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“RECUSE Yourself NOW Mueller”……this Representative says!

This Morning Representative Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) wrote the resolution calling for special counsel Robert S. Mueller III to recuse himself from his investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, due to a conflict of interest.

According to the Washington Post article :

Gaetz accuses Mueller of having a conflict of interest because he was serving as FBI chief when the Obama administration approved a deal allowing a Russian company to purchase a Canada-based mining group with uranium operations in the United States, according to a draft obtained by The Washington Post.

I couldn’t agree more with Gaetz on this! I honestly have no idea why we have a guy investigating “Trump Russia Collusion”  -while Mueller himself turned a blind eye while head of the FBI to REAL Russian Collusion of U.S. Officials in 2010 -so that the Russians could obtain 20% of our Uranium! It seems asinine to me, and I don’t know why more Republicans wouldn’t agree? Firing Mueller would be a risky move, but anybody who has been following this -KNOWS it’s a total witch-hunt. Lots of people trust Mueller will do the right thing, but I have my doubts. Mueller has stacked his investigative team Obama and Clinton voters and donors! How are we supposed to the think we’ll get a fair shake when the people investigating Trump -hate Trump?

Mueller NEEDS to resign NOW! His conflict of interest, and completely biased team are more than reason enough!

Below is a re-cap of the Real Russian Collusion in case you all need a refresher:

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You want to know what is Terrifying….?

On this Halloween I thought I’d take a moment to tell you all what terrifies me. What really scares me….is a biased media that refuses to do its job for the American people. I personally know people that get their news solely from the Mainstream Media. They actually watch the nightly news, and believe what they are told and this terrifies me and at the same time saddens me. They are completely mislead and have no clue what really is taking place around them. You can call it ignorance or naivety but too many trust our Mainstream Media.

Yesterday we heard of Paul Manafort’s arrest by the FBI for money laundering as well as refusing to disclose financial reports as a foreign operative. I am not going to excuse Manafort’s behavior IF he is found guilty and we’ll have to watch this play out. You would think though, due to the reporting by the Mainstream Media, that this ties to Trump and it DOES NOT in ANY WAY.  Manafort was working for the Ukrainians and all of his dealings took place YEARS before being on the Trump campaign. Let’s also remember that Manafort was brought on as campaign manager for Trump for only a month and a half -to assist with the Delegation process during the nomination of President Trump in July of  2016. Let’s also take take note that Tony Podesta, the brother of John Podesta (Hillary’s campaign manager) also is accused of not disclosing financial reports while working as a foreign operative. His firm the “Podesta Group” has been subpoenaed and Tony stepped down yesterday.

The news yesterday was insane about Manafort though. Non stop coverage and the Mainstream Media was salivating at the mouth! “This is it…..the first of many indictments,” I kept hearing. Each pundit, journalist, reporter trying desperately to tie all the drama to Trump.

I have watched for years, a media that I cannot trust, mislead the masses.

While Hillary destroyed servers, and deleted 30 thousand emails. While Hillary smashed subpoenaed evidence with hammers and paid 9 million for a fake Dossier -that caused all the fake “Russian/Trump Collusion” Narrative. While Hillary sold 20% of U.S. Uranium and The Clinton Foundation pocketed 145 Million dollars….and so forth —The media focused on a shiny sequined House Representative talk about President Trump’s private phone calls with a widow, or they focused on a Tweet from the President, or Melania’s shoes, or the way the President tossed out paper towels ……….and it all terrifies me.

A globalist ran Media…..desperately trying to divide, conquer and mislead Americans.

So….here is a glimpse at our reality…..our terrifying reality that WE MUST EXPOSE, bring to light and cause those that are still in darkness to see the truth.

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Don’t be Distracted!

Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel is now investigating “The Podesta Group.” Which is owned by Tony Podesta-who is the brother of John Podesta (who was Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Manager Adviser, close confidant etc). This investigation has morphed into a criminal inquiry on whether or not the Podesta Group, which lobbied on behalf of the Ukrainian Government, violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

Ukraine hired The Podesta Group to essentially promote their image. A detailed disclosure of all spending was supposed to be filed with the Justice Department and this didn’t happen until the the Press released this violation.

This is the same thing Paul Manafort was accused of: violating “the Foreign Agents Registration Act,” only Manafort wasn’t even Trump Campaign Manager when this happened. Remember when the Feds raided Manafort’s home in the middle of the night and it was all drama all over the news—because “Russia Russia Russia.” Well, The Podesta Group did the same thing and they were actually TIED to the Clinton Campaign during the campaign cycle.

Anyways…..I to be completely honest…..I think this is all a big distraction. It’s a way for Mueller to appear to be looking at “all” sides of foreign ties to the election….but like Frederica Wilson, it’s another shiny object to distract from the REAL STORY. Yes, The Podesta group screwed up, but they are not the story.

