CM LIVE Vlog: June 1st 2021 -Fauci emails.

I already have “fact” checkers crawling on my social media pages because I am posting the newly released freedom of information act emails of Dr. Fauci. This is amusing, because they’re actually trying to “fact” check Fauci’s emails to say they don’t say what they DO say. But you see, Americans can read the emails for themselves, without the spin by biased news outlets.

I’ll be honest, the last 24 hours have been vindication. For over a year, we have been vilified. “You want your grandma to die!” “You are so selfish!” Have been words uttered by those who DO NOT WANT YOU or ME to ask any questions. Keep your head down and do not counter the narrative. Well, you and me are not made that way. We are truth seekers. In today’s climate, you have to hunt for the truth, because the “fact” checkers rabidly try to bury it.

It turns out that the Fauci emails completely contradict the narrative on masks, asymptomatic spread, the possible engineering of the virus, the concern on rushing the vaccine, quarantining healthy people, and big tech’s involvement with the spin, etc….

Here is my latest LIVE Vlog, breaking down some of the emails.

Click here to watch the vlog or the link below 👇

To listen to the podcast version, click here or the link below.

Keep speaking and seeking the TRUTH!

Below are screen shots below of some of the emails mentioned in the vlog, read them yourself.


Asymptomatic Spread

Virus looks engineered

Concern of “experimental vaccine”

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