As of January 1st, 2018….just a couple days ago, California is now a sanctuary state! Yep….so illegals are now safe to murder, rape, loot, etc….without consequence! As we witnessed in the Kate Steinle case –An innocent American was shot and killed by an illegal, and the murder walked without a charge- not even manslaughter!

So….welcome to California, where there are no consequences for your actions if you are illegal …..because California doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. 😦

Well Conservatives in California are beyond grieved to watch their state become a third world country….so a troll set out to make a statement, and it was brilliant!!!! Honestly the BEST TROLLING EVER.

Under the state’s ‘Welcome’ sign, another sign was added underneath, that looks just as official, over the New Years weekend.

This one is my favorite:

“OFFICIAL SANCTUARY STATE: Felons, Illegals, and MS13 Welcome! Democrats need votes!”


This one was also spotted in Malibu:

“OFFICIAL SANCTUARY CITY: Cheap Nannies and Gardners Make Malibu Great!” (Boyle Heights not so much)


Honestly brilliant and so stinkin TRUE!!!! Folks, this is what happens when Democrats run your state…..

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