Poll: Innocent people are murdered….who/what is responsible?


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One thought on “Poll: Innocent people are murdered….who/what is responsible?

  1. In spite of the left’s efforts to ‘mainstream’ everybody, we still have people who have antisocial and dysfunctional issues who live among us.

    Mental illness and irrational behavior are facts that we would prefer to not have to deal with. When there is a mass casualty event we try to blame circumstances of the perpetrator’s life, or the weapon used for the casualties.

    You cannot separate the act from the individual and isolate a piece of hardware as being the reason and the cause of an irrational act. You can deny access to various pieces of equipment be it guns or vehicles or fertilizer and diesel fuel but a determined psychopath will find a way to get those items anyways.

    We can isolate and protect ourselves from incompatible ideologies and also from people who cannot stop themselves from taking actions that are deadly to others. The problem the left has with this is that it labels some people as being potentially violent by virtue of their personal beliefs or by their mental health. The left seems to think that an Islamic individual who attends a mosque where there are anti-American sentiments is not a breeding ground for violent jihadists until one of them acts out. By then it is too late.

    In the case of the most recent violent attack in NYC there was little if anything that could have been done to prevent this attack, however, if we had not ‘invited’ this radical into our country to begin with we would not have seen this man and this act ever come about.

    Ethnocentrism is not an abnormal attitude. If anything it is the prevailing attitude of all peoples of the globe. We naturally are more comfortable with others who are very much the same as us. In the past immigrants worked hard to assimilate into our society to be full fledged Americans both in language and in lifestyle.

    Now we encourage the importation of people from countries that harbor contrary ideologies to our own and without a second thought encourage them to emigrate here and live in our society without any thought of their aspiring to be ‘American.

    We do not see ‘militant Christians’ chanting ‘death to America’ and then participating in violent attacks upon innocent people. We do see people who are of the Islamic faith doing this rather often world wide. I do not condemn the entire population of Islam followers by this observation but I do call into question the logic of bring someone of a faith that actively advocates violence towards others into our nation.

    Some say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result that you are getting. I think allowing immigration at this time without deep vetting of the people themsemves is foolhardy and a recipe for disaster.


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