No to Establishment….geeez!

So I read this article by The Hill earlier today and thought….naahhh this can’t be true, or perhaps it’s the result of too much “Christmas Celebration wine” the night before, and I was “seeing things”….but no……no….this is for real and this….this is why I do what I do! That is…this is why I blog, write, post and do everything a ConservativeMomma of two toddlers can do to proclaim individual liberty and fight the Establishment at hand!

The article’s headline reads “ Romney tops 2016 GOP candidates in new poll” I mean are you kidding me…. so this was naturally my reaction: 

 And then when I read that Jeb Bush was right behind Romney  in this poll,  and I was nauseous, sick -totally queeezzy and this was my reaction:

…..for real….flu, stomach bug, not good people….not good!

 Folks, if this is who we put up to bat against Hillary or Elizabeth Warren of whatever she-wolf the Dems play…I am leaving the Republican Party…for real! Because these two guys are just as bad as a Democrat in office! They are Big Government, Common Core goons….and they do not portray Conservative principles! It’s like we WANT to lose! Seriously!

 Ughhh I don’t get it! Come on…we DO have some great people out there that could be serious contenders….(Scott Walker, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal, Ben Carson) ok so I did or didn’t name your fave, but ANYONE is better than a Romney or Bush! The problem is getting past the Primaries and the big money Corps/Pacs, funding these dudes!

 That’s why we gotta speak up and speak out and not let the Establishment….ruin it all! We can win 2016 if we play a truly Conservative Candidate….let’s just play the right guy/gal! Geeeez, it’s not rocket science!

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