Commentary August 18th 2022

Hey you guys!

It has been a while since I have written in here. I have been actively posting on social media, but over the last month, I have intentionally taken time off from all the noise. I do this once a year to clear my head and gain perspective and insight. I am now back and will try to post here the latest commentary. I also update the “satire and parody” page with the latest satire and parody.

As summer begins to wind down, and Fall begins, I had a moment on Thursday to go LIVE and just give commentary on the latest happenings in our country and world.

Topics discussed:

-Mar-a-lago raid
-Cheney’s loss
-“Democracy is at stake”
-and the Southern Border crisis

If you get a chance please listen in 🙂

Video and Audio:

Just Audio:

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