Keystone Pipeline…..a NO vote from ME….what?? Just READ!

Unless someone can enlighten me, the Bill still gives Trans Canada- a foreign entity the right to eminent domain. In other words, allowing a foreign entity the right to seize a US citizens private property! Total violation of our 5th Amendment. I can’t stand Obama, but passing this Bill would be a total constitutional infringement. (Not that he did it for those reasons). Read why, this Bill should not pass until it is amended!

Conservative Momma

So I guess a new requirement we should have for our Congressmen and women, would be READING. Yes, I know….it sounds so simple, so arbitrary, but apparently most of our elected officials, lack this basic skill.

Now before everyone starts flipping out, I am for the Keystone Pipeline being built. I am for America being energy independent. I am totally for the US not giving money for oil to countries that harbor terrorist, but I am NOT for the bill proposed by the House last week to build the pipeline-why? Simply put- it can be considered unconstitutional.

It all starts with a privately owned, for profit company known as TranCanada, a company that wants to build the Keystone XL pipeline. They have actually been in the news over the past couple years, because they think they are above the law.

Many Texas landowners have claimed that they are being…

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