Being a Christian Mom in today’s world

Ten of my brothers and sisters in Christ were murdered yesterday. Had I been in that room with the gunman and had he asked me if I was a Christian, I would have said yes. My relationship with Jesus is the most valuable and priceless thing in the world to me….

I have watched the current Christian Holocaust taking place in the Middle East with tears in my eyes….

I have watched Christian Americans being told that their Constitutional rights of freedom of religion no longer hold value.

I have watched a Nation founded on Christian doctrine, become a nation of “whatever.”

I have watched God removed from schools.

I have watched prayer removed from schools.

I have watched church after church water down the Gospel of Jesus Christ so that no one be offended.

I have watched Christmas and Easter become holidays with no tie to the saving grace they represent.

I have watched Christianity become a lingo of ‘love’ with no road to redemption.

I have watched the biblical scriptures be twisted and perverted to fit agendas.

I have watched God’s chosen people of Israel be denied support from their allies.

I have watched political correctness suffocate the truth time and time again….

So much violence, so much rabid hate in the world today….

As a mom, I asked God daily for guidance on how to raise children in these trying times. How do you hold fast to your faith when the world hates it? How do you stand strong in the midst of the storm? How do you stay true to your beliefs when it is specifically being targeted by hate?


We as Christians are called to be ‘in this world but not of it.’

Quite simply-if the world loves you-you are doing something wrong.

If all Jesus preached was ‘ooooey goooey-ness,’ He would have never been crucified.

But He was. He was murdered.

He was bruised, beaten, whipped, scorned, mocked, abused and tortured for this human race.

You see, that’s LOVE.

He cast out demons, healed the sick, preached forgiveness of sin -but he didn’t embrace sin-no he said: go and sin no more, he flipped over tables with anger, he befriended the unfriendly, and operated in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus was a Radical. He didn’t fit in and he knew he’d pay a price for it.

So how….how do you live in a world that despises Christ?

What is being a Christian?

Simply, a follower of Christ or like Christ. Jesus called followers of Christ to be like him, to do what he did.

Jesus knew his time on earth was for just a spec in time. But that spec in time changed the world.

If you follow Christ -you live this life knowing that it is a temporary holding tank to your eternity. But while you are in this holding tank, change your world-be radical-be like Christ.

Those students yesterday-knew this. They knew that this world offers nothing compared to what Jesus offers. They knew that uttering the words “yes” meant that they would soon be meeting the Creator-the Alpha and the Omega, the one that Was…Is….and Is to come.

A moment in the presence of God diminishes a lifetime here on earth, can you just imagine eternity with Him…..

Rest in peace my brothers and sisters-we will meet one day…..


I will speak for those who can not speak

I was in my first Trimester when the videos started coming out on Planned Parenthood and exposing how the organization sells unborn baby parts, illegally. I watched the videos of how they would pick apart a baby the same size as the one growing inside of me. I watched them talk about how different organs would be worth more than others. I watched them poke at a baby inside a petri dish….the exact same size of the baby safe within me was at the time.

I have recently had those I know come out in defense of Planned Parenthood, stating that that’s not all the organization is  about and that they are ‘good’ and really help a lot of women out. They take the outrage at Planned Parenthood personally….because they have been effected in a positive way by the organization.

Well as I write this I feel the baby inside my womb moving away. A kick here, a kick there…..and yes, it is personal.

We are a society of me. Me first. ME, ME, ME. Selflessness is a foreign concept. Self is the primary focus in our world.

“It’s all about you.”

I am an advocate for Individual Rights but what about the individual rights of the baby inside of me? Does he or she have rights, or are they just reserved for me?

At this point in my pregnancy (17 weeks), I could get an abortion no questions asked. Right now my baby is formed-eyes, ears, legs, arms, nose, mouth, all vital organs functioning….but he/she doesn’t have a say because….. why? Because of me? Why are my needs put above the needs of that of the life within me? Why is my life more valuable than the one growing inside of me? What makes me superior? Who is the judge of superiority? Is it because I don’t depend on another for my existence? If this were the case than I am superior to anyone with a pace maker, or on life support, or anyone who needs a transplant.

Why do I trump the life of the baby within me?

Because our broken, lost, hurting and confused society says so.

But my truth isn’t found in society. My moral compass isn’t found in the news, what a celebrity says, what my friends say, what the pundits say, what the polls say, what the President says, what the Pope says, what my Pastor says, what my parents say, or even what I say…..


My truth is found in what God says. He says: “I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb.” He knew I was going to exist and he knows of every life that has existed and that is going to exist. Whether that life exists for a long or short period of time…..but it is not for us to take innocent life, ever.

