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When I look at my little 7 month old boy Bode, he has no worries or concerns…nothing that he stresses over-other than a poopy diaper, he simply trusts that I will take care of him and as he drifts to sleep at night without a care in the world….all is safe.

My job now as a mom, is to protect Bode at all costs and yes…that means making the right decisions today in hope for a brighter tomorrow. After my son was born in March, my concern for our country, the economy, our future as a nation became a major concern for me. As a kid we have no clue who is making the decisions for us and we really don’t care. But believe it or not, Capitol Hill plays a major role in my tiny little individual life and what they decide today…effects my child’s future.

When my father ran for United States Congress back in June…I had no clue what I would encounter….to say “ugly” would not be able to describe what our family went through. I could have shied away from the whole thing, simply said “politics” aren’t for me….but that would be giving in and I can’t….because I love my son too much.

This blog will speak on political issues, you at times might disagree…but that’s ok….what’s not ok is not caring….care!

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