We don’t need another hero…..ummm yes…yes we do.

I just started watching “Hero’s” on Netflix. It was a popular show for years on NBC, but I didn’t watch it because I thought it was one of those teeny bopper shows (oh my gosh that makes me sound old….) -like the ones you’d see on the CW.

It is a really good show though, I just finished the first season and I highly recommend it!

What is it about a hero that inspires? What makes a hero?

If I had to define heroism, I’d say: “it’s the ability to be completely selfless, the willingness to sacrifice oneself-regardless of outcome (known or unknown) for the greater good.”

A man rushing to the seen of a car accident, a mom-up all night praying for her rebellious teenager, a firefighter heading straight into a burning building, a security guard standing up to a gunman. There is no guarantee that the hero’s act will end in their favor, and yet they act-they take that step, they take that leap, they react-without knowing the result.

We need more heroes.

We need more people that don’t need the “glory.”

A hero has no need for recognition, they don’t need an applause, in fact they don’t even want it. A heroes innate character is self sacrifice with unadulterated humility.

We have become a ‘me’ focused society, because of this -heroes are scarce…a rare breed even. The characteristics of heroism have become so foreign to our culture. In the world of “selfie” a hero just doesn’t make the headlines-but they don’t need headlines-nor do they want them. Man’s applause to them is arbitrary.

But these heroes are out there…..

They live among us. They are like you and they are like me….-yet they harbor that very unique rare quality…”this life is not about them.”

If you know a hero……consider yourself a very lucky and blessed individual….

….if you are a hero-Thank You….

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