Planned Parenthood may have helped lots of women with contraception, healthcare needs and so forth….but they have also taken a lot of life. Millions of lives.

It goes against every moral fiber in my being to have any part of this. Allowing my tax dollars to fund an organization that takes life…..but not just that….sells the lives of those they have taken. There is the looming threat that Obama will shut down the government in the next few weeks, if Congress does not continue funding Planned Parenthood…..I say shut it down!

With Obamacare in effect -all healthcare needs that Planned Parenthood provides are now covered, there is no need to continue funding an organization that dismembers and sells aborted babies for profit.

Your experience with Planned Parenthood might have been great……but what if you had the chance to ask the 327,000 babies aborted last year by Planned Parenthood what their experience was like?

They had/have souls….

You see, I can speak for myself, I can yell, I can shout and I can let my voice be heard……but what of those who can not speak?


A simple take on why the Iran Deal….is NOT a Good Deal

With over 55% of Americans opposing the Iranian Deal……it is looking like it will likely pass the Senate- when voted on in the next week or so.

The primary purpose of the Iranian Deal is said to:

1) Prevent Iran from having a nuclear weapon.

2) Make sure Israel is safe

3) If possible, avoid another war in the Middle East

These all sound like great goals right……Iran doesn’t get a nuclear weapon, no war and our truly loyal ally -Israel, remains safe-only….this deal doesn’t assure any of that.

How so? Let me explain:

Under the basic terms of the Iran Deal is:  The lifting of economic sanctions on Iran, in exchange for a significant decline in the country’s ability to produce nuclear material. This is said to be done with intense and thorough international monitoring. 

Below are the FOUR PRIMARY reasons why this is NOT A GOOD DEAL…..and let’s be honest, just ONE reason should be enough to Not make this deal!

  1. Having sanctions on Iran has limited their ability financially to explore their abilities in creating nuclear weapons. Under this deal, Iran is allowed to keep about a third of its 19,000 centrifuges that are capable of separating the explosive uranium 235 isotope from uranium ore, which is needed when creating a nuclear weapon. Under the deal, Iran is still allowed to enrich Uranium but for “peaceful” purposes only… really -only for peaceful purposes. When sanctions are lifted on a country….their economy prospers-their now allowed to export oil and this alone will allow for an additional hundreds of millions of dollars to enhance their ability to escalate their obtainment of a nuclear weapon.
  2. In this Deal, Iran will get 150 billion dollars.The $150 billion figure refers to the dollar amounts of Iran’s foreign assets that would be unfrozen when the sanctions are lifted. Much of this money is money Iran has earned from selling oil but is has been held by a foreign bank. This is additional money that Iran will be able to use to further its determination in accessing nuclear weapons.
  3. Well, Iran is going to be “intensely monitored” so they won’t be able to obtain a nuclear weapon, you might argue?Who is doing the monitoring? Not the United States…..nope, but the IAEA, “International Atomic Energy Agency”- will be doing the monitoring of Iran’s facilities. The IAEA is also known as the United Nations “Nuclear Watchdog,” located in Vienna, Austria.                                                                                                                                                      “Last year, the IAEA’s regular budget was just over $350 million. That’s less than the budget of the San Diego police department. Iran is roughly 1,700 times larger than San Diego by territory—and about twice the size of Texas. Of course, the IAEA’s budget funds not just inspections in Iran, but activities around the world…..IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano estimated that the Iran portfolio has cost his agency $1 million per month since November 2013, when Iran initially allowed limited inspection of certain sites as a condition to launch diplomatic talks.”  The So the guys doing the monitoring don’t have the funding to do the monitoring, that’s reassuring right? Another major concern according to the Times of Israel, is that the main inspector (Dr. Ali Hosseini-Tash) for the nuclear sites- is said to be the ex-head of Iran’s nuclear bomb effort 10 years ago! Insanity right!!! And No…..I am not making this up! But here’s the kicker, Obama has said that the Inspections can take place “anywhere-anytime”…..BUT what is not mentioned is in the deal, Iran has 24 days to comply with a request for an inspection…..meaning Iran gets a 24 DAY-not hour-DAYS heads-up that inspections are going to take place! And why need a “heads up” if you aren’t up to anything?
  4. Lastly, Iran hates America (not to mention they are the number one state sponsor of terrorism). We are infidels and need to be eradicated is part of their ideology. I also draw this conclusion by watching Iranians burn our flag, refer to the United States as “The Great Satan” and their chants of “Death to America” after the deal. Iran also thinks that Israel -our only faithful and true ally in the Middle East needs to be annihilated. In this deal we are to aid Iran, if Israel decides to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities-this is all up for interpretation but here’s the actual text: “Co-operation in the form of training courses and workshops to strengthen Iran’s ability to prevent, protect and respond to nuclear security threats to nuclear facilities and systems as well as to enable effective and sustainable nuclear security and physical protection systems.”  To me, this looks like we help Iran over Israel-which is straight insanity!! I truly am baffled that this deal actually might be reached. This isn’t something you “test the waters with”-we are talking NUCLEAR consequences here-literally! Iran thinks this is a good deal….do you?

