Happy Birthday to the GREATEST nation on earth!

Two Hundred and forty five years ago, brave and courageous men Declared America’s Independence from authoritarianism.

These men said “no more!”

We will not pay your taxes.

We will worship our God.

We will speak freely!

And, we will use our weapons to defend ourselves from your tyranny.

These men then went on to fight a war against the tyranny.

These men then wrote the Constitution of United States, with the primary purpose of LIMITING the role of government, and protecting the freedoms of the individual.

There are those who do not want the individual free.

There are those who do not want America to remain sovereign.

There are those who wish to eradicate patriotism -a pride in country.

Globalism can not coexist with those who love their nation.

There are those who want the freedom of worship abolished.

Marxism can not thrive when people acknowledge there is a God, and government is NOT God.

Today, We celebrate our Independence.

We stand unified against all of those wishing to take out independence.

We honor those who have given their lives defending, protecting and preserving our independence.

We again declare today, that We are ONE NATION, under God, and we are INDIVISIBLE.

Happy Birthday, to the GREATEST NATION on earth! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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