israel?  You actually comprehend the fact that if there is a “two” state compromise, it would really end in a one state solution….because Israel would be no more, they would be wiped of the face of the earth! You understand that if Israel does not have the support of the United States it has a much slimmer chance of survival. “Oh…you stand with Israel….throw em in the “Islamophobia” box!”

Whaaaaaat??? You don’t support Hillary in 2016…..well you are a straight up misogynist! Yep, that’s right….you are a sexist and you hate women! No….who cares that Hillary takes money from countries that treat women as property…..if you don’t support her, you are trying to hold women down-you are the “glass ceiling” that must be destroyed!!! Yes…you guessed it-walk yourself over to the “sexist” box and jump in!

I could go on!

You see….this….this is destroying Free Speech!

I can honestly say I am none of these labels and I have been called all of the things mentioned. But I will not be labeled. My challenge is for you not to be labeled either. The next time someone tries to slap a label on you-challenge them! Ask the question why? If we are to really celebrate diversity, celebrate free speech, than it is hypocritical to only celebrate one train of thought. If we are to respect one another, than we must respect those who disagree. But allowing yourself to be classified, perpetuates the cycle.

No box for me….I am free.

Don’t be silent.

Liberal Classification


Just recently, my three year old son started to talk about Monsters. Though I closely monitor everything he watches….somehow he got wind of monsters and won’t let up. “No there are no monsters, they are just part of your imagination…they aren’t real, ” I find myself often uttering. My 18 month old daughter though, has not been introduced to the concept of monsters, and in her world….they simply don’t exist….yet.

I have found that this mindset continues on into adulthood….those who believe in monsters and those who don’t…that is until they encounter one first hand. Now, I am not talking big hair goons with four arms and one eyeball…..I am talking evil. Yes, evil. I have discovered that many think if they don’t talk about evil, or acknowledge it, it’ll just go away. It’s like when my daughter covers her eyes with here hands and “poof” I am not there…in her mind -I have disappeared! But I didn’t disappear, I am still there. Likewise, evil is still present…whether one chooses to acknowledge it or not.

I am not saying evil needs to be the topic of conversation at every meal, but there must be discussion on how to combat evil….because… like it or not….evil doesn’t let up…it persists until YOU do something to stop it. Yes, I said YOU….because you are responsible for stopping it or not. One of the most honest quotes I have ever heard is by German theologian- Dietrich Bonhoeffer: “Silence in the face of evil, is evil itself: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak, not to act is to act.”

This ignorance to evil, has almost become trendy even fashionable. I am currently witnessing this from our president with his approach to all our foreign policy. This idea that we can all gather together around the campfire and sing “Kumbaya” with our enemies, is baffling to me. I don’t get it. I also don’t get it when I see that popular “coexist” bumper sticker. I smirk, shake my head and think-that person is straight up ignorant. “Oh come on, how could you say that” you might say!?? I say it quite easily actually….because I know evil exists. I also know, you don’t coexist with evil, you don’t hold evils hand, rub it’s back and wish for change. No….you come against evil! You, give evil no place to breed, fester and grow….you destroy evil….and if it crawls back from the dead, you drive it back into the ground with ten times more fierceness than you did before….until that evil is no more.

It takes effort and dedication to accomplish this, but I don’t know who came up with the belief that life was supposed to be “easy.” This notion that we are here for a short time so let’s just go along to get along….

I see it differently. I believe that we were created and designed with purpose for a specific reason. To be a light. To shine light on darkness and to fight against evil. I believe this is the ONLY way to preserve good. We are to be vigilant and on guard and most importantly, not deceived. Evil takes many shapes and forms….but it’s soul purpose is to steal, kill and destroy.

Wow….intense right….yes, it is….but I know that Good triumphs over evil in the end. Our job is to be bold, unafraid, and to live our life with purpose….not for pleasure. The only way to preserve good here on this earth is to stand up to tyranny. The responsibility of our children’s future rests on our shoulders. I see the monsters….but if God is for me, who can be against me.

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good Romans 12:21

The guys that caved to Obama’s #Amnesty

For a brief……very brief moment, I was proud of our congress today as they welcomed a true leader Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu. But, shortly after we heard Netanyahu give a very moving and historic speech, I was reminded of why we sooooo need term limits!

So there’s been this back and forth over Obama’s Amnesty. You know the unconstitutional executive order he gave a few months ago without going through congress, granting amnesty to millions of illegals. Who cares about securing the borders….let’s just let em all in-terrorist and all, who cares about those going about it the lawful way…..whooooohooooo! Ya…that order….remember it? Well no legislation had been passed on that order….that is until today. Our House of Representatives caved, because there was the “threat” of shutting down the Department of Homeland Security unless the bill was passed. (Which is a whole other story in itself….I mean it’s like we have mobsters running things over there! I threaten you with this, unless you do this…..ughhh….I mean come on!)

The House passed the “clean” DHS Bill so the Department of Homeland Security wouldn’t shut down…..and now Obama’s Amnesty is going to be signed by the King himself.

I honestly want to know what happened to our Constitutional Republic?? Anybody seen it…..anybody??

Here is a list of the guys in suits that passed this insane bill….those who caved under pressure to his Majesty, If your rep isn’t on here…..be proud, because they just might have a pair!

  Voted for Amnesty