A Biblical perspective of where we are at

Hey you guys!

I know a lot of people are dealing with some anxiety, especially waiting to see how the Supreme Court rules on these vaccine mandates. This specific vlog/podcast is directed towards Christians, and how regardless of how they rule, we are equipped to walk through these times with Faith and confidence.

Here is the latest vlog/pocast: “A Biblical perspective of where we are at.”

Watch here: https://youtu.be/CQ5qTwWKeEc

or Listen here: https://www.podbean.com/ew/pb-t78ms-11729a9

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2 thoughts on “A Biblical perspective of where we are at

  1. YOU ARE WONDERFUL !!! You are one of only a handful of really sharp political commentators on social media, Please check out Rasta Redpill , GOD bless you , you make my life a lot better ,


  2. I am so ready for (GOD) in the new (Tower Of Babel 2.0)
    Man is straying farther away from him than ever. This may not happen in my life time, but for sure, many, including you Rachel, and you may see this play out once again just like the history of the bible.
    Here is what I am talking about where man exhalts him so high in self knowledge, the LORD has to step in and repeat history.
    Go here to my facebook page and open the online page link and then, watch the video by the (2045 Project). This is absolutely real.
    Mark Zuckerberg and of course Bill Gates is 100% invovled in this project. Think, Meta, or Metaverse, just the beginning. They’re are super serious with this project.


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