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15 Ways the Government wasted your money in the last year-

One of the biggest arguments I hear from Liberals is: “we wouldn’t have the problems we have if Conservatives and Republicans weren’t always refusing to spend money where it is NEEDED” Or “Conservatives are heartless and don’t love the poor because they always want to cut taxes!I” Far too often do I hear that so many problems would be solved if the government just had more money to do the “right” thing and if Republicans wouldn’t cut spending-more “right” would be done! As I often hear this argument, I think to myself….does this individual have any idea how much the government WASTES tax payer money every single year?

First, let’s be clear….the government doesn’t have ANY money-it simply USES YOUR tax dollars in a gluttonous overspending ridiculous …are you kidding me……kind of way!  Don’t believe me….here’s just 15 ways the government spent YOUR money over the last year and a half-

1) $16 million from the Department of Transportation to keep a crumbling mall in Fresno, Calif on life support…..ummm why support a mall that doesn’t bring in revenue? Why not tear it down and find investors to build a mall that people will come to and spend money at?? Wasteful much??

2) $41 billion on a missile defense system with a 70 percent failure rate. Huh…..if you did something 10 times and 7 of those times you lost billions of dollars….would you continue…. or here’s a thought- take a step back….find the error, fix it and save billions of dollars…..common sense is not used in government.

3) $171,000 teaching monkeys to play video games to prove that monkeys, like people, wrongly believe in winning and losing streaks. I’ve got nothing…..this is senseless…

4) $856,000 to teach mountain lions to run on a treadmill, to better analyze their caloric consumption rates. Because knowing a Mountain Lion’s caloric consumption rate is more important than putting that money toward a Veteran in need of an operation…..

5) $387,000 Swedish massages for rabbits for rabbits that are ill. Again…..massaging rabbits….more important that our Veterans…..???

6) $171,000 Studying the gambling habits of monkeys. Knowing gambling habits of Monkeys=vital!

7) $307,524 to teach Sea Monkey’s how to synchronize swim. So thrilled that our government finds this necessary…I mean who cares about those that have served our country right…….wrong! Government and priorities….obviously don’t mix!

8) $80 millionReal Life Iron Man Suit….cool right…..a good use of money spent….but that’s like buying a fancy sports car, when you can’t put food on the table for your kids.

9) $11-billion in faulty IRS refunds. Again. let’s not solve the problem of faulty IRS refunds….let’s keep throwing money away whoooohoooo! Party!

10) $3.3-billion in unemployment fraud a year……this could be solved, we could seriously make the penalty so severe for unemployment fraud that the committing of this crime drops….but that would take effort…so forget it…let’s just keep spending!

11) $4.5-billion in improper food stamp payments a year….who cares…it’s your money…not the govs-as if they have your credit card and they don’t care!!! Government and accountability….don’t mix either.

12) $3.9-billion  a year in theft from the IRS by identity thieves…..Hey IRS…..can you get virus protection please….it would help us tax payers out!

13) $165-million on an unused prison in Illinois……plow the prison over-problem solved!

14) $70-million a year on penny production…..stop making pennies-problem solved!

15) $15-million on military warehouse that is now unused and no one wants it in Afghanistan…..oh who cares…it’s just 15 million…..

That’s just 15….I could go on….and on……

Part of being a Conservative is being fiscally conservative. You see, there is funding to fix a lot of the “problems” out there…..it’s the misuse of funding that results in the ”problems” NOT being solved. Let’s get some people elected into office that KNOW economics, they know ‘debt vs spending ratio’ common sense and most importantly how to prioritize!

The next time you hear “the government needs MORE of your money to solve the world’s problems”……take a glance at this list again.

You give the government your money in every single paycheck….are they handling it responsibly?


Dear Facebook Friends:

Dear Facebook friends:

I feel compelled to be honest with you……because in all honesty I haven’t been. Facebook is really what you “portray” yourself to be….and what you ‘post’ often reflects you. Now while I post pictures here and there of my family, life events and so forth…I have been slow to be me. Why? Because I didn’t want to offend anyone….

What’s even more sad, is I started a Page of who I really am….and I am more open and honest with strangers -than my so called ‘friends.’

