Mom is enough.

I read an outstanding article last week by David Brooks of the New York times- “Moral Bucket List.” It was about living a Eulogy kind of life. What does that even mean right?

In short-what will be said at our eulogy?

It reminded me of perspective and how far off society is on what truly matters in life. On the day of your funeral, no one is going to talk extensively about the house you lived in, what kind of car you drove, the clothes you wore, or even your career…..

What will be talked about is how you impacted the lives around you.

I have a younger sister, who is doing amazing things! She is in grad school to be a therapist and has a real heart for veterans. When I talk to her, I am truly mesmerized by her daily impact on those in her sphere of influence. Many of her clients have thanked her for the role to recovery she has played in their lives.

It is a different role we all play in this life….the key, is finding just who you were designed to be.

I knew after I read that article….I want my deepest impact to be on my children. I want my children’s memory of me to be one that empowers them and their children. Unlike my younger sister, being a stay at home mom, I don’t get a lot of daily “thank-you’s.”  Yes, I have a very appreciative and awesome husband, but my client’s (my children) “thank-yous” are slobbery kisses and sticky hands grabbing at my shirt in an attempted hug. There is no: “wow-I really appreciate how you put my shoes on, combed my hair, changed my diaper, cut my food into tiny pieces, showed me the different bugs on our walk today and spent time praying for me this morning mom” -“thank yous.” Motherhood calls for a selflessness that the world does not value. We live in an “instant results” society…..there are no “instant results” with raising children….the outcome is displayed years later. A child’s character is developed, it is not microwavable.

Because I blog on politics, I come in contact with other people who are politically active as well. I spoke with an older woman last week who has worked on various campaigns, ran with really big names, and is a powerful activist. I was so impressed with her resume. We initially talked politics and then she wanted to know what else I did. I said, “well….I am a mom. I am at home with my two children,” I said. Her response is what alarmed me and what moved me emotionally….. “that is the most important thing you will ever do in this life,” she said. Yes, I have heard this before, and I know this to be true, but having her look deep into my eyes and say this with the conviction in which she said it, brought tears to my eyes. I spent almost two hours talking to this woman but what I continue playing in my head is her sincerity on motherhood.

I have had the incredible blessing to be surrounded by many powerful women in my life. These women would without a doubt contribute their biggest accomplishments to raising children. Anyone can watch a child, not anyone can raise a child.

Society does not value the role of mom. But what society “values”- will not speak at your funeral.

This short blog, is to encourage every mother out there that thinks being a mom is not enough. It is. It is more than enough. You might not get that daily “atta boy” but I assure you…..your pay off is down the road…..

Not ready for Hillary

Top 10 Reasons on Why I am NOT voting for Hillary in 2016

Top 10 Reasons on why I am NOT voting for Hillary in 2016.

 Yesterday, Hillary Rodham Clinton announced that she is running for president again…..

Now I get that people often blindly vote according to party, without any insight on what their party’s candidate actually stands for… I thought I’d impart to you a little info on Hillary and why I’m not voting for her and why you shouldn’t either.

 1) I will NOT vote for someone based on the color of their skin. If I did, that would make me a racist. I will also not vote for someone solely based on their gender. If I did that would make me a sexist.

2) Speaking of gender, I cannot support a woman who touts about women’s rights but she gladly takes money from men that treat women as property. The “Bill Hillary and Chelsea Foundation” has taken millions from countries in the Middle East that treat women like dogs. Hmmmm…..kinda hypocritical if you ask me….don’t ya think!?

3) Hillary is also known for championing gay rights….but her same foundation has taken millions from countries that horrifically and brutally kill people just for being gay…..again….hypocritical right??!

4) On September 11th, 2012 The American diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya was attacked. Killing Ambassador Chris Stephens, Officer Sean Smith, CIA operatives-Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty. Secretary of State Officials (who were ordered by Hillary Clinton) denied several requests for additional security in Benghazi. It has also been reported that when nearby CIA operatives heard the cry for help-they were told to “Stand Down.” Why were they told to stand down? To me-it’s obvious. It was very close to the 2012 re-election of Obama. Obama was running on the fact that he had pretty much rid the world of terrorism…..if they would have sent guys in to help our men-it’d would have been a much more publicized situation. So they let our guys die. “Never leave a man behind”…..hmmm….not in Hillary’s world.

