#NetNeutrality ……Pandora’s Box.

Today was an extremely significant day. Today is the day that our Freedom of Speech will begin to erode. The FCC today, approved sweeping regulations championed by President Obama on how Americans use and do business on the Internet aka net neutrality. Today….(though going under the radar)….will be a day that will make history.

Net Neutrality is posing as a friend…..but it is no friend of mine. Net Neutrality is said to provide an “even playing field” for the under dog….but I tell you it’s a matter of time before all Conservative talk becomes suffocated. So, what is ‘net neutrality?’ According to USA today:

“Net neutrality, or open Internet, is the principle that Internet service providers (ISPs) should give consumers access to all legal content and applications on an equal basis, without favoring some sources or blocking others. It prohibits ISPs from charging content providers for speedier delivery of their content on “fast lanes” and deliberately slowing the content from content providers that may compete with ISPs.”

Sounds great….. right!!? I mean an “equal” playing field…..who doesn’t want an equal playing field….everything should be equal and fair in America….I mean we’re turning into a country of a bunch of socialists….so at this point just give in…..let the government take it over….no biggie….stop freaking out geeeez! No big corporations should be able to push the little guys around….let’s call in the “Almighty Government” to set it straight! (That was sarcasm…..a whole hell of a lot of sarcasm!)

Here’s the deal…..the internet….after today- is now going to be considered a “utility”….that’s right like your water or gas….you are going to now pay to use the “utility of the internet.” Yes, you already pay your provider….but now, on top of that you will pay the “utility of the internet fee” to the government….though the government has DONE NOTHING….they are now going to get a cut of the internet because they are going to “regulate” and make everything “fair” for you.

Ahhhh they are so sweet…the government….looking out for us on the internet……I say-nope! No no no!

This door that was opened today was Pandora’s Box……Do you remember Greek mythology??? Do you remember Pandora? Pandora, the first woman on earth who was created by Zeus. She was gorgeous and perfect in every way! But, because Prometheus stole fire from heaven-Zeus was not so happy and wanted to take vengeance and he did by presenting Pandora to Prometheus’ brother Epimetheus. She was given a beautiful jar (box) for her wedding present by the gods, but she was told not to open it. Of course, out of curiosity, Pandora opened the box and out of the box came all the evils of the world. It was terrible….not good…evil all over the world….horrible horrible!

You see… neutrality “sounds” great. It’s that oh so beautiful jar providing equality for all…..but it opens the door for the government to take over the internet and it’s horrible….horrible!  “Oh calm down-you are so freaking out over nothing….the government isn’t the big bad wolf,” you’d say. Well, I say….why the hell are you trusting total strangers??? And….people didn’t think Hitler was that bad either eh’! This governmental control of the internet will ultimate lead to total propaganda. You will only receive access (bandwidth) to news sources, blogs, commentary of any kind that the government deems suitable. So, you will actually have no clue what the hell is going on in the world or what to think -other than what the government allows. And this is the kiss of death to free speech.

What amazes me most is those classic “liberals”…..those who advocate for FREE SPEECH….they are just silent on this one…..(crickets)! But this one, is THE ONE to be fired up about!

Today….yes….today will make history.

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Keystone Pipeline…..a NO vote from ME….what?? Just READ!

Conservative Momma:

Unless someone can enlighten me, the Bill still gives Trans Canada- a foreign entity the right to eminent domain. In other words, allowing a foreign entity the right to seize a US citizens private property! Total violation of our 5th Amendment. I can’t stand Obama, but passing this Bill would be a total constitutional infringement. (Not that he did it for those reasons). Read why, this Bill should not pass until it is amended!

Originally posted on conservativemomma:

So I guess a new requirement we should have for our Congressmen and women, would be READING. Yes, I know….it sounds so simple, so arbitrary, but apparently most of our elected officials, lack this basic skill.

Now before everyone starts flipping out, I am for the Keystone Pipeline being built. I am for America being energy independent. I am totally for the US not giving money for oil to countries that harbor terrorist, but I am NOT for the bill proposed by the House last week to build the pipeline-why? Simply put- it can be considered unconstitutional.

It all starts with a privately owned, for profit company known as TranCanada, a company that wants to build the Keystone XL pipeline. They have actually been in the news over the past couple years, because they think they are above the law.

Many Texas landowners have claimed that they are being…

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bill clinton

Oh…..this isn’t good….yet…..shhhhhhh

I am honestly amazed at the sound of crickets and the total lack of attention that the media is giving to Bill Clinton hanging our with a pedophile. Bill Clinton has flown at least 11 times on “The Lolita Express” a private plane owned by convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Often flying to Epstein’s Caribbean get away known as “orgy island.” (here for full story).

These grossly rich old men are totally objectifying young women-some underage….and if your Epstein-we’re talking as young as 14 years old……ewwwww right!!! Some of these women have claimed they were sex slaves-that is being forced to have sex against their consent! Geeeeez……that for me falls into the category of mistreating women, mysogynism, abuse, sexism…..etc.

Huh……if these were Republican men…this story WOULD NOT GO AWAY!

But since the mainstream media is in the back pocket of the left……all WE hear is silence.