I am a political person…..I wasn’t at first….to be honest I was oblivious to the world of politics…that is until my dad ran for United States Congress and I had the “come to Jesus moment” of just how much politics directly effect not only me….but my kids.

I know that many of my “friends” on Facebook see things from a totally different viewpoint than I do….instead of posting my views just like them, I avoided being honest…..because again….I didn’t want to offend anyone. So….I started my own page. Now while I love my Page where I can be honest, open and truly me, I am sharing with those of like mind….so it’s safe. This doesn’t take courage….it doesn’t even take boldness…..it’s just me…being me, but if I was to do it on my personal page….it’d take courage and boldness and being fearless of offending anyone.

What I have realized though is I am guilty of not practicing what I preach. I am a huge advocate of free speech. I am a huge advocate of NOT being politically correct…..because being politically correct has led us to a place of NO dialogue. When dialogue shuts down…..the opportunity for growth and change is killed. When conversations of debate and disagreement no longer exists-we are zombies with no hope of true advancement.

As I look around…..I am forced to acknowledge we are a nation divided. I am forced to acknowledge that the avoidance of conversation has brought us here. If we don’t talk….if we don’t engage….if we don’t argue…..we are numb….and we have become numb. Afraid to feel because feelings produce honesty and honesty provokes speech and for the love….don’t let us dare to speak!

I have debated, argued, and come to incredible resolutions with people on Twitter and my Facebook Page who when starting the conversation totally and completely disagreed with me….but doing that with someone I know….someone I might actually care about….I avoid.

Not anymore.

Too much is at stake.

As America signs a deal with a nation that chants “death to America” and gives them 150 billion tax payer dollars to use down the road to attack my children or my children’s children…..it has just gotten way too personal.

I can no longer play defense.

I can no longer be silent, when I should speak up.

I can no longer hide behind chats about the weather and recipes…..far too much is at stake.

What I am trying to say is….I am going to be me. It might annoy you, offend you, enrage you….if it does-tell me, let’s talk about it. Let’s HAVE a conversation or even an argument about it.

If you can permit a different viewpoint than your own….stay “my friend” but if you can not…..it’s ok to delete me….I won’t be offended…promise :)

But it’s time to start talking…..


God DOES NOT Bless #PlannedParenthood

Just recently released today is a video of Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s Senior Director of Medical Services -involvement in selling aborted baby parts!

It was so difficult for me to watch this woman candidly talk about selling aborted babies while she chomps away on her lunch! I am sharing this video because I think it is vital for EVERYONE to know about this! If a baby is not a life, not human than how can someone make a profit off of this?!! “My body my choice”…..well then just whose body parts are you selling?

You see, It IS A LIFE!! A living, breathing, heart pounding life.

You wonder why our country is so messed up?

We are killing God’s children…..this is a big ‘F you’ to God…..you remove God from society….BAD things happen…terrible things happen. On top of all this people like you and me….who totally oppose this are paying taxes to fund Planned Parenthood! This is insanity! This needs to be STOPPED, this MUST be stopped! I could never ever ever vote for someone who votes to continue the funding of this trafficking of baby parts and the taking of innocent life!

Here’s what our president has to say about Planned Parenthood:

Planned Parenthood is not going anywhere, As long as we have to fight to make sure women have access to quality affordable healthcare, and as long as we have to fight to protect a women’s right to make her own choices about her own health, I want you to know that you have a president that is right there with you fighting every step of the way. Thank you planned parenthood, God bless you“…..Huh…..what about the baby’s rights? Does that baby’s right entail being torn apart limb by limb for profit Mr Obama?

Oh and NO NO NO……God DOES NOT BLESS Planned Parenthood. There is no blessing from God on Planned Parenthood…..Mr. Obama….DO NOT use my God’s name in vain like that!

You know what’s amazing to me…is  those liberals out there I know and how they’ll freely speak out against Oil Spills, Dolphins Dying, Endangered Eggs not being protected, Climate change, Fracking, Puppy Mill dogs, Fur…..but not a peep about aborted babies being sold for profit…..silence……

That silence is the sound of Evil.

