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Jeffrey Epstein commits “suicide.”

I woke up this morning and read that billionaire and accused pedophile Jeffery Epstein killed himself in his prison cell in Manhattan last night. Epstein was being held there without bail awaiting trial on child sex trafficking charges.

I honestly thought this was fake news. Some form of perverted satire.

Epstein had been placed on suicide watch, since being found two weeks ago slumped over in his jail cell from neck injuries.

Epstein’s death was from hanging himself officials have said. 

Epstein was associated with several well known powerful wealthy people. For instance Bill Clinton had flown at least 11 times on “The Lolita Express” a private plane owned by convicted pedophile  Epstein. Often flying to Epstein’s Caribbean get away known as “orgy island.” (here for full story).

Court documents accused Epstein of bringing at least 40 underage girls to his mansion in New York for sexual encounters, and he would have faced at least 45 years in prison if found guilty.

Many powerful people participated along with Epstein in these heinous acts of abuse towards children; they did not want Epstein to name names. They did not want the victims of these horrible acts to have their justice.

Many think they just got away with their evil acts. Maybe for a moment, but there is no such thing as a secret. God sees all of this….. justice will prevail, eternal separation from God is the worst punishment of them all.

If you are not a conspiracy theory person though, you might be one now…..


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Don’t be Distracted!

Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel is now investigating “The Podesta Group.” Which is owned by Tony Podesta-who is the brother of John Podesta (who was Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Manager Adviser, close confidant etc). This investigation has morphed into a criminal inquiry on whether or not the Podesta Group, which lobbied on behalf of the Ukrainian Government, violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

Ukraine hired The Podesta Group to essentially promote their image. A detailed disclosure of all spending was supposed to be filed with the Justice Department and this didn’t happen until the the Press released this violation.

This is the same thing Paul Manafort was accused of: violating “the Foreign Agents Registration Act,” only Manafort wasn’t even Trump Campaign Manager when this happened. Remember when the Feds raided Manafort’s home in the middle of the night and it was all drama all over the news—because “Russia Russia Russia.” Well, The Podesta Group did the same thing and they were actually TIED to the Clinton Campaign during the campaign cycle.

Anyways…..I to be completely honest…..I think this is all a big distraction. It’s a way for Mueller to appear to be looking at “all” sides of foreign ties to the election….but like Frederica Wilson, it’s another shiny object to distract from the REAL STORY. Yes, The Podesta group screwed up, but they are not the story.

The breaking story of all stories, is one that Robert Mueller is directly tied to! Mueller turned his head (while he was head of the FBI) when it was known that Russian Officials were bribing, money laundering and offering kickbacks to U.S. Government Officials in order to get a hold of OUR Uranium (20% to be exact). The FBI was investigating this and should have IMMEDIATELY worked with the Justice Department (which also turned it’s head-AG Holder) in pressing charges — but instead the investigation was prolonged for YEARS. During this time the Obama Administration made deals with the Russians and The Clinton Foundation walked with 145 milliondollars from the Russians after the Russians took over 20% of our Uranium. THIS. IS. TREASON.

Don’t be distracted by Hollywood, flashy rhinestone cowboy hats, or even the Podesta Firm, stay focused. Below is a breakdown of the REAL STORY that so many are trying to distract you from!

I get “why” on both Bush and Bono….

In the last 24 hours two people that are known around the world both came out against Trump. George H.W. Bush said he’d vote for Clinton, and Bono stated that:”Donald Trump is potentially the worst idea that ever happened to America. Potentially.”

Now one could argue that Bush is upset that his son Jeb didn’t get the nominee, and that Bono is just a disconnected celebrity, but I think it goes deeper than this.

George H.W Bush was one of the founding members of the Trilateral Commission . The end goal of this commission is Globalism and a New World Order. Now don’t go freaking out on me, this is not Conspiracy, this is factual information. The desire to create an interdependence among nations so much so that globalism is enacted and a New World Order established. Bush even talks about it in this speech here:

Bush and Bill Clinton both were members of the Trilateral Commission and have always been strong supporters of Globalism. I wrote this blog a while back detailing the close connection both the Clinton’s and the Bush’s have with ushering in globalism, click here to read. So to be honest I wasn’t at all surprised that George H.W Bush was backing Hillary Clinton, it was to be expected, they are on the SAME team!

So, now for Bono. To be honest it hurt a little when I read this morning that Bono thinks Trump is no good. I honestly love U2’s music and I have been a fan of Bono since I was a kid, and I am not really a “fan” of anything ever. Bono believes that Trump is trying to “hi-jack” an idea. The idea of “justice and equality for all,” Bono stated.

First I want to tell Bono to turn the Nightly News off, because this is verbatim the biased rhetoric of the main stream media. The insinuation that Trump in some way doesn’t believe in Justice and Equality  for ALL is asinine. Somehow wanting to protect Americans by ensuring those entering our country are here with good intentions became racist….I know– nuts right!? Verifying who is coming into our country and confirming intention, preserves the Justice and Equality Bono speaks of. I watched the ‘Angel Mom’s’ one by one speak of the loss of their child because they were murdered by an illegal immigrant. Do these mothers not deserve Justice and Equality? Do those whose lives were taken by illegal immigrants, not deserve Justice and Equality? Are all illegals here with bad intentions….NO, of course not. But we HAVE to have laws and we HAVE to protect American citizens so that we can preserve Justice and Equality. Abiding by the law is what ensures Equality and Justice!

Bono has profited greatly off of the American Dream. Bono though, is not an American. He is Irish. Love the Irish, I am married to one of Irish descent. Bono does not understand that we Americans have had to apologize over the last eight years for being American’s. Obama has divided this country more than any President before us. The tension can literally be cut with a knife. Justice and Equality in today’s America is based on emotion and not logic and this needs to be remedied.

Bono, you have not provided jobs for Middle Class America, you have entertained Middle Class America. You do not know what we as Americans face daily. You do not know our struggles and you do not know the agenda fast at play in our politics. Donald Trump is not the worst idea that has happened to America. He is a man that has stepped in front of the Globalist agenda, a man who has given voice to the Middle Class, a Nationalist who has given hope to Americans.

To Bono, I say reconsider your news sources seriously, and to Bush -I am not surprised.