I support President Trump, because I care about my children’s Individual Liberty.

Over the course of the last several months, I have upset some people. It was not intentional. People I have known for years couldn’t grasp how or why I supported Trump. Even now, months after the election, it can be awkward when I am around them…it’s that elephant in the room. Most have never wanted to know “why?” I guess they assume because I am a Republican I would just support the nominee, but I supported Trump way before he was the nominee, because I knew what was at stake. 

I took a picture the other day of my three children. I found myself just staring at it over and over again, that’s what we moms and dads do. All three of my children together, different faces, expressions and personalities packed inside their little bodies. They like different toys, enjoy different foods, laugh at different things and so forth. I can’t blanket parent them either, what works with one child, doesn’t work with the others, they are unique individuals. 

Individualism is God created, He knew us before we were formed. We have our own DNA, our own fingerprints unmatched to anyone else on earth!

What sets America apart from other nations is that she was founded upon Individual liberty. The recognition that true freedom is endowed to us by our Creator and not government. Empowering and equipping one to decide what is best for ones self. 

“There is only one kind of freedom and that’s individual liberty. Our lives come from our creator and our liberty comes from our creator. It has nothing to do with government granting it.” -Ron Paul

The erosion of our individual liberty as Americans has increased over the last 50 years. We have witnessed an overreach in government in all spectrums of our personal lives: our education, our Second Amendment Rights, our healthcare, the Johnson Amendment silencing churches, our free speech being questioned, our fourth Amendment Rights being violated by the NSA and so forth-these are just a few of the endless examples of how the government has encroached upon our own individual liberty. 

“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety” -Benjamin Franklin. 

Now most of this was done for the “betterment” of society. ‘The government knows better than the individual’ – is the ideology that has lead us to this point. 

Many Americans enjoy cushy government jobs -roughly 22 million Americans to be more exact. The belief that the government can meet the needs of the masses has become the norm. Only government does not create jobs. Government runs off of the tax payer.  Placing the burden of an enlarged government on the hardworking Middle  Class.

But, this wave of thinking that the elitists in government know better than the Individual has ushered in Globalism. The erosion of Individual Liberty, in exchange for global autonomy. This concept is anti-American, in that it annihilates the individual. Individual liberty is tied to the individual, therefore ones liberty also ceases to exist. 

This is why this past election was so contentious. It was a clash of what the future is to hold. 

You can’t have both. 

You can’t be a Globalist and a proponent of Individual Liberty. In globalism the individual loses their individualism in exchange for provision. The Global Elite rule and provide equally to the masses. The end goal world socialism, governed by the Elite. 

As a mom, looking at my children I knew what was at stake in the last election. I knew that their individual liberty was worth the fight and even worth the loss of a few dear friends. We may have won the battle but the war is not over. 

We are now witnessing protests funded by Globalists like George Soros, in hopes to further their agenda. We are seeing the  “Organization for Action” that President Obama currently heads, pushing for disruption, with the desire to delegitimize President Trump because he stands in total opposition to Globalism. And we witness a Media, owned by the Global Elite, pushing an agenda to tackle President Trump at his every move. 

My children’s Individual Liberty is at stake, because America’s future is at stake. Their uniqueness, their autonomy, their ability to choose what is best for themselves and not what an Elitist deems is best for them. America, through the years has faced tyranny but the tyranny now is within. It is because I love my children and their unmatched Individualism, that I will continue to fight against anyone who attempts to take it! 

Sloooooooow down

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays coming to a close, I find myself catching my breath. I often feel like once Halloween hits, I blink and it’s the day after Christmas! It goes too fast! I also really think January is the loooooongest month of the year too! 😉

I haven’t had one of those slow, long days in a while. The best moment of today happened just a short time ago.

Sometimes you get those moments, when your heart just melts as a mom. My daughter will be 16 months on Wednesday, and she is all play. I get so amused that toddlers are so busy! You’d think they were doing all the holiday shopping! They constantly seem like they have somewhere to be! My little gal, is always on the go, mimicking, laughing, stumbling and of course the fluctuation of emotions are insane!

 I almost always lay her down to sleep. She moves so much, even when I read to her, always rushing to turn the page on the book, swaying back and forth, amused by the characters on the pages…giggling and laughing. After reading her a book, we shut off the lamp and I usually lay her down, but tonight she just snuggled up to my chest and laid her head down beneath my chin. No movement, no squirming….just laid in my arms as I hummed her bedtime song, as she fell asleep in my arms. I swear my heart swelled out of my chest, it’s those moments that we parents live for. I know it sounds simple, even possibly ridiculous but not for me…so many of the perfect most precious moments are in the little things.

 It was in this moment I was reminded to slow down, take it in…it goes by fast. It’s easy to get going so fast that the little things get lost in the big things.