The breaking story of all stories, is one that Robert Mueller is directly tied to! Mueller turned his head (while he was head of the FBI) when it was known that Russian Officials were bribing, money laundering and offering kickbacks to U.S. Government Officials in order to get a hold of OUR Uranium (20% to be exact). The FBI was investigating this and should have IMMEDIATELY worked with the Justice Department (which also turned it’s head-AG Holder) in pressing charges — but instead the investigation was prolonged for YEARS. During this time the Obama Administration made deals with the Russians and The Clinton Foundation walked with 145 milliondollars from the Russians after the Russians took over 20% of our Uranium. THIS. IS. TREASON.

Don’t be distracted by Hollywood, flashy rhinestone cowboy hats, or even the Podesta Firm, stay focused. Below is a breakdown of the REAL STORY that so many are trying to distract you from!

Democrats love Destroying Sh*t.

What is it with the Democrats DESTROYING servers, phones, and emails? I mean they love smashing sh*t up! I think they find destruction even more enjoyable when what they eliminate has been subpoenaed by congress. Maybe they have trendy “destroy evidence parties,” ***bring your own hammer.

Earlier this week Imran Awan (a House staffer to former DNC Chair Wasserman Shultz) who is under investigation by the FBI, was arrested trying to flee the country. He wired hundreds of thousands dollars to Pakistan and was arrested on Bank Fraud charges.

Imran Awan and his brothers reportedly worked for House Democrats for years. He declared bankruptcy in 2012, but has made MILLIONS, yep MILLIONS while on House payroll for at least a decade.

In March, House Democrats fired Awan over “alleged” involvement in a criminal investigation, but Wasserman Schultz still had Awan on her payroll -even though Awan was barred from accessing the House’s computer system since February.

The FBI found destroyed & smashed servers at Iman Awan’s home.

Was this guy doing Wasserman Shultz’s dirty work?

Why was she still paying this Imran fellow? How did he make MILLIONS doing “IT” work? Why were destroyed servers found? Why are servers being destroyed in the first place? And lastly, why attempt to flee the country?

This whole story gave me flashbacks of Hillary wiping a server clean. I literally gagged at Hillary’s response when asked about her wiping a server clean: “like with a cloth?” was her response. Please! Let’s also not forget the subpoenaed evidence that Hillary’s minions destroyed with HAMMERS! Yes THIS HAPPENED!

You destroy evidence when you have something to cover up, period.

All of this “destruction” lead me to shoot this…..because Democrats love destroying sh*t.



Was it the Russians?

I want to know how in “liberal world” did Russia collude with the Trump campaign to get a win?
Did they hack voting machines?
Did they pack stadiums full of “fake Trump supporters?” Who then were forced to vote for Trump?
Did they convince Hillary to not go to Wisconsin in the final stretch of the campaign?
Did they tell Wiki leaks to expose the Real corruption within the DNC?
Did they tell Donna Brazile to cheat on the CNN debate and give Hillary the questions prior?
Did they manipulate Hillary into deleting 30,000 of OUR emails?
Did they force Hillary’s Campaign manger to attend Spirit Cooking dinners and drink, blood-breast milk and sperm?
Did they manipulate Hillary into having a private server in a mom and pop bathroom in Denver, CO in order to cover up dealings with Clinton foundation and foreign countries?
Did they tell Anthony Weiner to send sext messages to under age girls on a device that held classified information?
Did the Russians know that Hillary would run for President one day, and they convinced her to defend a rapist of a 12yr old little girl when she was a lawyer?
Did the Russians whisper in Hillary’s ear to say she was under “sniper fire” while in Bosnia?
Did the Russians tell Hillary that Benghazi happened because of a YouTube video?
Did the Russians tell Hillary that fully formed babies have NO Constitutional rights?
Was it the Russians that forced the Clinton Foundation to take money from dictators & human rights violators & in return give them elite access in their countries after these people donated to her foundation? (Cause this happened)
Was it the Russians that imposed scandal after scandal on the Clinton’s legacy in politics? (Whitewater. Troopergate, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky, Travelgate, Vince Foster’s suicide. Juanita Broaddrick…..)
Did the Russians tell Hillary to destroy information on her blackberries with a hammer? Yep a hammer!
Did the Russians force Hillary’s foundation to take money from countries that treat women like animals and hang gays for being gay?
Did the Russians force Hillary to deny multiple requests for additional security from those in Benghazi-resulting in the deaths of Americans: Ambassador Chris Stephens, Officer Sean Smith, CIA operatives-Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty?
Was it the Russians that told Hillary to say that Boko-haram was NOT a terrorist organization-though it kid-napped young girls and sold them into sex slavery?
Did the Russians call half of America “Deplorable” and “Irredeemable?”
Was it the Russians that made Hillary’s spokesperson call Catholics and Evangelicals “extremely backwards?”

I am just trying to figure out how in the hell the Russians got inside of 62,979,879 Americans heads and told them to vote for Trump?