Trade Confusion—!!!

Today was a significant day but the battle is not over on the #TransPacificPartnership trade agreement. It really is unbelievable how confusing all the jargon has become, I mean #TPP, #TPA, #TAA, #TISA………??? Really?

I am completely and totally opposed to this bill! The lack of transparency blows my mind! I wrote on this bill a couple weeks ago-you can catch up here.

Two big votes took place today, here’s the scoop! First the House voted down the TAA Bill 126-302, which was the Trade Assistance Adjustment -this was slipped into the bill to appeal to Democrats -but they didn’t bite it-which is good! This bill was to provide government assistance to those workers who are displaced in the trade agreement.The 2nd Bill voted on today was the #TPA-which passed in a 219-211 vote. The TPA-Trade Promotion Authority gives the fast track to pass the TPP -Trans Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement with an up or down vote-no amendments no filibusters. The TPP also includes a “living agreement” clause, allowing Obama to change the Bill once it’s passed by Congress-crazy right? The trade bill also has immigration reform shoved into it, along with climate change mumbo jumbo! Paul Ryan said: “It’s declassified and made public once it’s agreed to.” Whaaaaaat? Ummm hello Nancy Pelosi-flash back -“let’s pass Obama Care to see what’s in it!”

The TPA did pass, but in order for the Transpacific Partnership Trade to move forward, both the TAA and the TPA had to pass-which didn’t happen. Boehner, is calling for a re-vote of the TAA on Tuesday of next week…..I can just imagine the panic to whip votes right now in DC!

Why are so many Republicans for it? The ‘US Business Coalition for TPP” shelled out over $1,148,971 to US Senators a few weeks ago, who knows what they gave to House Members today. The Business Coalition for TPP is largely funded by Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, GE and Halliburton to name a few…..

Here’s the link to the list of how your House Reps voted, were they bought?

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