 At some point during the often hurriedness of motherhood, the little things, grow up. The sticky hands, the drooly mouths, the dirty diapers, the crawling, the teething, the gummy smiles, the first potty in the toilet, the first steps….they grow up.

 Tonight’s moment just reminded me to take it in. The exhaustion and all, because I have a feeling I am going to miss it all when it grows up.

No Gender December….please….

So December is #NoGenderDecember, and as I write this blog, I am preparing for all hell fire to break loose, because what I am about to say definitely conflicts with what the current culture would say, but hey….I have never been one to “fit in” so here goes…..
“No gender December” is a month set aside to encourage consumers to buy more inclusive, gender-neutral toys. Because, being gender neutral is “good.”
Gender neutral….please….
I think there can be a lot of confusion about gender, gender identity, gender dysphoria, hey, you name it and there doesn’t have to be. In fact, I think the media thrives on this, and even obsesses over this in a weird somewhat psychotically creepy kinda way. With viral video’s of boys choosing to be girls at the age of five, girls wanting to use boys restrooms, men professing to be women after being married for over twenty years with four kids, it can cause your head to spin, I get it….it can be a lot to take in.
Here’s the first thing I want to say, God made you, and he made your gender, and God does not make mistakes….never….not for a second, no matter who the hell tells you HE does….HE DOES NOT. God knew you before he formed you in your mother’s womb and HE knew what gender you were going to be.
Who says a boy can’t like pink or a girl can’t like pushing trucks and cars across the floor as a toddler….SOCIETY!!!! And they want to make you headline news if you want to kick a soccer ball around instead of play barbies too.  Ok so you may tend to be more masculine or feminine, big deal ….that doesn’t mean you are the wrong gender…..nope, it doesn’t. Why, because you are perfectly and fearfully made, and God does not make mistakes.
The absolutely amazing gift of GENDER: “God created mankind in his OWN image, in the image of God he created them; MALE and FEMALE he created them,” Genesis 1:27.
How awesome is that! We are created in the very image and likeness of God. He knows the feminine just as much as he knows the masculine.
What we have done as a society is deny Gender, “neutralize” it, instead of openly embracing it!
I don’t care what you say: MEN and WOMEN are different period.
We look different, we think different and yes, we solve differently.
I will be totally upset about something and vent to my husband, his first response is to SOLVE, not necessarily listen, but SOLVE, and all I want is someone to LISTEN to me complain for a second geeeez!
The picture of “feminine” is seen today on almost every magazine cover as a- pre-pubescent girl in stilettos with NO curves, and she is to be representing women and all our “femininity!” Come on, really!??
Goes the same way for guys too….try shopping with a man that’s 6’5, 210lb (my husband), you would think that he was an alien from another planet with his stature….all stores today solely suite the metro-sexual mans lifestyle -if you are taller than 6 foot and have broad shoulders, you are a gargantuan that needs to go on a diet to shrink….your height??? Ummmm….is that even possible??? Ughhhh…..
Here’s the deal….and my point, your gender, is fascinating. It is! Why?  Because the Creator of the universe consists of BOTH and He is the Creator, and he made you the gender you ARE.
I believe our job as parents is to shine light on the absolute awesomeness of GENDER!
To be a guy and stand and pee-AWESOME!
To be a woman and have the ability to nurse a baby with her breast alone, in the early months of life, -Awesome!
To be a man, and think farting is Awesome-Awesome (I guess 😉 )!
To be a woman, and have the ability to grow life inside of you, Awesome!
To be a man, and have the ability to consume alcohol, and that not result in talking all about the “drama” in your life-Awesome!
To be a women, and to not consume any alcohol, and with total liberty, talk about all the drama in your life, Awesome!
We are different, and different it GOOD.
I was guided as a child, and I think that’s where the new “en vogue” generation of my time has completely lost it. It has not resulted in progress but instead, complete and utter confusion. Parents don’t know their ass from their elbows anymore. Moms today don’t know whether to panic or rejoice if their two year old boy picks up a truck to play with….and they question if their daughter will have some form of an eating disorder if she plays with barbies….enough!!!! Geeeezzz… Enough….
I say we guide and encourage our boys to explore their masculinity and we guide and encourage our girls to explore their femininity. We have become so shell shocked as parents that any form of parenting at this point is seen as invasive in our own child’s exploration of self and this….this is insanity!
If the role of parent is not to guide, then what is it???
I believe the role of parent is to openly embrace and encourage the gender in which our child was designed.
To praise, celebrate and explore our gender, not to deny it.
“You want to wear mommies lipstick, well I want to be able to pee outside in the bushes like you do! But, we are different and being different is awesome….NOT bad!”
It is our differences that make us unique.
Just because your daughter likes airplanes, doesn’t mean she wouldn’t like a doll too….have you offered her one?
If our boys knew how fully awesome it was to be boys and our girls new how fully awesome it was to be girls….we’d have a lot less confusion, questioning…..and second guessing….