5) Shortly after the Benghazi attacks….Hillary and Obama stood before the American people and told us that the Benghazi attack was do to a you tube video, it has now been confirmed through emails that Hillary and Obama, knew it was not due to a video within 2 hours after the Benghazi attack…..but they had no problem telling “we” -the dumb, stupid American people that this attack was because of a video…..ahhhh who cares if our elected officials lie to us right!??

6) Hillary turned a blind eye while her hubby Bill ran around with a convicted pedophile-Jeffery Epstein. Jefferey is known to have been with girls suspected as young as 11 years old!!! Gross right?!! When I say “hang out” with-I mean…taking trips with Jefferey to foreign islands…one island known as “orgy island.” Now, instead of being a strong women, bold and fearless in confronting this evil….Hillary ignored the behavior. “Well….guys will be guys”….ummm no-not with children! I am a strong woman and I would NEVER put up with that shit!

7) I know it’s easy to forget…..but when Hillary’s serving in public office….whether it’s  “Senator” or “Secretary of State” she works for US! That’s right you and me…..aka…the PUBLIC. Hillary did not comply with the Federal Records Act. Which makes it clear that all Official government business should be conducted through a government email account. Hillary just decided to set up her own personal account to conduct official government business as Secretary of State- oh and she had her as own server as well! Because she’s Hillary right….and the law doesn’t apply to her ;)  It is REQUIRED that if any government business is conducted through personal email-these emails are to be forwarded to the State Department’s official records system-which is what Colin Powell did while he was Secretary of State. Hillary didn’t do this….and when she was asked for the emails…….she turned the ones SHE selected over (how convenient) then ….of course-she wiped the server clean…..

8) Hillary may claim to be just like one of us….but she hasn’t driven a car in 20yrs…..she has her own personal chauffeur. Because driving a car guys is sooo hard. Hillary’s net worth is over 20 million! She says she wants to help us “every day Americans”….but she has no clue what it’s like to be an “every day American.” I personally want someone that has lived in the private sector, held a normal job, and knows what a gallon of milk costs…..I am so over these career politicians….and Hillary is the epitome of a career politician!

9) So… I have yet to meet one person that can name me 3 major accomplishments Hillary has made that qualifies her to become the President of the United States….I am not asking for a loooooong list…just name three! Oh and please for the love -don’t say “Russian Re-set”…..after that “re-set” Putin invaded the Ukraine….mmmkay. And please don’t say our foreign policy has improved under her lead…..Ummm ….Hillary even refused to say Boko Haram was a terrorist organizational….huh….I guess kidnapping girls and selling them into sex slavery doesn’t count ……oh and let’s remember Iraq caved to Islamic terrorism as well while she was Secretary of State…..ummm…have you checked out the state of the Middle East lately???

10) Lastly……With half of Americans receiving some kind of government assistance….I gotta say this is deeply saddening. America, the land of opportunity… the land of government handouts. It’s time to be inspired again! To get Americans working again, dreaming again, believing again…..but with Hillary….it’ll be more of what we have had the last 6.5 years. More debt, more government over-reach, and less individual freedom.

I will not fall victim to trading my freedom for government enslavement through dependency…and I hope you won’t either.

Not ready for Hillary

mainstream media

Ahhh…..the Mainstream Media

In the news today is all the hype of Savannah Guthrie’s interview with Rand Paul on NBC’S The Today Show. At first hearing this I was like “oh here we go”…..main stream media freaking out that Rand Paul wasn’t going to let a journalist control the message. Here’s the deal, you can’t -if you are a Conservative- let the main stream media control the interview….because they will make you look like a fool….we saw this with the Palin/Katie Couric interview back in 08, remember! I gave up all main stream media news sources years ago…..their “truth” is not the truth….this day in age- ya gotta hunt for the truth-and find it on your own.

Here’s what everyone is commenting over:

What was more amusing to me than this interview was the left’s portrayal of the interview. Rand Paul’s attacking a WOMAN journalist. “Poor Savannah Guthrie…..she was just doing her job!” :( Women are never weak and defenseless in the liberal world, but they will be when it fits the narrative.

You see I wouldn’t have an issue with this, if liberal journalists did their jobs when interviewing LIBERALS AS WELL! But, you see….. that doesn’t happen….they throw soft balls to those with similar views all through the interview….no tough questions like the ones seen in the interview above.

