Veterans Day

Veterans Day is hard for me, because I really don’t know what to say. The words “thank you,” just fall short.

I told my husband yesterday that history will look back on this time as a pivotal moment in our U.S. History, actually a pivotal moment in world history.

This moment we are in is a moment where we hold on with all we have to the America that was founded in 1776.

The America that believes in Individual Liberty and Freedom.

The America that believes that all men and women are created equal and should not be judged or ostracized because of the color of their skin.

The America that protects the individual’s autonomy and limits government from becoming so powerful that ultimate corruption ensues.

The America that loves God, protects free speech and encourages the individual to dream big and that anything is possible . The America that safe guards the pursuit of happiness, life and liberty.

The America that admires and encourages hard work and aspirations.

This America is, as I write this, face to to face with those who want to destroy it. Those who want absolute power, without limitations. Those who want you to own nothing, to be a ward of the state and to live without a dream. Those who hate God, those who hate family values, those who despise America’s founding and those who wish to shred our Constitution.

We have never been here before…

To the Veterans, you have not given all you have in vain, your sacrifice has not been for nothing. The “Great Experiment,” is not over – know that. You have blazed the trail. You have set a fire deep within every freedom loving American to hold on. To not let go! To give it all and never surrender. I thank you with every fiber of my being. I am so grateful to you. We stand with you. We will not relinquish what you fought for. Victory is ours if we refuse to let go!

Happy Veteran’s Day.

One thought on “Veterans Day

  1. I salute or veterans including my families first veteran who was kidnapped and brought to this country in 1730 and fought in the revolutionary war. However, your comment that as a nation that we have not been here before is based on a romanticized version of our history. We have been a pluralist society since the first people came and settled this nation. The discourse today is no more virulent and divisive than it was in 1796 through 1828 when the founders of this nation and the constitution broke into two parties federalists and anti-federalists to be the government. Each thought the other side was hell bent on destroying the country, wanted to install a monarchy, and was driving towards states to succeed (which they eventually did in 1860). What is different today is that each side considers that the other side should be dealt with in a violent manner, but we do not have a single issue in dispute that is concentrated in a few states as we did in 1860. We are all intermingled between parties and ideologies within every community. I hear constantly from politicians and pundits the use of the term “we the people”, as if they represent “we the people” and that there is a unified “we the people”. No one speaks for “we the people” because “we the people” has never existed in a unified and homogenous way in this nation. Not in 1796 and certainly not today. Just as we got through our divisiveness that began in 1796 we will today if both sides can embrace pluralism and stop the rhetoric of violence as a means of getting their way.


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