She’s one in seven billon.

Too often we celebrate those that have contributed little and the ones that have contributed so greatly-go unnoticed. I want to take a moment to introduce you to one of the most admirable woman I know.
Last night, I celebrated the birthday of the most incredible, amazing, strong, creative, God fearing, conservative woman I know-my mother.
I never really understood the role of a mother until I became one. I knew it entailed a lot of work and sacrifice but I really hadn’t a clue.
There are few women in this world that I whole heartedly admire and my mother abides at the very top.
I am one of seven children. Number two in the ranking order…but never once did I feel like a number.
My mother is the most real and genuine person I have ever known. She is the same person in public that she is behind closed doors.
She can make anything from scratch when cooking, sew, paint elaborate murals, landscape, lay a brick driveway, put up a fence, build a pond, and stay up all night in prayer time and time again.
When I was growing up, I’d come downstairs and she’d have a coffee in one hand and her bible in the other. She has always taught me -that you can’t build your faith in the midst of a storm-you have got to build your faith when the waters are calm.
My mother always was available to talk to-I remember in high school and college having ‘drama’ and I was able to talk freely with her-no judgments-
My mother exudes a natural beauty, her hair dark and so are her eyes. She has the ability to discern a persons intentions before they can utter a word. She is honest. She cannot tell a lie, so much so that I knew the truth about wonderful ole St. Nick at a very young age cause truth was more important to her than anything. There was no magic missed at Christmas for me because she told the most magical story to us all in her daily walk-the powerful redeeming true story of Jesus.
My mother has been in the hospital room for both of my children’s births. She is a calming force that gave me strength when I felt like I had none left.
My mom has never been a ‘chatty cathy’ or surrounded herself with acquaintances to avoid loneliness. She has no fear of silence and has taught me to be still in the chaos of life.
She has never sought the world for approval or needed reassurance from the crowd.
There is no hidden agenda with my mom. What you see is what you get.
My mother believes that every human life is valuable. She sees beauty in the ugly and I aspire to make her proud.
I love her with all my heart and this world is a better place with her in it.
I truly believe we will be surprised when we get to heaven on who is awarded greatness in the eyes of our  Father in heaven….and after all, isn’t that what it’s all about.

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