BREAKING: Trump sending National Guard to protect Southern BORDER!

When people illegally cross our border, we have NO IDEA WHO THEY ARE, or their INTENTIONS. To assume that everyone crossing our border, and breaking our laws, is coming here with good intentions is just plane and simple ignorance. We have drugs pouring into our southern border, we have human trafficking taking place many of them children, and yet… real security put in place to protect Americans???

The Presidents PRIMARY job is to PROTECT the American People. A way to do that is to BUILD A WALL, but Congress refuses to allocate money for the proper funding to build a wall, so our President is going with plan B:

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen announced today that:

“The President has directed that the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security work together with our governors to deploy the National Guard to our southwest border,” Nielsen said at the White House.
Our southern border became a hot topic this week when it was reported a caravan of over 1500 migrants from Central America primarily from Honduras, are making their way through Mexico in hopes to cross the U.S. Border and gain asylum. Mexico has not enforced it’s immigration laws, and has let this take place. It is said that Mexico is taking little action because of Trump’s plan to renegotiate NAFTA. (****Update April 5th 10:40am EST: Mexico has agreed to enforce it’s immigration laws which are stringent that U.S. immigration law, and has stopped much of the caravan from continuing -which has prevented an unwanted scene at the border.)
We will have to watch this play out. Other Presidents have sent the National Guard to Secure the Border before. I am thankful that Trump is putting the protection of Americans first.
But you know what…..we wouldn’t have to deal with most of this is we built the Wall. It would deter illegal immigration, sex trafficking and drug trafficking. The inability to Secure the Border with a Wall, exposes the agenda that Republicans want cheap labor, and that Democrats want future voters through the hopes of mass amnesty, and that the American people’s safety is of little concern.
National Guard

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If Trump is a Dictator….

I am BACK!!!

I was out with kiddos for Spring Break, then Easter and now getting ready for Thursday night’s show but I wanted to write quick, in case you all missed the video I dropped last week.

Honestly…..for the last year and a half, all I have heard is Trump being called a dictator. The Mainstream media, Hollywood Celebrities, Left wing News Outlets, pundits -you name it, all dropping the D-word. I mean it’s been endless spewing and every time I’d hear the word I’d roll my eyes….the ignorance in flippantly throwing that word around, blew my mind.

Now though, I am witnessing a HUGE contradiction. The March for our Lives took place almost two weeks ago, and after watching footage after footage of willing participants being interviewed on the BEST solution to our “gun problem” would be a Repeal of the Second Amendment, having former Supreme Court Justice say he believes in repealing the Second, and other powerful news outlets suggesting a repeal of the Second Amendment is a good idea I had to take a pause.

Whaaaaaaaaat? Repeal the Second Amendment? These are the SAME PEOPLE that have been calling Trump a Dictator for the last year and a half! A dictator ALWAYS disarms it’s citizenry before they they go bat sh*t crazzzzzzzzy! Why…. why in the WORLD would you want to disarm citizens IF you believe Trump is a Dictator? So naturally…..I had to make this:

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A Good Guy with a GUN.

Today a School Security officer, “engaged” an armed school shooter at Great Mills High School, in southeast Maryland. This action taken by 34 year old Blaine Gaskill of St. Mary’s County, saved lives today!

St. Mary’s County Sheriff Tim Cameron, said that: “a male student (now identified as 17 year old Austin Wyatt Rollins) fired at a female student in a hallway, also hitting a male student. An armed school resources officer (Blaine Gaskill) arrived at the scene, exchanging shots with the gunman.”

Gaskill is a Sheriff Deputy who fired at least one shot at the attacker, which caused the rampage to abruptly end.

It is still unclear if the shooter took his own life or if the bullet by Gaskill ended the perpetrators life. Either way, Gaskill’s engagement completely threw the assailant off his game plan to harm innocent people.

Here’s to GOOD GUYS and GALS WITH GUNS! Because you know what, the ONLY WAY to

busch beer cheers GIF by Busch

stop a bad guy with a gun, IS GOOD guy with a Gun! To not have schools ARMED, is NUTS!!! Every time you get on a plane there is a good guy with a gun on that plane. Every time you go to a concert, there is a good guy with a gun at that concert. Every time you go to a professional sporting event there is a good guy with a gun at that sporting event. WHY…..seriously WHY, do we not have armed security in EVERY single school in this country!??

