The “Mean Girls” are the ‘tolerant’ Left.

So now it’s a full blown witch hunt. It’s an all out mean girls attack on Ivanka Trump and her clothing line. A woman named Shannon Coulter who started the hashtag #GrabYourWallet has become obsessed with destroying Ivanka’s brand. She has successfully gotten Nordstrom to cave, Neiman Marcus to cave and is going after Macy’s, TjMaxx and so forth, demanding that these stores drop Ivanka’s clothing line.
This is the ULTIMATE display of a Bully. These people hate our President. They hate that he won. But in an completely illogical fashion they retaliate  by  going after the President’s daughter? Makes no sense, but that’s to be expected right. They are claiming that they are “triggered” when they see Ivanka Trump’s clothing line. Yep….that’s right “triggered.” I can’t believe I had to type that. We have gone from fighting on the beaches of Normandy, to a bunch of pansies! Upset when we see something we don’t like. It’s pathetic, sad and absolutely terrifies me for our future. This is insanity people!
If you don’t like something don’t buy it! No one is forcing anyone to purchase Ivanka Trump’s products!  To go after our President’s daughter is mean. There really is no other way to put it. I know Ivanka is grown and can handle her own. But you see this is hypocrisy right in front of our eyes! The people that preach tolerance and anti-bullying ARE the Bullies! They are throwing tantrums because they “see” something they don’t like.
Nordstrom says it’s “poor performance,” huh…that’s odd because in November the CEO wrote:“the Ivanka Trump brand, “has grown to be a sizable and successful business.” A “sizable and successful business”  but now suddenly not so much? I mean are we supposed to believe that? I don’t think so.
My sister was at Nordstrom’s the other day before all this went down. She saw a woman trying on a pair of shoes and said “those are so cute!” The woman replied “ya…but they are Ivanka Trump.” Really…. I mean really? Ivanka Trump didn’t run for President, yet she’s getting hit hard by those that preach open mindedness. Where is this open mindedness? Really, because I want to know. Where is this patience, lenience, acceptance, forbearance that we have heard about? I am not seeing it at all right now! I am seeing boycotting, protesting, arson and just plain anger from the side that says they are all about “love” lately.
Hey lefties, this resistance isn’t winning anybody over. In order to win next time around you have to take Trump voters with you. NO Trump voter is watching this behavior right now and thinking…..”geez these people are on to something.” In fact you have people that were not Trump supports jumping on the Trump Train because this behavior is straight up embarrassing.
In high school we all knew the mean girls….most of us were fake nice to them because we didn’t want them coming for us. It’s high school all over again and the mean girls are the tolerant left.
**Update-so now TJMaxx & Marshalls have also today said they’ll stop carrying Ivanka Trump products
The link below is a refresher for all of us on mean girl behavior:

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