No….they are not the same.

I am so over people saying that Trump and Hillary are the same….ummm not in the slightest. For anyone to make the blanket statement that they are the same is straight arrogance. Trump has been living in the private sector his whole life, Hillary on the other hand is a career politician, who has been living off the tax payer dole her whole life. For one to say they know what a Trump presidency looks like is asinine….you can’t know.

We do know though what a Hillary Presidency looks like….scandal….lots and lots of shady scandals.

I thought I’d share this visual I posted on social media earlier today:

#TheyAreNotTheSame #CrookedHillary


7 thoughts on “No….they are not the same.

  1. Trump and Hillary are not the same; that is obvious. One is a career politician that is has no sense of ethics and respect for the law. The other is a narcissistic business man that wants to become the government (or how Ron Paul put it). If Trump or Hillary is the answer, the wrong question is being asked.


      1. Can you honestly say that Trump should be president? I have a hard time seeing how he even embodies the traits that conservatives say they want in their politicians.


  2. Trump doesn’t want to “become the government”, he wants to lead our country back to greatness. We know that Hillary Clinton won’t do that, she will continue to lead us in decline. As for Trump being narcissistic – so what. Name a successful person who is not. You need an abundance of self confidence to run for President, to be able to handle the insults and lies thrown your way. People may be put off by his personality, but you don’t have to be friends with him, you don’t have to invite him for dinner. That’s not what we’re talking about. Who do you trust to lead our country? You have 2 choices at this point. We know what a Clinton presidency would look like and it isn’t pretty.


    1. You may want to really look at what Trump is saying. He is saying that wants to get things done and he holds up despots and tyrants as people who got things done. Is that because he is making poor choices or does he want to be like them? I am not sure I really want to find out. His message is a populist message lacking any substance. I would like to believe that some of the things he says he is going to do but I doubt his sincerity. This is where the narcissism is important, he only thinks of himself and what benefits him. He is not doing what he is doing for you or America. He is doing this for Donald J Trump. Not only that, to do what he says he wants to do, he would be harming his bottom line of his businesses. “Taking one for the team” is not a trait that Trump is known for.

      There are more than 2 choices. It is just that most of us are conditioned by the political establishment and the media to believe that is the case.


  3. Dufuq – I can tell you’re reading/listening to what the main stream media says Trump is saying. Go to his website and read where he stands. And you can’t equate Trump the businessman with Trump the President. Are you saying that any good businessman can’t be a good President? EVERY good businessman does business in what can be called a selfish manner. Their job is to make money for THEIR company and their stockholders and their employees. This is a good trait to have as a business owner or leader. I think Trump loves America…. no, I know he loves America. I know he will put America and her citizens first and that’s what the leader of a country should do. If you think his message lacks substance, you are not listening. If you want to hear a substance-less message listen to Hillary. Compare the two but make sure you listen to the whole message, not just the clips the MSM wants you to hear.

    And if you mean the Libertarian candidate when you say we have more than 2 choices, yes we do, but he can’t win. So if we take votes away from Trump to vote for Johnson, Hillary will win. So to me, that 3rd party candidate isn’t an option.

    To your point about Conservative traits – does Trump embody those? Not entirely no. But at this point, I want our country saved. If we lose this year, we lose any chance of bringing back Conservatism for decades at the very least. So while the NeverTrump crowd is bemoaning the fact that he is not a “True Conservative”, they are in essence ensuring the fact that we will never have the option of a true conservative again in our lifetime. This is unacceptable to me.


  4. Just because someone does not share your worldview does not mean that they are misinformed. It is possible for two people to have differing opinions after seeing the same information. I have looked at his web site and I finding it lacking in substance. I agree that a business person can be successful, but he is certainly not Romney or even Johnson. Both of those candidates I think would be more likely than Trump to be a successful president despite their flaws.

    You should keep in mind that Trump is a salesman. He is going to say and do anything to close the deal. The constant theme for Trump over the years has been Trump. Suddenly, he has a change of heart and he loves America? Forgive me but I find that hard to believe. A lot of this is vaguely familiar to what we saw 8 years ago which has not turned out all that well.

    I think you should take your advice with the #NeverTrump crowd and understand what they are saying. They are not just bemoaning that Trump is not a conservative. It is also we don’t know what we are going to get with a Trump presidency. Many of the pro-conservative views he claims that he is holding have only be held by him for the last 5-6 years when he decided that he wanted to be president. Can you really say that you’re going to get the pro-life Trump rather than the pro-choice Trump? Even on immigration, he has not been consistent. He’s criticized Obama not for being too soft but for being to heavy handed. Some of his statements he’s said about veterans (specifically POWs), if said by a democrat, would be a major reason to not vote for him.

    We all want to save the country but there are differing opinions on what that means. It does not mean that they are all wrong. Unfortunately, electing Tweedledee or Tweedledum is not going to do it (my opinion of course).


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