God spark


It looks a little dark out there huh? 

It’s just been one thing after another. Human trafficking is running rampant, thousands of innocent children are parent-less at our border, drugs are pouring into our country -the drug cartels are giddy. Executive orders that infringe on our second Amendment, the blatant & open conspiring to stack our Supreme Court, abortion being celebrated, indoctrination in our schools, an attack on biological women, what is evil is being called good and what is good is being called evil …………. you know and I know, I could keep going…..

I am going to be real, the last two months I have been asking God, “what is going on?” 

The conversation for the most part, had been one sided, I wasn’t getting anything back. 

It was just quiet. 

It felt like I had been handed the screen play to a horror movie. And I have read the whole thing. It’s a really really bad bad movie. A terrifying movie actually. This movie has the villains winning. This movie has freedom ending and Communism overtaking. 

It’s a really HORRIBLE movie. 

It was back before the election, God spoke to my heart. He brought me back to the Passover with Moses. Those who had put the blood of an innocent lamb or goat over their doorpost were safe from the death of their first born. 

“The blood will be a sign for you on the houses where you are, and when I see the blood, I will pass over you. No destructive plague will touch you when I strike Egypt.” Exodus 12:13

God was reminding me in that moment of His blood covenant. This blood covenant was then solidified forever through His son Jesus. This covenant IS protection. I saw my family safe under the shadow of His protective wings. At the time, I was confident Trump would be staying in the White House. So this was a comforting moment, but I was not in a state of concern. Since that moment, I have leaned back on this word and picture multiple times because, well uhhh now, NOW there’s been some concern!

It would be an understatement to say “so much” has transpired since that moment of assurance from God before the election. 

It has also been QUIET.

This quietness since the election has left me with a zillion questions, with very few answers. Yesterday, was a bit of a breakthrough. I was on the phone with my Dad talking about the state of our country and he said something that caused my spirit to leap. It wasn’t anything big, but it was something that grabbed me. It stirred me and ignited a little tiny spark. It has been so quiet but it was in a simple statement from my dad, that God spoke to me. 

I felt a tiny, tiny bit of hope ignite. My dad didn’t say anything ground breaking, but something in that moment hit me. It caused a peace, while simultaneously a hope. 

This hope was a God spark. 

Fires start with a spark. Often a fire is a smolder that grows into a flicker, that grows into a flame and then the fire ignites a blaze that can not be stopped. 

What God starts HE will finish and He is not done with America.

I want to tell you, God is on the move. 

I get it, it looks a little dark, okay a lot dark but God is moving. 

This scripture popped out to me at a prayer meeting this morning. 

“darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.” Genesis 1:2 

Darkness. It was TOTAL darkness. There was nothing other than darkness. But in the darkness God was hovering. 

To hover: To remain floating, suspended, or fluttering in the air.

God was in motion even in the darkness, and then He spoke. 

“And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.” Genesis 1:3 

God is in motion right now. You might not see it, because of the darkness, but He IS moving. Nothing that is happening right now surprises God. Let me repeat that, nothing that is happening right now surprises God. 

He is hovering. He is in motion and He is on the move. 

Your prayers have not failed. Your crying out to God for this nation has not been in vain. His ways are higher than our ways. 

I will tell you -there is a flicker. I can see it. It’s faint and kinda far off, but I see it. It’s going to grow. It’s going to grow into a flame and that flame is going to ignite a fire and no enemy from hell will be able to stop it. 

“For our God is a consuming fire.” Hebrews 12:29

We are on the winning team. We have God. We have the one who conquered it all. 

“A bruised reed he will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out,

TILL he has brought JUSTICE through to victory.”

Matthew 12:20 

Hold on. Keep running this race. 

The fire is coming. The smolder has begun!

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6 thoughts on “God spark

  1. Thank you so much for this post. It was so needed. You and your family are in my prayers. Thank you for being our voice. Tammy


  2. Hi Momma! This is off-topic but I don’t know how else to reach you since I’m not on social media except for MeWe. I was able to access your MeWe site to read your posts but your whole page appears to be gone. Have they removed you? Email privately if you’d like. A native Coloradoan trying to survive in the horrible Soviet Commune of Maryland


    1. Hey Jenn- I actually just got an alert from MEWE, I needed to re-subscribe and enlist my Conservative Momma MeWe page in order for it to be re-published. I just did this this morning so the page should be published. Thank you for alerting me 🙂
      Hang in there, God has us, He really does. Keep being a light and speaking the truth. GOOD will prevail. Have a wonderful weekend.


  3. God is not interested in “America” ….or Canada, or Mexico or Italy for that matter. His focus is not political or on nation states, it is relational and it is individual and personal. He is done with “America” because he was never with “America”. He has and was always with those individually who were and are with him. What he wants from us individually has nothing to do with what political party we affiliate with if any. You were wrong about his involvement in the election, you were wrong about his involvement in 01/06. Our faith is always tested when we put something else before him…when we create our own Baal’s. The godliest man I know who is a politician is Mike Pence; how is it that he is the brunt of criticism and defamation from those of his own party and yet is filled with the spirit. This alone tells me that God does not care about the politics of the moment. That many people who say they are with God and yet condemn the godliest among us are surely blind worshiping the Baal they have created.


    1. Jay Griffen, you have forgotten that this nation was founded with a Covenant. We call it The Mayflower Compact. Go back and read it again and see how the Faithful One was called upon and for what purpose.

      Then, look back at our history and realize that as the Faithful One was causing a righteous nation to grow, the Enemy of Your Soul was endeavoring to do the same. It took a lot of shed blood to end the grip of slavery that the Enemy controlled. But the Enemy did not quit because the Enemy wishes to raise his throne above the throne of The Most High God and not just rule the planet but steal the worship of the nations that rightly belongs to the Creator.

      We know the Bible tells us what happens in the end. But we neglect to consider that Our Enemy’s plan has been from the beginning and his endeavors also began then. This situation is merely another iteration and it too will fail.

      The Faithful One would not make a Covenant that He didn’t or couldn’t keep.

      He is not finished with this nation, which will again become a global source of missionaries. We are the ones who have neglected Him and His ways – which includes participation in all levels of government.

      You are right in that He does not choose one party over the other, He promotes life and righteousness. But our parties have become One unified front of evil against the People. We individually must repent and stand against this evil and He will help us because He has a covenant to keep.


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