A man whose love for his country is great……

Today, I heard a leader speak. Today I heard a man talk about his country. Today I witnessed a man’s deep love for his country and it resonated so deeply within me. Today I watched a man talk about how he would do anything to protect his country. Today I saw a man stand up to tyranny with strength and integrity. It has been so long since I have heard someone speak with such deep sincerity. Today I watched Benjamin Netanyahu speak before Congress…..and I was deeply moved. I was moved to the point of tears…..but why?

I guess it’s because it has been so long since I have heard any leader display such a love for their country. Lot’s of times it’s just a bunch of political jargon…..words spouted out to gain popularity. What Netanyahu said today wasn’t to gain popularity, it wasn’t a political stint, it wasn’t to buy your vote…….it was the display of love.

It was a declaration of love.

To stand up to evil takes love. To look an enemy in the eye without fear takes love. To proclaim that you would go to any means necessary to protect, takes love. To stand before the most powerful nation on earth and state that you will go it alone if you have to, takes love.

A nation, surrounded by enemies with a leader willing to go the distance to protect it, takes love.


I saw it today.

“Perfect love casts out fear”…… and with that evil.

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