The Trump Phenomenon



-Says what many people are thinking…..but NO one dares to say

-a flip flopper on issues

-A Businessman

-a Democrat

-a Republican

-an Independent

-and now a Republican again

-Politically INCORRECT


You can call it what you like…..but I call it the “Trump Phenomenon.”

Just what is the deal with Donald Trump…..and why do so many still not get it?

When most political careers would be ‘done for’ -if they had said some of the things Trump has, Trump continues to rise in the polls and gain popularity….

But why?

Well….let me attempt to explain……

For the last 6.5 years the American people have been told to shut the hell up! Our voices have been silenced.

We have been told what to think and how to think.

We have been told what to say and what not to say.

We have been told that out Religious beliefs are no longer “allowed” in society.

We have been told that racism & bigotry continue to divide us but NO talk at all on what UNITES us.

We have been told what our children can and cannot eat when at school.

We have been told what schools our children can attend.

We have been told what we are and are not allowed to use when it comes to defending ourselves from harm.

We have been told we must buy healthcare and if we don’t-we are penalized.

We have been told we are not allowed to use the Doctor we wish to.

We have been told that our mere existence is ruining the planet and Polar Bears are dying because we are living.

We have been told not to be proud to be American…..but instead to apologize for it.

We have been told NOT to call those who are daily persecuting, raping, selling and killing Christians in the Middle East what they ARE =Radical Islamic extremists.

We have been told that giving 150 Billion dollars to those who chant “Death to America” is a “good deal.”

We have been told false numbers on unemployment…..when there are currently 93 million Americans out of work.

We have been told: ‘hope and change’ -while 50 million Americans are currently living in poverty.

We have been told that our borders are secure, but there are 11.3 million illegal immigrants now living in the US.

We have been told that Benghazi happened and four Americans died because of a “youtube” video…..

We have been told….

We have been told….

We have been told….

The majority has sat in silence and the few that have spoken have done so in a whisper…

Conservatives thought change would occur when a Republican majority was had in both the House and Senate in the 2014 Elections…..but the silence continued…..

As Americans watched legislation being passed in Congress benefiting only the lobbyists and big corporations -because politicians have become merely puppets on strings…..Someone spoke up.

Someone stepped forward who doesn’t know how to whisper and that CANNOT be “told” and won’t be “told.”

Trump has said some outlandish things, He has said some totally offensive things, He has said some things I totally disagree with….but his brutal unfiltered honesty was a welcomed relief felt by millions of Americans.

Trump doesn’t have to say what you want him to say, because he doesn’t need your money.

Unlike all other politicians he does not need to pander- the media can’t buy him, lobbyists can’t buy him, big corporations can’t buy him.

For years, we have been told what we “want” to hear in order to get our vote…..but what we “want” to hear and the “truth” are often not the same, but you see-truth….sets you free.

It is truth that allows for true change.

If you continue to cover a wound, and never really look inside it and clean it out-healing can’t take place. The process can be painful, uncomfortable….but the end result brings a cure.

I believe that the Trump Phenomenon exists because people want the brutal honest truth.

Perhaps other candidates I like, might catch on to why Trump is resonating….

And whether the “Trump Phenomenon” continues….

only time will tell……

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