Jesus loves the little

You are not a horrible person because your were born white……

Last week all over social media, headlines of MTV’s new show “White Privilege” was causing a lot of chatter. It’s a show that basically shames white people for being white, because that will cause more unity and harmony in our most divisive and racially boiling country right now……(sarcasm…..lots and lots of sarcasm).

Now I write under the name Conservative Momma….some know me, but the majority do not. I am a mom, a wife and I am white and I am not going to feel guilty or shamed for being white. God made me white and God does not make mistakes. I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I am proud of my skin color. Just as I am proud to be an American-and we all know there’s just a matter of time until MTV or some other liberal media outlet puts out a program shaming Americans for being American.

Society has informed me time and time again that I am supposed to feel guilty because I was born white. Because I am white, I am said to be privileged to things that people who are not white are not privileged to. I am supposed to feel shame for the way I was born. I had nothing to do with what color my skin would be when I was born…..but somehow I am to feel disgrace over the outcome. Because of my skin, I am immediately at fault for all of our histories troubled past and for all the turmoil existing today due to race. I am to be blamed, humiliated and dishonored, because I was born white.

Many who are homosexuals and trans-gendered say they are born that way……well I was born this way, I was born white.

There has been a desperate need to publicly humiliate white people, for being white. To shame someone because their skin color is a certain color is racist. This causes no healing, but only drives a deeper knife into the soul of unity.

How long does this need to persist? What is the intended result?

I never saw color growing up. My friends were my friends, I didn’t care what color they were. As I aged though, I was told that the color of my skin has caused pain to many. I would sit in class after class in college hearing about how horrible I am because of my skin color. I was to feel deep remorse for how I was born.

Shaming someone for how they were born, is not going to lead to any kind of healing for anyone. Putting down one’s race is not going to elevate another. MTV, you infiltrating young minds and perpetuating this vicious cycle -just to get ratings.

If I chose to embrace the ridicule, embarrassment, shaming guilt that society is trying to place on me because of the way I was born -no good would come of that. Hating myself for how I was born isn’t going to racially unite us.

Loving myself and loving others is the only way to stop this vicious divisive cycle.

Instead of focusing on what divides us, let’s focus on what unites us.

Unite we stand, divide we fall.

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Marriage in the hands of 9…..

Conservative Momma:

Wrote this a month ago, and my thoughts are the same after the Supreme Courts Ruling today….

Originally posted on conservativemomma:

The Supreme Court is set to rule on Gay Marriage next month. I have written before on his subject before recently and I am a Civil Unions for all and let the churches deal with the religious sacrament of marriage kinda person. Read that blog here.

But I tend to be a Libertarian when it comes down to the Federal Government stepping into our lives and re-defining what marriage is altogether. Why? Well, because there’s a whole other side to this issue -this decision will directly effect our First Amendment right-the Freedom of Religion. If a religion be it: Islam, Hindu, Judaism, or Christianity believes that marriage is between a man and a women-which they all do and the Federal Government is now going to re-define marriage to be a bond between anyone or anything, then churches who refuse to comply -will be charged with discrimination. You thought is…

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Yep, it’s been confirmed: The GOP has been hijacked!

“I didn’t leave the GOP, the GOP left me.”

This phrase I have read numerous times from Conservative types and Tea Party enthusiasts and today it resonates so strongly in me. I have identified with this slogan for a while, but today it identifies how I feel more than ever before.

I called both my Senators and requested them NOT to vote for the Fast Tracking of the Trade Bills, headed through Congress-known as Obamatrade, but both ignored my plea. They voted for the cloture to bring the Fast track to a vote and in my gut, I know it’ll pass. I wrote all about this ObamaTrade aka-TPP, you can read it here. This blog entry really isn’t about that though, it’s about my deep concern for the Republican Party.

