Love Protects

I have not had a chance to address the celebrity love fest of the Democrats last week, so I thought I’d take a moment to address one thing that has really been bothering the hell out of me. If you saw any of the Democratic National Convention last week you probably saw a total lack of American Flags the first day -until they were called out on it and then it was flags galore after that! You also probably witnessed a plethora of these catchy signs too: download (2)

Ahhh sweet right, I mean of course love trumps hate. Love conquers all. Love triumphs over evil -time and time again, I believe this 100%!!!

The only problem is, love has been twisted into something it is not. And hate here, has also been distorted into something it is not.

If you love something, you protect it. You do anything you can to preserve that which you love. Being a mother of three small children, I would do anything to keep my children safe-anything. Someone says something about one of my kids, I’ll defend them. When you love something, you fight for it, you’d even die for it.

Hate is the opposite. If you hate something, you don’t protect it. You don’t go to great lengths to ensure safety to something you hate….you instead, actively and intentionally harm something you hate. You allow for harm to come upon something you hate. You turn a blind eye to pain inflicted on something you hate.

Love Protects, Hate does not protect.

We have had more terror attacks on American soil in the last decade than ever before.

We have watched jobs shipped overseas, hurting the American middle class.

We have watched a racial divide sweep across our nation increasing hate and violence.

We have watched our military (those who protect Americans) dramatically downsized.

We have watched those who don a uniform to protect us gunned down by evil.

We have watched the American middle class (which I am part of)  slowly erode away….

We have watched religious liberty suffocated in the name of “love.”

We have watched poverty increase in the Black community.

We have watched job loss after job loss.

We have watched the murder of American Citizens take place by those who have entered our country illegally.

We have watched the start up of small businesses among Americans decline, and we have watched the increase of government dependence among Americans, robbing Americans of their Individual Liberty.

You see, America and Americans have not been protected over these last 8 years. We are not “better,” and I’ll tell you-there has not been a love increase, nope-you can cut the hate with a knife.

Liberals have pegged Trump has a bigoted racist…..but they play this same card in every single election cycle….and many are fooled into believing it but I think people are waking up to this same recycled liberal bag of tricks.

You are not a racist if you want to protect Americans from those who wish to do us harm, and you are not hateful to want to see America LEAD again.

As momma, I want to see my kids succeed. I want them to win, I want them to lead, I want them to stand up and speak out with courage and bravery. I want them to protect the underdogs and I want them to stand up for themselves.

True Love wants the best, the very best for those it loves.

As I look at our contenders for November’s election, it is clear to me who LOVES this country and wants the best for Her and Her citizens.

Don’t be fooled by slogans and the same old repeated rhetoric…..

It is clear who will protect, defend, and fight for America and her citizens.

It is clear who truly Loves America.

Love Protects



























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