Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s “fixer” has been arrested by the FBI.

Ghislaine Maxwell, the British heiress accused of recruiting underage victims for  financier and alleged pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, was arrested in New Hampshire by the FBI on Thursday.

Epstein was associated with several well known powerful wealthy people who used Epstein’s services. Bill Clinton had flown at least 11 times on “The Lolita Express” a private plane owned by  Epstein. Often flying to Epstein’s Caribbean get away known as “orgy island.” (here for full story).

Epstein allegedly killed himself back in August of 2019, in a Manhattan jail while awaiting trial on child sex trafficking charges. Court documents accused Epstein of bringing at least 40 underage girls to his mansion in New York for sexual encounters, and he would have faced at least 45 years in prison if found guilty.

Many powerful people allegedly participated along with Epstein in these heinous acts of abuse towards children; they did not want Epstein to name names. They did not want the victims of these horrible acts to have their justice.

The ONE person that KNOWS EVERYTHING is Ghislaine Maxwell, the question is, will she stay alive?


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