House of Cards

 House of Cards

 If you haven’t seen the show “House of Cards” on Netflix…you will still probably be able to relate to everything I am about to say…..

But we have all seen a structure constructed by a deck of cards….

This structure is unstable, because there is little to secure the foundation. A gust of wind, a loud noise and the structure will come tumbling down. So the shows title in itself depicts the instability of DC, but it goes further into showing the utter vile corruptness that has taken our country hostage.

When a common issue presents itself in life-finding the source will almost always resolve the problem.

Oh and if you don’t think our country is crumbling –you are living in a cave….literally ….so just go back in your little hole and continue to pretend everything is okay…

For those of us that know there’s a problem….well….let’s go to the source.

The Candidates
Yep…the guys that run for office, get elected, and are currently part of this horrific tragedy.
 So…. it is simple really

If the people that are holding offices in this position are part of the problem…why are we re-electing them and sending them back to DC?

 Like in the show House of Cards……it is a political minefield in Washington….if you don’t know how to play -you get destroyed….because most… are weak.

I am not saying by any means to partake in the criminal behavior, quite the opposite actually.

I am saying we have to send our strongest competitors. We have to send people to DC that are leaders. They are able to debate, they are able to take a punch and get back up, and they are able to deny immoralities’ luring kiss. They can stand toe to toe with adversity and not waiver. They are not bought by lobbyists, controlled by super pacs, or in need of the limelight. They serve because they love this country and most importantly they are willing and find it crucial to defend the Constitution at all costs.

 I don’t care how many committee chairs they sat on, I don’t care how looooong they have been in the game, I don’t care!

 I don’t want to send a politician to Washington….I want to send a leader ….a fighter.

I want someone who knows how to solve problems and not create them…

 Is that too much to ask….???



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