Oh Canada

If we do not have a say over what is injected into our bodies, we have a say over nothing. If we don’t own our bodies, we own nothing. That house, that car, that piece of property, your own money -it’s not yours IF you don’t own you.

Please don’t come at me and say that people have the “choice,” on whether or not they are injected with something they don’t want. There is no choice if the right to earn a living is taken away from those who don’t comply.

To the trolls, for a moment just imagine someone you hate is leader of your country. He or she demands that you consume something you DO NOT WANT, and if you don’t -you lose your job. You would be screaming that this tyrant be removed from office immediately!!!

Right now, Canadian truckers are demanding bodily autonomy. Now keep in mind 90% of Canadian truckers are vaccinated. This isn’t about the vaccine, it’s about an individual having property rights over their OWN BODY.

The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, has literally gone full tyrant, and you never go Full tyrant. He has authorized the “Emergency Act,” which gives Trudeau overreaching and broad authority in the case of an emergency where Canada’s sovereignty is threatened –which is not happening. The removing of commercial licenses from truckers, insurance, freezing bank accounts, and stopping crowd sourcing organizations from giving to the truckers have been threats used to stop the protest.

While countries around the world are easing the mandates and restrictions, Trudeau is clamping down, like a real power hungry dictator. The dude has lost it. To be honest, I never knew how much some people want to control other people until Covid.

To the Canadians standing for freedom, know that millions of Americans are standing with you! Freedom over your body is a right that MUST be defended.

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