Savannah Guthrie, is not a weak women, but she was more then willing to let Chuck Todd step in and defend her from the “horrible Rand Paul”…why? Because it furthers the left liberal agenda of keeping any Conservative out of the Oval Office. Savannah does not need to be defended -the woman is a trial lawyer….she can hold her own. Savannah also previously worked at MSNBC (Liberal News Haven), and is married to Michael Feldman, a former Democratic political adviser. Savannah’s husband was also Vice President Al Gore’s traveling chief of staff. He also served on Bill Clinton’s campaign staff in the 90’s….in short…the guy is a major LEFTY. My guess is Savannah and Michael have politics in common.

I also bet Savannah isn’t going to like anyone that comes on The Today Show, unless they are batting for the left.

Today, we have to be very careful to fully seek for the truth in those that are interviewed….but we MUST also decipher who is the interviewer and what is their agenda…because like it or not-they have one!

The best way to find the truth… to find it on your own.

Oh….and p.s: if you want your candidate to be FULLY vetted, torn to pieces, have all dirty laundry aired- vote for a conservative….the mainstream media will get that job done!

mainstream media

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Gay Marriage

The further in to this political rabbit hole I go…..I am finding a disappointing trend among Conservatives-that is inconsistency. The inability to stay constant in an ideology. True conservatism is defending individual liberty and limiting the governments role in our every day lives. Less regulation, less infringement, less taxes, less bureaucracy, less overreach and more individual freedom. The simple concept of getting the government out of our lives and allowing the individual the ability to choose what is best for ones-self. Don’t you know what’s best for YOU-over some dude in DC in an overpriced suite? I do. I also think the vast majority of Americans do.

With the recent crazy madness of “Boycott Indiana ” making the news over this last week it has spurred lively discussion and heated debate. I have had twitter debates over -Individual freedom, the protection of our 1st amendment rights and whether or not discrimination is illegal. Because of all this, I feel compelled to address the inconsistency I am witnessing among those in my own camp.

Ok….so….where is this  “inconsistency?”

With all the way over dramatized reaction by the media over Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act, let’s be honest-the heart of the matter comes down to Gay Marriage.

My personal views are my own, they align with what my faith says and that is marriage is between a man and a woman….but I shouldn’t push what my faith says on the government-nor should the government be involved in marriage at all. I know this is my libertarian side shining through….but my argument here is consistency.

After all….marriage is a religious sacrament. It is the joining of two to become one- through sacred vows before God under a religion. So….why is the government involved in this?

If we as Conservatives, truly want less government infringement, why are we pushing that government play a role in marriage at all? We have to be consistent. No one believes what you say if you are not consistent. If I tell my three year old son he has to finish his vegetables in order to get dessert, but then I turn and give him dessert when he hasn’t finished his vegetables I am being inconsistent and he won’t take me seriously.

If we as Conservatives want to be taken seriously, if we want people to understand, grasp and believe in our platform of less government, than we have to be consistent.

So….what exactly am I saying?

I am saying that the government should only be involved in the legal side of both heterosexual and homosexual unions.

Should a gay couple be entitled to the same individual rights as a straight couple -yes, of course without a doubt.

I propose Civil Unions for all. I also propose (and I can’t believe I have to say this) that this union be with a human. Your dog cannot make logical decisions on your property or affairs when you die, and your hamster can’t be claimed as a dependent on your taxes….

Therefore CHURCHES and religious affiliations will recognize marriage-because as mentioned above-Marriage is a religious sacrament.

I would also add as a mother, I see the vital and essential roles that a father and a mother play in my children’s daily lives. I think that kids need that gender balance and greatly desire it. But having the government involved in marriage has not prevented children from being raised in single gender homes.

I know I will probably get a lot of flack for this….but I have to be real. This is not a liberal ideology….liberalism today has become socialism and this in fact is the complete opposite of socialism because it removes the governments involvement from marriage all together.

Let’s ask ourselves the tough question- just where do we stand on big government in every aspect of our lives?


Never give up.