As I dive deeper into the political world, I have come to the conclusion that the GOP has most definitely, without a doubt been hijacked by big Corporations and Lobbyists, I know it sounds horrible right! The party of limited government is no more. I hear a lot of Patriots murmur “how did we get here as a country?” Well, to me, it’s obvious. The vast majority of those who hold elected office are not beholden to their Constitutes. The fact that phone calls into our elected officials were 30-1 OPPOSING this trade bill just affirms my thoughts! The voice of the people is not being heard. The fact that Marco Rubio cast the deciding vote yesterday, or that Ted Cruz- a champion to the Conservative cause just now realized ObamaTrade was “bad” …… blows my mind! Where was the fight?

It’s easy to point our fingers at the Left and blame them, but the problem starts with the Right. To put it simply, the Established Right has been bought! The vast majority of our elected officials have sold out their constitutes for a promised career in politics, with the specific instructions to vote how the big corps and lobbyists want them to vote. They get away with this because when it comes to election time, those big corps and lobbyists write the big money checks for their campaigns to keep them in office. To say it’s ‘ugly’ would be a gynormous understatement!

If our Founding Father’s saw us now, what would they say?

It was never intended to be this way. Never.

I am grieved by this, but at the same time, I refuse to just give in, to let this Machine win-I can’t, I won’t.

I was having a political conversation just last week and a member of the Establishment was mentioned as having jumped into the presidential race.  Now I was surrounded by Conservatives, these people were not Establishment at all, but one of them said: “you know if Bush is the nominee, we need to support him.”

I say NO.

This is part of the problem, we as Conservatives are being manipulated into supporting someone who is not even a Conservative because they have the GOP label. But that GOP label has been stolen, it doesn’t belong to them!

Just because you say you are something, doesn’t make you that ‘something’-your actions make you that ‘something.’

How can we stop this?

First support TERM LIMITS and only support those candidates who support them as well.

Don’t elect career politicians, if they have held office for considerable amount of time, they have lost touch with the people. Look at Boehner-he honestly thinks he’s the Godfather…..sooo time for him to go!

Don’t support members of the Establishment, even if they are our only option, I’d honestly rather vote 3rd party-and no that’s not throwing my vote away….it’s having a voice!  You see our voices have been silenced because of this methodology, we just go along to get along and it’s resulted in our current state as a country!

Call for a Convention of States-it’s found in Article 5 of the Constitution. It gives we the people, the right to ratify the Constitution, allowing an amendment for term limits. For more info click here.

It is time for WE the People to face this machine and MAKE IT STOP, it CAN be done, it must be done!


Trade Confusion—!!!

Today was a significant day but the battle is not over on the #TransPacificPartnership trade agreement. It really is unbelievable how confusing all the jargon has become, I mean #TPP, #TPA, #TAA, #TISA………??? Really?

I am completely and totally opposed to this bill! The lack of transparency blows my mind! I wrote on this bill a couple weeks ago-you can catch up here.

Two big votes took place today, here’s the scoop! First the House voted down the TAA Bill 126-302, which was the Trade Assistance Adjustment -this was slipped into the bill to appeal to Democrats -but they didn’t bite it-which is good! This bill was to provide government assistance to those workers who are displaced in the trade agreement.The 2nd Bill voted on today was the #TPA-which passed in a 219-211 vote. The TPA-Trade Promotion Authority gives the fast track to pass the TPP -Trans Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement with an up or down vote-no amendments no filibusters. The TPP also includes a “living agreement” clause, allowing Obama to change the Bill once it’s passed by Congress-crazy right? The trade bill also has immigration reform shoved into it, along with climate change mumbo jumbo! Paul Ryan said: “It’s declassified and made public once it’s agreed to.” Whaaaaaat? Ummm hello Nancy Pelosi-flash back -“let’s pass Obama Care to see what’s in it!”

The TPA did pass, but in order for the Transpacific Partnership Trade to move forward, both the TAA and the TPA had to pass-which didn’t happen. Boehner, is calling for a re-vote of the TAA on Tuesday of next week…..I can just imagine the panic to whip votes right now in DC!

Why are so many Republicans for it? The ‘US Business Coalition for TPP” shelled out over $1,148,971 to US Senators a few weeks ago, who knows what they gave to House Members today. The Business Coalition for TPP is largely funded by Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, GE and Halliburton to name a few…..

Here’s the link to the list of how your House Reps voted, were they bought?