CM LIVE VLOG May 6th 2021

Hey you guys!

Man, have I been a busy mom these last couple weeks. I apologize for not getting a chance to shoot my normal weekly LIVE vlog. The month of May is crazy! End of the school year activities have kept me on the go -games, concerts, field trips, school projects, you name it! I haven’t stopped!

I was able to go LIVE today though and below is the link 🙂

A Lot was discussed: 

-National Day of Prayer

-FB keeps President Trump banned

-Rumors that Trump may run again

-Audit in Maricopa, AZ 

Here is the RUMBLE link with video 👇:

Here is the PODCAST with just audio 👇:

I special shout out to my supporters on Patreon and also to those on Facebook that have remained. I have truly been blessed by those who have stuck with me through all of the censorship!

I know that God has a plan and God’s plan is waaaaaay better than our plan! His timing is always perfect.

Trust in Him and keep being a light!

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