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Marriage in the hands of 9…..

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Wrote this a month ago, and my thoughts are the same after the Supreme Courts Ruling today….

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The Supreme Court is set to rule on Gay Marriage next month. I have written before on his subject before recently and I am a Civil Unions for all and let the churches deal with the religious sacrament of marriage kinda person. Read that blog here.

But I tend to be a Libertarian when it comes down to the Federal Government stepping into our lives and re-defining what marriage is altogether. Why? Well, because there’s a whole other side to this issue -this decision will directly effect our First Amendment right-the Freedom of Religion. If a religion be it: Islam, Hindu, Judaism, or Christianity believes that marriage is between a man and a women-which they all do and the Federal Government is now going to re-define marriage to be a bond between anyone or anything, then churches who refuse to comply -will be charged with discrimination. You thought is…

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Yep, it’s been confirmed: The GOP has been hijacked!

“I didn’t leave the GOP, the GOP left me.”

This phrase I have read numerous times from Conservative types and Tea Party enthusiasts and today it resonates so strongly in me. I have identified with this slogan for a while, but today it identifies how I feel more than ever before.

I called both my Senators and requested them NOT to vote for the Fast Tracking of the Trade Bills, headed through Congress-known as Obamatrade, but both ignored my plea. They voted for the cloture to bring the Fast track to a vote and in my gut, I know it’ll pass. I wrote all about this ObamaTrade aka-TPP, you can read it here. This blog entry really isn’t about that though, it’s about my deep concern for the Republican Party.

As I dive deeper into the political world, I have come to the conclusion that the GOP has most definitely, without a doubt been hijacked by big Corporations and Lobbyists, I know it sounds horrible right! The party of limited government is no more. I hear a lot of Patriots murmur “how did we get here as a country?” Well, to me, it’s obvious. The vast majority of those who hold elected office are not beholden to their Constitutes. The fact that phone calls into our elected officials were 30-1 OPPOSING this trade bill just affirms my thoughts! The voice of the people is not being heard. The fact that Marco Rubio cast the deciding vote yesterday, or that Ted Cruz- a champion to the Conservative cause just now realized ObamaTrade was “bad” …… blows my mind! Where was the fight?

It’s easy to point our fingers at the Left and blame them, but the problem starts with the Right. To put it simply, the Established Right has been bought! The vast majority of our elected officials have sold out their constitutes for a promised career in politics, with the specific instructions to vote how the big corps and lobbyists want them to vote. They get away with this because when it comes to election time, those big corps and lobbyists write the big money checks for their campaigns to keep them in office. To say it’s ‘ugly’ would be a gynormous understatement!

If our Founding Father’s saw us now, what would they say?

It was never intended to be this way. Never.

I am grieved by this, but at the same time, I refuse to just give in, to let this Machine win-I can’t, I won’t.

I was having a political conversation just last week and a member of the Establishment was mentioned as having jumped into the presidential race.  Now I was surrounded by Conservatives, these people were not Establishment at all, but one of them said: “you know if Bush is the nominee, we need to support him.”

I say NO.

This is part of the problem, we as Conservatives are being manipulated into supporting someone who is not even a Conservative because they have the GOP label. But that GOP label has been stolen, it doesn’t belong to them!

Just because you say you are something, doesn’t make you that ‘something’-your actions make you that ‘something.’

How can we stop this?

First support TERM LIMITS and only support those candidates who support them as well.

Don’t elect career politicians, if they have held office for considerable amount of time, they have lost touch with the people. Look at Boehner-he honestly thinks he’s the Godfather…..sooo time for him to go!

Don’t support members of the Establishment, even if they are our only option, I’d honestly rather vote 3rd party-and no that’s not throwing my vote away….it’s having a voice!  You see our voices have been silenced because of this methodology, we just go along to get along and it’s resulted in our current state as a country!

Call for a Convention of States-it’s found in Article 5 of the Constitution. It gives we the people, the right to ratify the Constitution, allowing an amendment for term limits. For more info click here.

It is time for WE the People to face this machine and MAKE IT STOP, it CAN be done, it must be done!


Trade Confusion—!!!

Today was a significant day but the battle is not over on the #TransPacificPartnership trade agreement. It really is unbelievable how confusing all the jargon has become, I mean #TPP, #TPA, #TAA, #TISA………??? Really?

I am completely and totally opposed to this bill! The lack of transparency blows my mind! I wrote on this bill a couple weeks ago-you can catch up here.

