November 9th, day after midterms commentary

Welp….that did not go as hoped for.

It wasn’t a Red Wave. The results actually took me by surprise. As I was up last night, after my whole family went to bed, I had some time to think.

Below, is the latest commentary.



“I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world”

John 16:33

Update: Battling from the homefront October 14th 2022

Hey you guys, forgive the beginning of this Vlog, right before I went LIVE, I was notified that I could not go LIVE on Facebook. They told me yesterday that I was restricted on Instagram because I posted a picture on my stories on June 7, 2021 of Kamala Harris’s daughter and Hunter Biden that went against community standards. They then restricted me on Facebook too.

So, here is the latest. I really do believe that we have to stop running from battles and instead run into them. We are where we are today because of weak Christians and weak Conservatives that are unwilling to go toe to toe with the LEFT and NOT BACK DOWN. We must rise up! We must stop conceding.

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Battling on the Homefront

It really is amazing to me to me what some can see and what some cannot see, or perhaps what some are unwilling to see.

While I have been battling in the political world for over a decade, spotting and recognizing Marxism is second nature for me. I am finding some can’t see it, even when it’s at their front door.

Where have I been? In the midst of a battle. Listen or watch for the latest.

Here is the latest: “Battling on the Homefront”


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Battling for the SOUL of the Nation

You will hear “Battling for the Soul of the Nation,” muttered by Biden over the next few days, and the media will also regurgitate this phrase. Every time I hear Joe speak these words, I cringe. Joe is right though, we are battling for the soul of our nation. Tomorrow night (Thursday) Biden is set to address the nation on coming together- which is comical considering he called those who support Making America Great Again as “semi-fascist.”

What is Make America Great Again?

It’s Pro Family, Pro America, American Independence, Pro God, Pro Second Amendment, Pro Sovereignty, Pro letting kids be kids, Pro Free Speech, Pro Constitution, Pro Individual Liberty, and Pro Life.

Biden called people that believe in and support what is listed above “semi fascist.” Think about that.

What Biden, and the LEFT are battling for -is everything contrary to God’s word and being a follower of Christ.

Here is the latest commentary addressing Battling for the Soul of the Nation.

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I think it’s easy to look at the world and think “how did we get here?”
Right is wrong, wrong is “right.” It’s chaotic, confusing and trying to navigate through these times as a parent is beyond difficult.
I see patriots screaming at the top of their lungs, and no one is looking up.
I see evidence of injustice being presented and it seems no one cares.

As a follower of Christ, I want to know where we are in time? This is something I want, but it’s not yet been granted.

I do know, that in the midst of this complete havoc we are witnessing to our country and this world, that there is a GOOD ending.
EVIL doesn’t win. Let me repeat that, EVIL does not win.
When all is said and done ——evil is DEFEATED.
I serve a righteous God.
In order for Him to be righteous, there must be judgment.
Righteous judgment brings JUSTICE.
I serve a JUST God.
In the end, JUSTICE prevails.
This story, the one that we are in right now, ends well. It may not look like that in this moment, but this ends GOOD.

You were born for this moment in time. You were born to witness all of this, and to take part.

Evil doesn’t win.

This insanely tumultuous story has a GOOD “ending.”
And after the “end,” it gets so much better.

“In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” -Jesus