“For the greater good”

It starts small. Like “stay home, save lives.”

It sounds simple.

It sounds so innocent.

It’s about “community,” the whole outweighs the individual need.

It’s for the “greater good.”

Just do it, and stop being selfish! It’s a small price to pay….

But you see, it’s NOT a small price. It is the price of freedom. Freedom is priceless. Freedom is purchased with bloodshed. Freedom is purchased with the sacrifice of life. Too many gave their lives for our freedom. Too many have laid down their lives so that YOU, yes YOU, may CHOOSE what is best for YOU. Too many gave all they had so that YOU may pursue happiness.

Freedom given or taken away is NEVER returned.



Jesus LEFT the 99, for the ONE.

The INDIVIDUAL must always be able to choose.

Without choice, there is only force and there is no freedom.

Speak up now, do not be silent. Too much is at stake.

Here is the latest video:

For the greater good.”

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Keep the faith and DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE. Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life. Hold on! Pray for this nation and pray for those who still can not see what is at stake!

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God talk – living in these times

Hey you guys-

I just had a moment to go Live and talk. I know a lot of people are feeling like the walls are closing in, but God has not forsaken us. In fact, God has prepped us for this time.

Here is my latest commentary, I hope it provides some encouragement for you.

Keep the Faith and keep up the GOOD fight.

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“Can I Dr. Fauci?”

It’s gotten weird….like cult weird.

Over the weekend Dr. Fauci said we might not be able to celebrate Christmas with our families this year because of covid and new variants.  After being ridiculed over this statement, he walked it back. 

It is absolutely amazing to me the people who actually follow what Fauci says. The guy has been caught lying multiple times and he also lied under oath, not to mention his incredibly shady past with gain of function research. What I can’t understand are the people that do what he says. So, naturally, I had to expose the absurdity. 

Here is my latest satire “Can I Dr. Fauci?

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LIVE Commentary with Conservative Momma:

Hey you guys-

I know that I have not gone LIVE in a LOOOOOOONG time. No I haven’t disappeared, I have been with my family and took a little time off. Still following all that is going on and yes, it’s complete insanity.

This latest live actually is to encourage you. You might feel like things are out of control, you might feel like the walls are closing in, you might feel hopeless, but I want to tell you WE HAVE A HOPE.

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Eat the COOKIES!!!

“Put this experimental, non FDA approved substance in your body or else you lose your job!”

Uhhh, stop telling me this is a “choice.” This is FORCED COERCION and IT MUST STOP.

The below satire isn’t “over played,” it’s actually exactly what we are up against. In fact, Obama’s former Health and Human Services Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius, actually said that people who don’t put this experimental, non FDA approved substance in their body, should not be around children.

The LEFT is straight up crazy, and on a totalitarian power trip right now. Like, we’ve gone to full blown psychotic mode. These people want Absolute Power and Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

This stops when we say “NO!”

Here is the latest “Eat the Cookies!”


Keep praying for this country you guys! Keep siding with freedom and keep being a VOICE!

Good wins. God wins.