Two big votes took place today, here’s the scoop! First the House voted down the TAA Bill 126-302, which was the Trade Assistance Adjustment -this was slipped into the bill to appeal to Democrats -but they didn’t bite it-which is good! This bill was to provide government assistance to those workers who are displaced in the trade agreement.The 2nd Bill voted on today was the #TPA-which passed in a 219-211 vote. The TPA-Trade Promotion Authority gives the fast track to pass the TPP -Trans Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement with an up or down vote-no amendments no filibusters. The TPP also includes a “living agreement” clause, allowing Obama to change the Bill once it’s passed by Congress-crazy right? The trade bill also has immigration reform shoved into it, along with climate change mumbo jumbo! Paul Ryan said: “It’s declassified and made public once it’s agreed to.” Whaaaaaat? Ummm hello Nancy Pelosi-flash back -“let’s pass Obama Care to see what’s in it!”

The TPA did pass, but in order for the Transpacific Partnership Trade to move forward, both the TAA and the TPA had to pass-which didn’t happen. Boehner, is calling for a re-vote of the TAA on Tuesday of next week…..I can just imagine the panic to whip votes right now in DC!

Why are so many Republicans for it? The ‘US Business Coalition for TPP” shelled out over $1,148,971 to US Senators a few weeks ago, who knows what they gave to House Members today. The Business Coalition for TPP is largely funded by Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, GE and Halliburton to name a few…..

Here’s the link to the list of how your House Reps voted, were they bought?



Bernie Sanders for President……maybe if I was uninformed….but I am not….so NO -to Bernie Sanders for President ;)

I was recently notified of a social media ad promoting Bernie Sanders, and I just can’t let it go without a rebuttal. Bernie Sanders is a Senator from Vermont running for President in 2016. He is a claimed “Independent” but I find the ‘Independent’ status a bunch of bull….Bernie is a Socialist. Though he is a total long shot -he is making some waves climbing the poles and gaining large crowds out in Iowa-the first state to hold a caucus/primary. I personally am not concerned about Sanders….I really don’t think he’ll be president, what I am concerned about is the ad (below) promoting him. The things highlighted that are intended to appeal to the average American….the uninformed voter, which unfortunately votes.


If you know me at all, I just gotta respond to this ” Progressive agenda,” so here goes!

1) Raise Taxes on the Wealthy: Ummm fyi, the ‘rich’ will always be rich. Socialism prevents YOU from ever being rich. Go ahead look at countries that are entrenched in socialism….it’s the middle class that ends up missing! I get it, your jealous of the rich….you want to take their money because you think they shouldn’t have all that money. You want the government to tax the crap out of them in order to get that money- I just gotta say take a look at France. They have a 75% tax on the rich and many of the rich are fleeing the country. You tax the rich like that -they leave….and there goes job creation-because whether you like it or not-rich people provide and create jobs!

2) Close tax loopholes for corporations that ship jobs overseas: Huh….you want to know why corporations are shipping jobs overseas? The United States has the 3rd Highest corporate tax rate in the world at 39%!!! Geeeez….here’s a thought, lower the corporate tax rates and corporations might not have to ship jobs overseas!

3) Constitutional Amendment to ban big money in politics: To be honest I don’t have a problem with this one-I think that big pacs, unions and corporations have drowned out the voice of the people. In order for this amendment to take place it must be voted on by Congress or a Convention of the States.

4) Tax Carbon and Methane emissions, rebate revenue to citizens: This is an oxymoron. Tax people and then give what you taxed back to people? In case you just happen to be clueless-ANYTHING the GOVERNMENT gives YOU, was TAKEN from someone ELSE.

5) Enact single payer healthcare system: Sounds nice right-government run healthcare-because the VA has done so well with it (sarcasm). Ok, let’s not just look at the VA, let’s look at Britain who also has a single payer healthcare system. Britain is projected to face budget shortfalls of 30 billion pounds — nearly $47 billion — annually by 2020! They are even having to ration care…..”ahhh you are sick…..get in line and we ‘might’ be able to see you…maybe…someday.” A shortfall of 47 billion is a BIG DEAL! Eventually creditors collect, and 47 billion plus another 47 billion….plus another 47billion……etc etc etc….is a big paycheck that could cripple an economy over time.

6) Break up the BIg Banks: Can you be more specific on this “Bernie Sanders Agenda for Progressive America?” It sounds like revenge and not resolution….just what is the end goal with Break up Big banks???