****Call your Senator….tell them to vote NO!


The groomed politician is ruining America

If you want to fully understand the total mess in Washington-follow local politics…..because this is where it all starts. To say that it’s “like” high-school, would be a huge understatement- it is high school….except there’s a helluva lot more ego involved! The ‘cool’ group that has been in play since Reagan left office in the Republican Party-is known as The Establishment. They decide who represents them on a local, state and national level. To get in the cool group there are a series of things you must do: show up at every local event and be seen, give money to the party, and most importantly suck up to the “behind the scene’s players”….these are the guys that essentially pick who they want as a candidate. I am sorry to inform you if you thought that YOU pick….no….no you don’t…….the “behind the scenes” players pick….then they parade their candidate around as the ‘chosen’ one. The “behind the scenes player’s” convince you that this is the ONLY guy that has a shot at winning in a General election. This is the ONLY guy that can raise the funds needed… you think the guy knighted by the Establishment is your only option and you vote for him or her….and they begin to work their way up the political career ladder.

The ‘chosen’ ones are puppets on strings. They do what they are told, when they are told! They talk how they are told to talk, and they vote how they are supposed to vote. The Establishment, as I have written about in previous blogs, has hijacked the Republican Party. They are not proponents of small government and they do not tout individual rights…..they are swayed by lobbyists and big corporations, and care little for your every day average American citizen. They essentially are Democrats from 30 years ago that vote “pro-life” but have done NOTHING to further the pro-life movement.

Am I totally disheartened by this-yes! Am I frustrated that the Republican Party has been infiltrated by a system that was never intended to exist-yes! Imagine if our founding Father’s saw this ‘career politician’ ideology in play!? It was NEVER ever meant to be a career! Being a public servant was never supposed to be a career. From an outside perspective it looks virtually impossible to change the system, right? I mean…..if you don’t play by the rules-that are really a load of crap-the cool group won’t let you in…..

But you see…..I thought it was hopeless, until someone stepped into the ring that is not playing by the rules at all. Let’s be clear…..if Donald Trump had not stepped into the ring-the Establishment would have presented us with Jeb Bush. He would have been the one we HAD to pick, because he could raise the money. If the Establishment noticed that Jeb wasn’t resonating with us, they would have pulled up Rubio or Walker as our other options. Ted Cruz, Ben Carson and Rand Paul (my favorites) ….would HAVE NEVER been dubbed as the “chosen” ones because they are anti-establishment. They don’t play the games….but you often have to play the game to win or at least to get recognition….uhhhh which makes the whole thing nauseating right?

So Trump stepped in….taking all control away from the Establishment. This is not an endorsement of Trump….this is just an observation that infiltrating the system of “career” politician and bucking the protocol CAN be done. The ONLY way to change the horrendous ‘boys club click’ that it has become- is to watch Trump and others that have beat out the ‘chosen one’ who was backed by the Establishment. It has been done…it can be done. We watched Dave Brat do it when he was up against Eric Cantor.  While many career politicians pander to the Establishment……I say, go back to how we were originally intended to be. Resonate WITH the people. Be real. Talk TO the people not at them-because you are one of them.

Trump’s playbook is worth a read….

The only way to stop the groomed politician -who is inherently a slave to the greater powers at play-is to expose the system and refuse to partake in it.


The Trump Phenomenon



-Says what many people are thinking…..but NO one dares to say

-a flip flopper on issues

-A Businessman

-a Democrat

-a Republican

-an Independent

-and now a Republican again

-Politically INCORRECT


You can call it what you like…..but I call it the “Trump Phenomenon.”

Just what is the deal with Donald Trump…..and why do so many still not get it?

When most political careers would be ‘done for’ -if they had said some of the things Trump has, Trump continues to rise in the polls and gain popularity….

But why?

Well….let me attempt to explain……

For the last 6.5 years the American people have been told to shut the hell up! Our voices have been silenced.

