For those who think Socialism is “just fine”

I have written about socialism before, it literally repulses every part of my body, because I believe it is totally anti-American. Though, I will freely admit the ability to climb out of poverty in this nation is more difficult than it has ever been, I still believe it is possible. One has a 5% chance of being born in America, a country that promotes freedom, dreaming big and individuality-so if you are an American the odds are already in your favor.

Many are trying to eliminate the ability to go from having nothing to having something. Removing the ladder that allows for those at the bottom to climb up, removing the “possible.” Why would you remove this ladder? My answer is simple-control. “Oh now calm down….ya done now gone and lost your mind,” you might say-I would say no, I am just an observer of history and noticing a circular trend, that always ends in a revolt. I have noticed though that this removal of the ladder to climb up- “socialism” is cloaked behind the term “fair.” This of course is intentional, because “fair” is far less obvious and intrusive than calling it what it is-despair. We have created a system where there is no incentive to try. With  thunderous cries of “take (steal through taxes) from the rich and give to the poor!” What is not realized  is this is creating a “why work, if you don’t have to” mentality? Welfare has hit record high levels, which is ironic because haven’t we had a war on poverty for the last 50 years??? Over 34% of Americans are now on welfare. Hmmmm and almost 50 million Americans living below the poverty line…..I think at this point we could call the “war on poverty” a load of crap! Why are so many living in poverty and why are so many on welfare? Though the mainstream media would say that the unemployment rate is down, and things are just peachy-they will not tell you that the unemployment rate only counts those receiving unemployment. For many unemployment runs out and they no longer are counted and those who have stopped trying to find a job are not counted in the statistics as well. Then it’s on to welfare. Half of America in now carrying the other half and this is creating a nanny state….where the government (tax payers) provides and no longer the private sector. I would also add that this actually isn’t hurting the rich….the ones getting hit the hardest in this new in-vogue way of thinking is the middle class, that’s right-you, me and the majority of those reading this.

Well, “Why isn’t the private sector thriving?”  Well, when you combine being hit hard by regulations and high taxes, (America has one of the Highest corporate tax rates in the free world) it’s much more cost effective to produce and manufacture outside of the US, thus creating job shortage. Please don’t say jobs are everywhere! My younger brother who majored in “Integrated Physiology,” (ummm not an easy degree!) with excellent grades, who’s a recent graduate, is having a helluva hard time finding work! Oh and for those that would say there has been job creation-yes-that job creation is mostly due in part to an increase in oil production and fracking done in the US…..both things that vehemently are hated upon by the liberal left.

If everything is fair, and everyone gets a 1st place ribbon….this knocks out the desire to be the best….I mean if everyone is the best-then in reality there is no best. This creates a society of no creation and no innovative thought, I mean, why shoot for the stars-if there are no stars? So in return we are all just a bunch of zombies….but hey now we are all “equal,” it’s “fair” and we are all on the same playing field and that’s what matters right? Forget the fact that this playing field over time will become barren, dried up and completely deteriorated because there is no production taking place. And, thus the vast majority now dependent on government. When you are dependent you are no longer in control and you are not free.

So the next time someone says “fair share,” realize what that means. It means no choice, no individualism, no creativity, no production, no dreams…..and I don’t know about you….but I am willing to do whatever it takes to hold that ladder up!

2 thoughts on “For those who think Socialism is “just fine”

  1. Liberals are people who want everybody to be even at the finish line… They want people to get a trophy they don’t deserve. They want to hand out gold metals to people who don’t even bother to make it to the finish line, because its “not fair”. But Conservatives, we are people who want everybody to be even at the starting line… We want people to receive that trophy if that have earned it by working hard for it. This “give me give me it’s my right I’m entitled to it because I want it” mentality needs to go….. go into a white padded cell or something…

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