After hearing that the Colorado woman (who murdered the baby that was still in the mother’s womb) was not being charged with murder -I was greatly disheartened, deeply disappointed and grieved. Being a momma who has carried two babies in my womb-I was heartbroken over this story. I have rejoiced the moment I found out I was pregnant on both accounts and immediately began daydreaming of the day I would meet the little life growing inside of me. To not recognize a person, when it IS a person baffles me. There are many in this world that would not be able to survive without intense care from another individual, but they are considered a life….but because this baby did not take a breath before losing life-this horrific pre-calculated act, was not considered murder.

It’s stories like this that leave me thinking….has it just gotten too dark? Is the world past the point of saving? Where is the good?

I was raised by two parents that told me daily to make a difference in this world. It was not a request, it was an expectation. I was taught that I am here for a reason. I have a purpose. This life is not merely to be lived casually and then poof….it’s over! What message am I leaving behind? How am I influencing the world around me?

Am I making a difference? Am I having an impact?

I have a sister in law that has spent every Saturday morning for years and years outside an abortion clinic-talking to women considering abortion. Every Saturday! Every single Saturday for years, she was out there-explaining to women that they had other options and that the life inside of them deserved a chance. Upon hearing this story years ago, it was easy for me to think…wow, that’s dedication….that’s perseverance….I hope she is having an impact…..

We live in an instantaneous world. We want to see results quick! We want to know outcome fast! We desire instant gratification. But this…..this…..takes perseverance, this takes dedication.

That abortion clinic is now shutting down.

I heard a sermon last week and the message was on perseverance and seeing the PEOPLE in the Cause. I believe my sister in-law saw the PEOPLE in the cause. She saw the mother who had no hope, and she saw the baby-the life that many choose to not see. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the CAUSE. To get caught up in the task. Tasks like saving the homeless, the starving, the aborted babies, the abused  and in my case…….the cause to preserve individual liberty for the unborn and born…one of the core beliefs on which our country was founded.

But you see, the ’cause’ will burn you out. It’ll deplete you….it will run you dry to the point at which you have nothing left to give. But my sister in-law didn’t burn out….she stayed at it…..because it wasn’t a “cause” to her, it was her heart. She allowed her heart to see the humanity in the cause. When this happens, there’s no burning out….there no running out of steam, and there’s no need for instant gratification or even acknowledgment. There’s no quick demand for results. I believe it’s when we see the humanity, our hearts are moved and love allows us to endure the race…..the marathon and to fight the good fight.

I saw this video below that is actually a promotional video for a conference, but the message is profound:

I encourage you to SEE the humanity in whatever it is you are fighting for, it is when we do this….there’s no giving up, or giving in….the only option is to press on forward and keep swinging.

Liberal Classification

Oh…you belong in that _____ box!

Over the weekend I was asked to call into a radio show and discuss the topic of Freedom of Speech, our first amendment right-which has got to be one of my favorite topics! (Although the 22nd amendment is appealing to me more and more-because that’s the one that limits the President to two terms-thank God right!!)

So after I hung up on the call, I started to realize I had yet to discuss one of my greatest concerns that I have noticed becoming quite the trend. Labeling. That’s right…..if you think “this way” you are “this.” The quick swift-let’s put you in a box labeled “THIS” approach! If you have a view other than “anything goes” you are a bigot in some way! We don’t care if your ethics, moral code, faith or religion says this “______”….if you don’t agree with us- ‘the majority’ -you are now labeled!

This way of thinking has SHUT DOWN free speech. This way of thinking has eliminated all conversation, dialogue and discussion.

I was recently on twitter (@conmomma)…..and I said something about our President that wasn’t supportive (if you know me that’s not a big surprise) and immediately I was sent a tweet that I am racist! Yep, I was told I was a racist because I think Obama is failing in many areas! This…this is a way to shut down everyone-throw em in the “racist” box! Ughhh!

If you oppose the president, you are racist! If you think the rioting and looting that took place in Ferguson was wrong-you’re a racist! If you are opposed to illegal immigration but support LEGAL immigration….you are a racist! If you prefer cream in your black coffee, you guessed it-you’re a “racist!”

It doesn’t stop there….oh no! If you support traditional marriage-you are homophobic! Who cares if you totally support Civil Unions, you believe homosexuals should be entitled to the same rights as heterosexuals….but you think that marriage (which is a religious sacrament) is between a man and a woman-well then you are thrown in the “homophobe” box!!

Oh let’s not stop here, we’re having too much fun now aren’t we!?