7) Free public college tuition: Whhhhoooooo!!!! Sounds awesome, reminds me of when Opera was giving away cars :) “You get a tuition-you get a tuition-you get a tuition!!!” Only NOTHING IS FREE!!! As mentioned previously ANYTHING the GOVERNMENT gives YOU, was TAKEN from someone ELSE. Tax the hell out of Joe Shmoe, so Jane Doe can go to college. *note: if everyone has a college degree, it will no longer be a valuable commodity….thus making a college degree irrelevant, so then you’ll need to get a Masters Degree to stand out, but if Bernie’s president then it’ll be ‘FREE MASTER’S DEGREES!!!’ Hmmmm but then you’ll have to get a Phd…..so……maybe we should just start giving out Phd’s ….for free…..FREE Phd’s…whoooohoooo!!! (sarcasm….a whole heck of a lot of sarcasm).

8) Pay Equity for Women: Ughhhh….seriously…..are we still having this conversation? Are we? Hmmm I guess until more people start talking facts like: The top women’s degrees in college are- English, Psychology, and Education. The top college degrees for men are: Engineering and Computer science…..and these degrees tend to make more money. Fact-Women also tend to take more time off then men. But when it comes down to working the same job-there IS equality! So stop believing this junk! I mean….aren’t you tired of being sheep?

9) $15 minimum wage by 2020: This is actually going to backfire. If employers have to pay $15 an hour, then that $5 dollar cheeseburger you enjoy is going to cost $10 bucks! Oh or better yet-let’s just not hire employees altogether and have a machine take your order ;) Like it or not, it takes a helluva lot of work running a business and you don’t do all of that work to not turn a profit….

10) Make it easier for workers to form Unions: Ummmmm really? With the current total over-regulation of government- there really is no need for unions. Workers formed unions in the past to make sure they were treated fairly….but now people just sue the crap out of an employer that might be in the wrong. Now anybody can sue anybody! I mean if you can sue McDonalds for serving YOU hot coffee that YOU spilled on YOUR lap…..there really is no need for unions. FYI: Most Unions spend their money and time buying votes in DC….which makes #3 up there a total contradiction……..(awkward silence).

11) Expand Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and nutritional programs: These programs are government funded. Which means they are funded by YOU and me. Hitting the middle class with additional taxes to fund additional government run programs that often have an incredible amount of waste-is counterproductive to the middle class American trying to get ahead. Just google ‘ways the government wastes money’………..and you want to give them more of YOUR money??? Personally, I trust myself more than any Washington bureaucrat when it comes to my financial planning-

I know this was a long one, but I had to respond to this…..it really comes down to logic and filtering through the fluff that politicians will feed you to get your vote. What often sounds “good” is not inherently good or logical.


Tpp Bill

A Congress For the People…By the People….ummmm not so much…… #TransPacificPartnership #TPA

The Senate voted to give Obama “fast track” powers to passing the “Trans Pacific Partnership Bill” on Friday with a vote of 62 to 37.

On a day we celebrate those who have fallen to protect our individual liberties, I find it extremely concerning that our Senate would pass a bill-now headed to the House that completely shuts out WE THE PEOPLE!

What is the TPP? In short it is a bill that gives Obama accelerated authority to enter into a trade agreement with Pacific Rim countries -known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Sounds harmless right? I mean why am I flipping out over this?

Well, for starters WE THE PEOPLE are not allowed to know anything about it-that’s right ……did I time warp to the USSR!???

“For any senator who wants to study the draft TPP language, it has been made available in the basement of the Capitol, inside a secure, soundproof room. There, lawmakers surrender their cellphones and other mobile devices. Any notes taken inside the room must be left in the room.” NPR.org. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat??? So wait a minute a Senator, who is to represent WE THE PEOPLE, can’t tell WE THE PEOPLE what’s in the Bill that they have now decided to pass???

This bill also includes TPA: Trade Promotion Authority which says Obama can submit a trade deal to Congress for an up or down vote with limited debate AND Congress can’t amend it, taking power away from Congress is taking power away from YOU and ME!

The Obama administration is keeping the information of the Bill in total secret, and prohibiting ANY discussion of the bill. Obama then is asking those that are critics of the Bill (Democrat Elizabeth Warren-who proposed a bill to disclose the info in the TPP to the public so that WE THE PEOPLE can know what’s in it, fyi: which was rejected) to name specifics of why they are critics of it………….ummmm hello, they can’t name specifics because they are being prohibited to speak specifically about it! Honestly!!! Have I entered Communist China??? Have I…..is this all a horrible dream??

Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio said: “There is more access in most cases to CIA and Defense Department and Iran sanctions documents — better access to congressional staff and others — than for this trade agreement.”

This isn’t a partisan issue….this isn’t Republicans vs Democrats issue here….this is a violation of the Americans Rights to transparency!

Please…..for the love, don’t tell me that you trust our government to make the right call here!