We have been told what to think and how to think.

We have been told what to say and what not to say.

We have been told that out Religious beliefs are no longer “allowed” in society.

We have been told that racism & bigotry continue to divide us but NO talk at all on what UNITES us.

We have been told what our children can and cannot eat when at school.

We have been told what schools our children can attend.

We have been told what we are and are not allowed to use when it comes to defending ourselves from harm.

We have been told we must buy healthcare and if we don’t-we are penalized.

We have been told we are not allowed to use the Doctor we wish to.

We have been told that our mere existence is ruining the planet and Polar Bears are dying because we are living.

We have been told not to be proud to be American…..but instead to apologize for it.

We have been told NOT to call those who are daily persecuting, raping, selling and killing Christians in the Middle East what they ARE =Radical Islamic extremists.

We have been told that giving 150 Billion dollars to those who chant “Death to America” is a “good deal.”

We have been told false numbers on unemployment…..when there are currently 93 million Americans out of work.

We have been told: ‘hope and change’ -while 50 million Americans are currently living in poverty.

We have been told that our borders are secure, but there are 11.3 million illegal immigrants now living in the US.

We have been told that Benghazi happened and four Americans died because of a “youtube” video…..

We have been told….

We have been told….

We have been told….

The majority has sat in silence and the few that have spoken have done so in a whisper…

Conservatives thought change would occur when a Republican majority was had in both the House and Senate in the 2014 Elections…..but the silence continued…..

As Americans watched legislation being passed in Congress benefiting only the lobbyists and big corporations -because politicians have become merely puppets on strings…..Someone spoke up.

Someone stepped forward who doesn’t know how to whisper and that CANNOT be “told” and won’t be “told.”

Trump has said some outlandish things, He has said some totally offensive things, He has said some things I totally disagree with….but his brutal unfiltered honesty was a welcomed relief felt by millions of Americans.

Trump doesn’t have to say what you want him to say, because he doesn’t need your money.

Unlike all other politicians he does not need to pander- the media can’t buy him, lobbyists can’t buy him, big corporations can’t buy him.

For years, we have been told what we “want” to hear in order to get our vote…..but what we “want” to hear and the “truth” are often not the same, but you see-truth….sets you free.

It is truth that allows for true change.

If you continue to cover a wound, and never really look inside it and clean it out-healing can’t take place. The process can be painful, uncomfortable….but the end result brings a cure.

I believe that the Trump Phenomenon exists because people want the brutal honest truth.

Perhaps other candidates I like, might catch on to why Trump is resonating….

And whether the “Trump Phenomenon” continues….

only time will tell……



The other night I rolled over in bed to turn on my 3 year old son’s video monitor, just to check him before I fell asleep. I didn’t see him when I turned it on…but then I looked more closely as my eyes adjusted……and I saw his arm. He must have been far over on one side of his bed so only his little arm was showing. As I stared at his arm….I had tears come to my eyes….because earlier that day, I saw an arm in the same shape and position as my sons, being pushed around a petri dish in Planned Parenthood’s 3rd video that had been released.

While the majority of American’s mourned the death of Cecil the lion, which of course upset me too, the selling for profit of aborted baby parts has gone widely unnoticed.

I ask myself why……why is there not MORE outrage in the fact that an organization -that our tax dollars funds- is ILLEGALLY selling aborted baby parts? Why is it that a LION, takes presidency in news coverage and outrage OVER babies?

Is it because being outraged about a LION doesn’t have to make you pick a side on the political aisle?

I have had Pro-life liberals tell me that they vote Democrat (which can now also be called “socialist” because the head of the Democratic Party, doesn’t know how to decipher between the two-but that is a whole other blog) because abortion is a social issue….and they don’t let social issues determine their vote. Well……let me just tell you….46 Democratic Senators voted yesterday to continue to fund Planned Parenthood -which means continuing to give federal funds to an organization that illegally sells aborted baby parts. If you voted for one of these Senators that means….this IS okay with you. Because those Senators ARE YOUR voice, and if you are voting for them, then you are suring up the fact this barbaric behavior continues.

In September, Obama (who by the way supported killing a baby if it survives a botched abortion while he served in the Senate) and Congress will find themselves in a debate over the funding for the “Health and Family-Planning Organization,” which gives over 500 million dollars to Planned Parenthood a year. The possibility of a government shutdown on October 1 is looking like it could be a possibility if the House and Senate do not pass a bill that keeps the government funded. But Republicans are saying that they WILL NOT support a bill that continues to fund Planned Parenthood…..if they don’t support a bill, then the government will shut down.

