Ahhhhh Reagan…..

When Reagan took office in 1981, he faced a far worse economy, than Obama did in 2009. Yet, Reagan’s approach to repairing the broken economy under Carter was vastly different than Obama’s plan for recovery (In fact, they are complete opposites). That alone is a reason to love Reagan, but what Reagan did worked!!!

-He cut taxes

-Cut Spending

-His anti-inflation policy, provided for the dollar to hold more value

-He called for Deregulation, (getting the government out of every nook and cranny of business) which allowed businesses to grow, and consumers to have more money in their pocket and more money to spend!

I love the clip below because it just shows you Reagan and what he was about! He was FOR the individual, and he new the very simple basics of economics!

He truly believed in protecting the tax payers from government!

His common sense approach that the Federal Government NOT be allowed to spend more than it takes in, is so refreshing and in today’s world-rare!

Best way to reduce deficit is through economic growth and lowering taxes does this!

Unlike so many broken promises today, Reagan’s promise of tax reform not being a tax increase in disguise was a promise kept!!

I am hoping for another Reagan!

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