Dennis Michael Lynch for President in 2016…….???

I’d like to introduce you to Dennis Michael Lynch. He is a documentary filmmaker, conservative commentator and entrepreneur and he’s going to be running for President in 2016. Say whaaaaaat? Yes, you probably have never heard of him, I was just told about him about five months ago, but I do like him. Does he have Governing experience, no-not necessarily but he has some really clear examples of solving many of the problems we face. He is no front runner that’s for sure, not backed by a lot of money, but he has definitely got some tenacity and often, that can get results!

He posted this on his Facebook just today:

Dennis Michael Lynch“I’m just sitting back doing my thing. Making films and videos, giving speeches and building a support base. I’m not starting a PAC or hosting $1,000 per seat fund raisers. I’m treating this like I treat everything — I am rubbing my dimes together and just being me. Meanwhile, I’m going to allow the GOP to eat its own. In the end it will probably be Hillary vs Jeb, if not, it will be Mitt vs Hillary. People will bow their heads in disgust — that’s when I’ll emerge in the middle. I have no doubt the story plays out like I see it in my head. I’ll come right up the middle and take enough of the right, enough of the left and everything in between. I’ll grab every person who doesn’t watch FOX, who doesn’t care about politics, every person who says, “I like that guy, he’s real.” Bottom line, I’m doing this my way — no special interests, no fancy consultants, no Karl Rove types who bloviate. I am not making deals and promises I cannot deliver on. I won’t need a billion dollars to run and win. If I am wrong, then you may as well start practicing the words ‘President Clinton.’ It shouldn’t be too hard, we’ve been there before.” – DML
Here is a 5 min clip of him: 
Have you heard of him? What are your thoughts? Does he have a shot??

4 thoughts on “Dennis Michael Lynch for President in 2016…….???

  1. We need to go back to the original idea of the founding fathers and put man of the people in the White House. No more career politicians that have been bought and paid for by donors, lobbyists and the establishment. But, it will take a true grassroots effort and we will need to ignite a fire on so ail media. If you truly want this change and want to help elect a representative of the American people, PLEASE go to, and sign up as a volunteer for Dennis Michael Lynch. Then help to spread the word and introduce others to a true Constitutional Conservative that is only beholden to one Special Interest group — American Citizens!!

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  2. I think Dennis’s comment is absolutely right and I will support him all the way to the White House. It’s time we had a President of the people, rather than of the party.

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