Let’s talk about who is being “Divisive.”

Yep, it’s been confirmed: The GOP has been hijacked!

“I didn’t leave the GOP, the GOP left me.”

This phrase I have read numerous times from Conservative types and Tea Party enthusiasts and today it resonates so strongly in me. I have identified with this slogan for a while, but today it identifies how I feel more than ever before.

I called both my Senators and requested them NOT to vote for the Fast Tracking of the Trade Bills, headed through Congress-known as Obamatrade, but both ignored my plea. They voted for the cloture to bring the Fast track to a vote and in my gut, I know it’ll pass. I wrote all about this ObamaTrade aka-TPP, you can read it here. This blog entry really isn’t about that though, it’s about my deep concern for the Republican Party.

As I dive deeper into the political world, I have come to the conclusion that the GOP has most definitely, without a doubt been hijacked by big Corporations and Lobbyists, I know it sounds horrible right! The party of limited government is no more. I hear a lot of Patriots murmur “how did we get here as a country?” Well, to me, it’s obvious. The vast majority of those who hold elected office are not beholden to their Constitutes. The fact that phone calls into our elected officials were 30-1 OPPOSING this trade bill just affirms my thoughts! The voice of the people is not being heard. The fact that Marco Rubio cast the deciding vote yesterday, or that Ted Cruz- a champion to the Conservative cause just now realized ObamaTrade was “bad” …… blows my mind! Where was the fight?

It’s easy to point our fingers at the Left and blame them, but the problem starts with the Right. To put it simply, the Established Right has been bought! The vast majority of our elected officials have sold out their constitutes for a promised career in politics, with the specific instructions to vote how the big corps and lobbyists want them to vote. They get away with this because when it comes to election time, those big corps and lobbyists write the big money checks for their campaigns to keep them in office. To say it’s ‘ugly’ would be a gynormous understatement!

If our Founding Father’s saw us now, what would they say?

It was never intended to be this way. Never.

I am grieved by this, but at the same time, I refuse to just give in, to let this Machine win-I can’t, I won’t.

I was having a political conversation just last week and a member of the Establishment was mentioned as having jumped into the presidential race.  Now I was surrounded by Conservatives, these people were not Establishment at all, but one of them said: “you know if Bush is the nominee, we need to support him.”

I say NO.

This is part of the problem, we as Conservatives are being manipulated into supporting someone who is not even a Conservative because they have the GOP label. But that GOP label has been stolen, it doesn’t belong to them!

Just because you say you are something, doesn’t make you that ‘something’-your actions make you that ‘something.’

How can we stop this?

First support TERM LIMITS and only support those candidates who support them as well.

Don’t elect career politicians, if they have held office for considerable amount of time, they have lost touch with the people. Look at Boehner-he honestly thinks he’s the Godfather…..sooo time for him to go!

Don’t support members of the Establishment, even if they are our only option, I’d honestly rather vote 3rd party-and no that’s not throwing my vote away….it’s having a voice!  You see our voices have been silenced because of this methodology, we just go along to get along and it’s resulted in our current state as a country!

Call for a Convention of States-it’s found in Article 5 of the Constitution. It gives we the people, the right to ratify the Constitution, allowing an amendment for term limits. For more info click here.

It is time for WE the People to face this machine and MAKE IT STOP, it CAN be done, it must be done!

Ahhh…..the Mainstream Media

In the news today is all the hype of Savannah Guthrie’s interview with Rand Paul on NBC’S The Today Show. At first hearing this I was like “oh here we go”…..main stream media freaking out that Rand Paul wasn’t going to let a journalist control the message. Here’s the deal, you can’t -if you are a Conservative- let the main stream media control the interview….because they will make you look like a fool….we saw this with the Palin/Katie Couric interview back in 08, remember! I gave up all main stream media news sources years ago…..their “truth” is not the truth….this day in age- ya gotta hunt for the truth-and find it on your own.