Sitting ducks can not defend themselves!!! And these mass shootings tend to happen in “Gun Free Zones!” I say get rid of Gun Free Zones- THEY DO NOT WORK! They literally are invitations to kill people that can’t fight back.

Thank you Blaine Gaskill, a true hero that saved LIVES today.

Sheriff Deputy Blaine Gaskill

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Hey Hillary- as a Married White Woman, I feel I must respond…..

As Hillary Clinton travels the world  promoting her book “What Happened,” she continues to answer her own question on her election loss, every time she opens her mouth. In Hillary’s recent trip to India, she makes the claim that she lost the 2016 Presidential Election because married white women were pressured into voting for Trump by the men in their lives.

“We do not do well with white men and we don’t do well with married, white women,” Clinton said at the India Today Conclave 2018 Conference in Mumbai, India. “And part of that is an identification with the Republican Party, and a sort of ongoing pressure to vote the way that your husband, your boss, your son, whoever, believes you should.”

Hillary still honestly has NO CLUE why she lost! It’s been excuse after excuse! Russia, Sexism, The DNC, Obama, Bernie Sanders, Wikileaks, Debate Questions, Social Media, The Media, James Comey, Campaign Finances, Low information voters…..the list is endless you guys!

I (a married white woman), INTENTIONALLY voted for Trump and I INTENTIONALLY DID not vote for Hillary, here’s why:


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Let’s talk Stormy Daniels, shall we?

Man, I have been asked a gazilion times, “what do I think about Stormy Daniels?” I mean let’s be honest, a President having an affair with a porn star, (while his wife was said to be pregnant at the time), SOUNDS HORRIBLE! There’s just no other way to put it.

The catch is, Trump WAS NOT PRESIDENT when this happened. Unlike President Bill Clinton, WHO DID have an Affair with a 22 year old subordinate in the OVAL Office, and then LIED to the American people about it. To be VERY CLEAR: There is a HUGE difference between Private Citizen and Public Servant. IF Trump was unfaithful to his wife prior to becoming president, he is responsible to God, Melania, Trump’s children and Trump. When you are President your conduct is responsible to those you represent. Clinton was responsible for his behavior to the American People while he was President.

You know what though, I am not going to excuse Trump’s BEHAVIOR IF he did have an affair. I mean just because the Clinton’s think it’s fine to do so, does not mean it is FINE to do so. The Clinton’s think selling 20% of our Uranium to the Russians and personally profiting from it is fine, they think that destroying subpoenaed evidence is fine, they think killing fully formed babies in the womb is fine, they think that using a fake document to start an investigation on a crime never committed is fine, in reality they think crimes of any-kind committed by them — is fine, so they are not setting the bar too high…..

I think adultery is straight up WRONG, because my faith and morals say it’s wrong.
I do not condone adultery. I will never make an excuse for it. It tears families apart and destroys trust.

I didn’t marry Trump though, I voted for him. My vote was not cast to elect Trump to be “best Pastor, “best Priest,” or “Best Husband.”  I didn’t even vote for Trump to be “Best Role Model.” I voted for Trump to fix the absolute MESS this country had become after Obama.

I elected Trump on his campaign promises, which he is KEEPING. The Judicial Appointment of Judge Gorsuch, Tax Reform, The ending of the Obamacare Individual Mandate, The deregulation of Federal overreach, The cutting of Government Waste, Securing our Border (and Trump is headed to California tomorrow to look at prototypes for the WALL), Defeating ISIS, Banning countries from sending people here that want to KILL us, Standing with Israel, Withdrawing the United States from the Paris Accord -which screws American businesses, Standing up for LIFE in the womb, liberating leaders in places of faith to speak freely from the podium/pulpit, CREATING JOBS (almost 3 million jobs created since Trump was elected), I could honestly KEEP GOING. Most importantly though, I knew what was at stake in the 2016 Election. I knew that if Clinton took the wheel, we would rapidly find ourselves in a Globalist run world, and our very individual liberty was at risk, it still is in EVERY election cycle.

To be honest, I really question whether Daniels is telling the truth too. It’s Daniel’s word against Trump’s word. I also don’t know WHO is behind Daniels? As far as I know, this women could be being offered millions from Trump hating opponents and Globalists to make this claim. There could be many players involved here.

So that’s it. That’s what I think. Is it right, is it wrong? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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