It’s ELECTION DAY…..HERE are the races to watch:

It’s election day today and there are some BIG races taking place in our country! There are two Gubernatorial races taking place-Virginia and New Jersey. There’s also the race for Mayor of New York City and a Special Election taking place in Utah -to fill House Representative Jason Chaffetz seat that has been left open since he resigned in June.

One of the Main races that everyone has an eye on is the Gubernatorial Race in Virginia.  Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe, is term limited so two new players have stepped into the ring:  Republican Ed Gillespie vs. Democrat Ralph Northam. Now Virginia is BLUE and it was totally expected that Northam would win this race, but over the course of the last few weeks the polls have tightened. There’s also been a TON of mud slinging-we all know how ugly politics can be. The latest is Democrat Northam accusing Republican Gillespie of being a “racist” because at this point, that’s what Democrats call ANYONE who opposes their views. Northam even ran an ad that shows minority children running scared for their lives from a guy in a pick-up truck flying the Confederate Flag with bumper sticker of in saying “Gillespie.” A new low right. Trump has come out in support of Gillespie and the media is saying this race will depict how 2018 Midterm Elections will go. Let’s also remember the Media hung the Special Election in GA 6 in June as a precursor for how the people felt about electing Trump. They thought Democrat Jon Ossof would win and the day after was miserable for the liberal media, I shot a video on this one-it was too much fun to witness the biased media’s devastation at another Republican win. We will have to wait and see with this Virginia’s Gubernatorial race……

The Next Race is the Gubernatorial race in New Jersey. Chris Christie has become extremely unpopular and this depicts a Democrat win but ya never know. Republican Kim Guadagno is the state’s current Lieutenant Governor, and she’s trying to distance herself from Christie-which makes sense-seeing that Christie’s approval ratings are in the teens. Guadagno faces Democrat Phil Murphy, a former Wall Street banker and ambassador to Germany under former President Barack Obama. Murphy is leading in the polls.

Utah’s Special Election has Republican Provo Mayor John Curtis set to win Jason Chaffetz House seat. He is being opposed by Democrat Physician Kathie Allen.

The New York City Mayor Race has current Democrat Mayor Bill De Blasio winning again. De Blasio is running against Bo Dietl, who is a former police detective that is running as an Independent and Republican Staten Island Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis. No fan of De Blasio, and it would be awesome to see an upset but in all honesty this is highly unlikely.

There are also local School Board Races, that are taking place across the country. Mayor Elections, Town Council Elections, and so forth! Make sure that you VOTE! Your voice in your Community has an impact!!! Get out there and have a say!

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