Here’s what everyone is commenting over:

What was more amusing to me than this interview was the left’s portrayal of the interview. Rand Paul’s attacking a WOMAN journalist. “Poor Savannah Guthrie…..she was just doing her job!” 😦 Women are never weak and defenseless in the liberal world, but they will be when it fits the narrative.

You see I wouldn’t have an issue with this, if liberal journalists did their jobs when interviewing LIBERALS AS WELL! But, you see….. that doesn’t happen….they throw soft balls to those with similar views all through the interview….no tough questions like the ones seen in the interview above.

Savannah Guthrie, is not a weak women, but she was more then willing to let Chuck Todd step in and defend her from the “horrible Rand Paul”…why? Because it furthers the left liberal agenda of keeping any Conservative out of the Oval Office. Savannah does not need to be defended -the woman is a trial lawyer….she can hold her own. Savannah also previously worked at MSNBC (Liberal News Haven), and is married to Michael Feldman, a former Democratic political adviser. Savannah’s husband was also Vice President Al Gore’s traveling chief of staff. He also served on Bill Clinton’s campaign staff in the 90’s….in short…the guy is a major LEFTY. My guess is Savannah and Michael have politics in common.

I also bet Savannah isn’t going to like anyone that comes on The Today Show, unless they are batting for the left.

Today, we have to be very careful to fully seek for the truth in those that are interviewed….but we MUST also decipher who is the interviewer and what is their agenda…because like it or not-they have one!

The best way to find the truth…..is to find it on your own.

Oh….and p.s: if you want your candidate to be FULLY vetted, torn to pieces, have all dirty laundry aired- vote for a conservative….the mainstream media will get that job done!

mainstream media

To the Moderate Republicans :

 I keep hearing from a lot of Republicans: “We have to play safe and we must come across as “moderate” so we can win elections.” “Ya can’t be too extreme, you won’t win the majority if you are.”

I personally think we are where we are at because we have been playing the moderate card for too long.

Honestly, ask millennials for five key fundamental differences between Democrats and Republicans, and they have a hard time answering!

Our world has become so “whatever” as in -the ability to differentiate between values, is now a serious challenge! People want to be able to decipher, they do want clarity in a very unclear and indecisive world.

I totally and completely disagree with this “moderate” approach in the political realm. Why? Well for starters we have been playing “moderately” and our country has literally been transformed before our eyes! We have let Democrats play offense and we play defense and as a result, after endless years of playing defense-you start to only know one set of plays in the game.

So to the Moderate Republican here’s the deal:

-Pro-abortion feminazi’s aren’t going to vote for you, even if you are a “moderate” Republican.

-Climate Change junkies aren’t going to vote for you

-Socialist aren’t going to vote for you

-Free-loaders aren’t going to vote for you

-Most Union members aren’t going to vote for you

-Democrats aren’t going to vote for you

-Illegal Immigrants aren’t going to vote for you

You get my point? Or should I go on?

Now focus. You RAN as a Republican, you were elected as a Republican.

Are you confused about what a Republican is…..hey I don’t blame you…..we’ve gotten off course-so let me refresh you.

We are FOR:

Standing by the Constitution of the United States-if something is Unconstitutional DON’T SUPPORT IT!

SMALL Government-that’s right less of you up in our biz!

Cutting Waste and departments that serve no purpose!

PRO-LIFE-that life is an individual-it’s own entity-has it’s own rights-not your body-someone else is now involved!

Pro 2nd Amendment-no “ifs” “ands” or “buts!”

School Choice

Strong supporters of LEGAL IMMIGRATION

Supporting the right for people to Choose healthcare-not be forced to buy it!

Balancing the damn Budget!

Stop the spending!!!

Securing our Borders

Creating Jobs

Lowering Taxes

Does that help? Now…..I’d like to add….READ the BILLS that are up for a vote….ya I know that’s hard, might even be considered work-but that’s what you are there to do! If the bill goes against the things listed above-DON’T Support it!

“But if I clearly stand for these things, I might not get re-elected,” you say? Well if you are there for re-election, you are there for the wrong reasons…… period.

This Moderate crap can suck it for the moment, we are losing our Country and we need some people that will step up and save it!