Oh….you support Israel?  You actually comprehend the fact that if there is a “two” state compromise, it would really end in a one state solution….because Israel would be no more, they would be wiped of the face of the earth! You understand that if Israel does not have the support of the United States it has a much slimmer chance of survival. “Oh…you stand with Israel….throw em in the “Islamophobia” box!”

Whaaaaaat??? You don’t support Hillary in 2016…..well you are a straight up misogynist! Yep, that’s right….you are a sexist and you hate women! No….who cares that Hillary takes money from countries that treat women as property…..if you don’t support her, you are trying to hold women down-you are the “glass ceiling” that must be destroyed!!! Yes…you guessed it-walk yourself over to the “sexist” box and jump in!

I could go on!

You see….this….this is destroying Free Speech!

I can honestly say I am none of these labels and I have been called all of the things mentioned. But I will not be labeled. My challenge is for you not to be labeled either. The next time someone tries to slap a label on you-challenge them! Ask the question why? If we are to really celebrate diversity, celebrate free speech, than it is hypocritical to only celebrate one train of thought. If we are to respect one another, than we must respect those who disagree. But allowing yourself to be classified, perpetuates the cycle.

No box for me….I am free.

Don’t be silent.

Liberal Classification

Hillary Hypocrisy 2

You can’t support woman’s rights and support Hillary.

I am just going to come right out of the gate and say it: you CAN NOT be a feminist, champion woman’s rights, or equality for women and support Hillary as the 2016 Presidential Candidate. If you do support Hillary, you are straight up supporting misogyny. Now, if you hate women….by all means-join her campaign! Whooohoooo!

Hillary plans on running on women’s issues. Making “equal pay for women” and “women’s reproductive rights” her primary talking points to her campaign.

You see, I hate hypocrisy, I loath hypocrisy….I do….it literally grates every bone in my body. Mrs. Hillary is the reigning queen of hypocrisy….why you ask? Well, let me tell you.

As reported by the New York Times: “the ‘Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation’ has accepted tens of millions of dollars in donations from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Algeria and Brunei — all of which the State Department has faulted over their records on sex discrimination and other human-rights issues.”

Hillary preaches about equal pay for women here in America, and your right to have an abortion-while she takes millions…..did I say MILLIONS….from Middle Eastern countries that treat women as property. Women in Middle Eastern countries have little to NO rights at all! We’re talking- they can’t drive a car, vote, leave the house without their husband, and if they are raped-they often are charged with invoking the rape! So while Hillary trots about from podium to podium touting woman’s rights and women’s liberation, she is taking money from men that oppress women in ways you can’t even imagine!

Hmmmm…….if you ask me…..I’d say this is classic hypocrisy, this is hypocrisy at it’s purest form. Mrs. Clinton is a pro at this, and she’s great at convincing the uninformed voter that she is sooooo concerned about women…..but I don’t buy it, not for a second. Because I will forever be a believer in the classic concept of ACTIONS speaking much Louder than words.

(I’d also add that for Mrs. Clinton to take money from foreign countries while Secretary of the United States…is a major conflict of interest! That be like a referee taking money from a team he is refereeing! Does that sound ethical to you???)

Now, if Hillary taking money from heads of countries that treat women like animals isn’t enough to sway you….perhaps pedophilia will. What?!!! Instead of speaking up and confronting her hubby- Mrs. Clinton looked the other way- when Bill would hang out with Jefferey Epstein-a convicted pedophile. Bill and Jefferey would often take trips together to Epstein’s Orgy Island. There are claims that Epstein had sex slaves as young as 12yrs old.  Sick…right? I mean, I am a strong woman….I would no way in hell put up with that crap from my husband! No way in hell! But no….Hillary, just ignored it. That’s not strength…that’s a coward. Worse….not calling it out and putting an end to it goes beyond being a coward…it is in reality condoning the mistreatment and sexual abuse of women. She has said before she “can’t control Bill.” No, she can’t…but she could leave his ass and go to bat for the victims! She wouldn’t do that though….because her eyes are set on the White House and divorce wouldn’t be appealing for a presidential candidate.

You see Hillary is pro Hillary, she’s not pro woman.

No….. You can’t support Hillary and support Women’s rights….if you do….well…..I guess you’d be a hypocrite.

Hillary Hypocrisy 2