At least ONE of em’ has a pair!

This blog entry is a simple shout out to Congressman Dave Brat. I do not know him personally, but I greatly respect him-why? Dave Brat is the ONLY Freshman Congressman that voted “NO” in re-electing Boehner as Speak of the House!

You might remember that Dave Brat was the guy that beat House Majority leader, Eric Cantor, back in the June primaries, causing a HUGE upset!! Brat then went on to win the general election for Virginia’s 7th Congressional District, and was sworn in in November, a little earlier than the rest.

While other Freshman Congress men and women, preached-“small” government “anti-establishment” lingo on the campaign trail recently, Brat is the only one walking it out! I was so proud of his bold stance, it’s not an easy thing to do as a Freshman. I am sure he now won’t get the best committee assignment-because it’s turned into mafioso politics in DC. “Ya best do what we say, or you’ll pay!” And, to most, selling your constitutes out to get in the “cool” group is part of the political game right? Well Brat gave me some hope, because he sided with the people-not the the “game.”

I was so proud to know that not all can be bought! I called his office and said thank you (You can too:202-225-2815)

I think we have to support these guys, going against the grain-it’s NOT easy, but it is what’s right!

Keep it up Congressman Brat-we CONSERVATIVES SUPPORT YOU!!!


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