I say…….. SHUT IT DOWN!

Yep…..because all of this “proposing” of bills to stop the funding of Planned Parenthood is often just show boating. If the Republicans REALLY want to take a stand, then I say exercise the CONSTITUTIONAL authority that has been given to them and utilize the Power of the Purse!

Now if you are going to argue that shutting down the government is going to cause mass pandemonium….I would just like to remind you the majority of the government shuts down over every single weekend and on holidays….and, you guessed it-we survive. Sometimes you have to take that leap for the greater good and I think stopping the illegal sales of aborted baby parts for profit….is WORTH that leap!

Also….women would be just fine without Planned Parenthood, because we have Obama Care now….and Obama Care covers everyone that can’t afford healthcare…..soooooooo


DHS_budget_style (1)

15 Ways the Government wasted your money in the last year-

One of the biggest arguments I hear from Liberals is: “we wouldn’t have the problems we have if Conservatives and Republicans weren’t always refusing to spend money where it is NEEDED” Or “Conservatives are heartless and don’t love the poor because they always want to cut taxes!I” Far too often do I hear that so many problems would be solved if the government just had more money to do the “right” thing and if Republicans wouldn’t cut spending-more “right” would be done! As I often hear this argument, I think to myself….does this individual have any idea how much the government WASTES tax payer money every single year?

First, let’s be clear….the government doesn’t have ANY money-it simply USES YOUR tax dollars in a gluttonous overspending ridiculous …are you kidding me……kind of way!  Don’t believe me….here’s just 15 ways the government spent YOUR money over the last year and a half-

1) $16 million from the Department of Transportation to keep a crumbling mall in Fresno, Calif on life support…..ummm why support a mall that doesn’t bring in revenue? Why not tear it down and find investors to build a mall that people will come to and spend money at?? Wasteful much??

2) $41 billion on a missile defense system with a 70 percent failure rate. Huh…..if you did something 10 times and 7 of those times you lost billions of dollars….would you continue…. or here’s a thought- take a step back….find the error, fix it and save billions of dollars…..common sense is not used in government.

3) $171,000 teaching monkeys to play video games to prove that monkeys, like people, wrongly believe in winning and losing streaks. I’ve got nothing…..this is senseless…

4) $856,000 to teach mountain lions to run on a treadmill, to better analyze their caloric consumption rates. Because knowing a Mountain Lion’s caloric consumption rate is more important than putting that money toward a Veteran in need of an operation…..

5) $387,000 Swedish massages for rabbits for rabbits that are ill. Again…..massaging rabbits….more important that our Veterans…..???

6) $171,000 Studying the gambling habits of monkeys. Knowing gambling habits of Monkeys=vital!

7) $307,524 to teach Sea Monkey’s how to synchronize swim. So thrilled that our government finds this necessary…I mean who cares about those that have served our country right…….wrong! Government and priorities….obviously don’t mix!

8) $80 millionReal Life Iron Man Suit….cool right…..a good use of money spent….but that’s like buying a fancy sports car, when you can’t put food on the table for your kids.

9) $11-billion in faulty IRS refunds. Again. let’s not solve the problem of faulty IRS refunds….let’s keep throwing money away whoooohoooo! Party!

10) $3.3-billion in unemployment fraud a year……this could be solved, we could seriously make the penalty so severe for unemployment fraud that the committing of this crime drops….but that would take effort…so forget it…let’s just keep spending!

11) $4.5-billion in improper food stamp payments a year….who cares…it’s your money…not the govs-as if they have your credit card and they don’t care!!! Government and accountability….don’t mix either.

12) $3.9-billion  a year in theft from the IRS by identity thieves…..Hey IRS…..can you get virus protection please….it would help us tax payers out!

13) $165-million on an unused prison in Illinois……plow the prison over-problem solved!

14) $70-million a year on penny production…..stop making pennies-problem solved!

15) $15-million on military warehouse that is now unused and no one wants it in Afghanistan…..oh who cares…it’s just 15 million…..

That’s just 15….I could go on….and on……

Part of being a Conservative is being fiscally conservative. You see, there is funding to fix a lot of the “problems” out there…’s the misuse of funding that results in the ”problems” NOT being solved. Let’s get some people elected into office that KNOW economics, they know ‘debt vs spending ratio’ common sense and most importantly how to prioritize!

The next time you hear “the government needs MORE of your money to solve the world’s problems”……take a glance at this list again.

You give the government your money in every single paycheck….are they handling it responsibly?