I don’t care if this bill is about picking apples off an apple tree-WE THE PEOPLE should KNOW WHAT’S IN IT!!!!

For your info, these are the guys in the Senate that voted to give Obama MORE power and voted FOR the Trade Bill…..huh….I wonder what the House will do??

Tpp Bill


What Church is supposed to look like

I love this video and I thought I would share it with you all on this Sunday morning! It is a true depiction of what Church is supposed to look like and what Jesus intended it to be. If we had more of the Church Jesus desired for us in the world, I believe our world would be a much different place…..

It is not religion that changes the heart, it’s a relationship.


Lottery Winner here!

Just days ago Obama gave a speech at Georgetown University addressing Christian Faith leaders, that sparked a little controversy. Here’s what he said:

“The top 25 hedge-fund managers made more than all of the kindergarten teachers in the country. When I say that, I’m not saying that because I dislike hedge fund managers or I think they are evil, I’m saying that you’re paying a lower rate than a lot of folks who are making $300,000 every year. You pretty much have more than you’ll ever be able to use in your family will ever be able to use. There’s a fairness issue involved here and by the way, if we were able to close that loophole, I could not invest in early childhood education to make a difference. That’s where the rubber hits the road. That’s Arthur where the question of compassion and I’m my brother’s keeper comes into play. And if we can’t ask from society’s lottery winners to just make that modest investment, then really this conversation is for show. If we can’t ask that much— [ applause ].”

You can watch if you’d like:


Apparently if you are successful in this country, you are a “lottery winner.” This statement immediately reminded me of Obama’s statement back in 2012: “If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

This contempt that Obama has for success blows my mind! Fyi: Small businesses represent 99.7 percent of all employer firms. Since 1993, small businesses have generated 64 percent of new jobs, and they have also paid 43 percent of the total United States private payroll” –SBA.

I find it fascinating that some believe the government should dictate when enough wealth is enough.  Or that the government is to decide whether or not you have reached a point where you can’t spend all the money you’ve earned. To empower government to decipher who has enough and who doesn’t -is dangerous territory and this has been done throughout history by ruthless dictators. I also am amazed by those who think the government should be involved in making everything ‘fair.’ Life isn’t fair. If you want something, don’t go to the government to get it, go get it yourself! You see, Obama could have said: “being born in America IS winning the lottery,” but he didn’t- he went after the rich, the wealthy, the successful-all in the disguise of Biblical principles (“I’m my brother’s keeper”-Jesus was not saying “have the government look out for you and the poor” he commanded us to look out for each other, because that’s what Christianity is all about-there was no reference to government involvement!) Obama wants everyone on the same playing field….and this….this is Socialism, this is a Marxism ideology-essentially a Utopian society where everything is equal and fair and all needs are met.

Sounds splendid doesn’t it, we can debate the theology of Marxism but essentially you have to examine the countries and dictators that have implemented this ideology. According to Karl Marx there are steps that must be taken in order to make Marxism a reality:

1) Revolution,2) Dictatorship of the Proletariat, 3) Destruction of the Capitalist State, 4) Liquidation of the Bourgeoisie, 5) Creation of Socialism, 6) Creation of the New Socialist Man, 7) Withering Away of the State, and 8) Emergence of Communism

Marxism’s intent was to due away with human nature, but human nature is not something that can be done away with, it is human nature to acquire, conqueror, achieve and create. You can ignore and deny these characteristics all you want, but it’s innate. Marxism eliminates human nature, as well as the middle class: “You must, therefore, confess that by “individual” you mean no other person than the bourgeois (anyone obtaining property), than the middle-class owner of property. This person must indeed, be swept out of the way, and made impossible.” (The Schwarz Report). To ignore the fact that Communism kills, is ignorance as well as a complete denial of history. Let’s not forget that millions and millions were murdered under Marxism ideology -Stalin, Mao Tse-tung, and Pol Pot…..were just some who admired and adhered to Marxism.

You see the problem with Communism/Marxism/Socialism…..is it eliminates the individual. America is about the Individual and the individuals right to life, liberty and the pursuit (not guarantee) of happiness. America empowers the one, and that one empowers another……

Taking what someone else has rightfully earned and giving it to another is not empowering to any of those involved….what is accomplished in this? A leg up? Perhaps….but not a way of life. Living off of others is not freedom-it’s bondage. Creating a society for any individual to climb to the top is what America offers with the acknowledgment that some journeys are more challenging than others. One may detest Capitalism, but it is the only system that allows for someone to go from having nothing to having something all in the name of individual liberty.

Yes, there are some that got those 6 numbers and a power-ball right, but for most Americans who found success…..they dared to dream, but not just dream- they took action.