Battling for the SOUL of the Nation

You will hear “Battling for the Soul of the Nation,” muttered by Biden over the next few days, and the media will also regurgitate this phrase. Every time I hear Joe speak these words, I cringe. Joe is right though, we are battling for the soul of our nation. Tomorrow night (Thursday) Biden is set to address the nation on coming together- which is comical considering he called those who support Making America Great Again as “semi-fascist.”

What is Make America Great Again?

It’s Pro Family, Pro America, American Independence, Pro God, Pro Second Amendment, Pro Sovereignty, Pro letting kids be kids, Pro Free Speech, Pro Constitution, Pro Individual Liberty, and Pro Life.

Biden called people that believe in and support what is listed above “semi fascist.” Think about that.

What Biden, and the LEFT are battling for -is everything contrary to God’s word and being a follower of Christ.

Here is the latest commentary addressing Battling for the Soul of the Nation.

Watch and Listen HERE:


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