I’d also like to know WHERE oh WHERE are the feminazi’s and feminists on this one???? Hmmmmm…..only speak up on the mistreatment of women when it’s convenient to pushing your left wing agenda eh?? So you ladies would be cool having a guy who sleeps around on his wife, travels to orgy islands and hangs with a pedophile in his spare time as First Gentlemen in the White House???? Because that what ya get when you all vote for Hillary in 2016…..just sayin….

And don’t for a second play the poor Hillary card…..she is a grown woman….and a grown woman….would not put up with this crap!

bill clinton


Oh my gosh mainstream media….keep your pants on geeez!

Well…..if you haven’t heard of Scott Walker yet….then you probably haven’t been reading anything political in the last couple weeks, because Walker is headlining everything right now!

47 year old, Scott Walker is the current Wisconsin Governor and a strong contender for the Republican nominee in 2016. He is loved and hated in Wisconsin….but most haters are union members and ummmmm….with all the government regulation today ……why are unions even still a thing???

Scott Walker was sworn into office as Governor in 2011. He introduced some pretty rigid budget cuts that limited collective bargaining powers (negotiations between employers and groups of employees aimed at reaching agreements to regulate working conditions). He basically stood up to the big bad unions limiting their “all powerful” power and…..well all hell broke loose! These proposed budget cuts by Walker led to protests outside the capitol and a recall election. In June of 2012, Walker won the recall election with even more of the vote than he received in the 2010 election! Walker is the only Governor in US History to win a gubernatorial recall election. Walker this past November was re-elected to a second term as governor of Wisconsin.

Well about a month ago some polls were released that showed Walker leading as the front runner for the 2016 GOP nominee and well….that’s getting attention.

Because we all know….the mainstream media is crazy pants and so unbelievably biased that they are going to do everything they possibly can to tear Walker a new one!

Just in the past month the first drama that media flipped out over was that Walker didn’t have a College Degree!!! Ahhhhhhhhh…….what are we going to do!!!! I mean….Bill Gates-no college degree, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg…..just to name a few-no college degrees….But oh my -if Scott Walker doesn’t have one-let’s headline this on every news story imaginable! Let’s scream it from the roof tops on how important it is for a possible presidential candidate to have a college degree……because all our founding fathers had one….right? Oh they didn’t? Never mind then.

(For an article on well known peeps with no college degree click here)

The next crazy story was that the Unions were again flipping out and protesting Walker’s home this past week….only….Walker’s home is now being occupied by Walker’s parents-meet Llewellyn and Patricia Walker:B-AaJN2IcAA9PnH

These two were greeted last Monday evening by union thugs chanting “Hey hey, ho ho, Scott Walker’s got to go”……classy right.

Walker is making headlines again today because some jack monkey buffoon at the Washington Post asked Walker if Obama was a Christian. Ummmm why are we asking Scott Walker if Obama is a Christian?? See this is so prime mainstream media reporting….asking dumb questions….hoping for a dumb reply and boom-you’ve gotta slandering story to sell -shaming Republicans! But Walker….handled this like a boss….by answering “I don’t know.” Well….that caused a whole freak out by the Liberal Left media….because Obama has said he’s a Christian and so……he must be a Christian……right…..right……right…..???

I just have to say…..actions speak louder than words on this one and we have all watched how Obama comes running valiantly to defend the Christian faith and his brothers and sisters in Christ! (eye roll……huge eye roll…)

To be honest…..I am kinda looking forward to what the Liberal Lefties are going to flip out over next with Walker…..stay tuned….


I am Momma

I am covered in slobber, my hair untamed and I could use a shower. I have become my son’s walking kleenex when his nose is runny, and my daughters shoulder to cry on when she stumbles while learning to run.

I am momma.

I am momma on the sleepless nights and I momma throughout the long days of winter. I am momma with every scrapped knee, owie and boo-boo. I am momma with every bubble bath and with every yell “push my higher momma” on the swing. I am momma when reading bedtime stories, and momma as I get quizzed every 2 minutes throughout the day with endless questions. “Why do I have toes?” “what sound does a tiger make?” “am I a big guy momma?” “is that a big poop momma?” I am momma when they are thirsty, hungry, cranky, sick and tired. I am momma when he is scared and I am momma when she wants to cuddle. I am momma when they wake and momma when they sleep. I am momma coating them with suncreen in the hot summer sun, I am momma pushing two toddlers up a steep hill on my runs. Momma while we color outside the lines, and I am momma wiping their dirty sticky faces.

My daughter grabs my face and gives me a slobbery kiss, my son pulling at my leg with his small growing hands. I am momma.

The momma days aren’t easy. They are long, tiring, and take all you have. They go by without a thank you. They are often spent just trying to stay afloat. But I believe these are the most precious days. The momma days will come to an end….and I’ll be “mom”…..but I will never forget and forever cherish…these momma days.


Ummmm….so….these people vote….

This is why I do what I do….man, if I could reach just one of these students….get them to think…really think why they believe what they believe and then have them come to the realization that….they are in fact “uninformed”….and then get them informed-it’s a win in my book….a big win!

I’ll admit-I honestly laughed out loud when I heard one of the students say “Benghazi” is one of Hillary’s BEST accomplishments!”

I am setting out with new goals, a new vision on reaching people just like the ones in the video below….all is not lost, if anything this should cause everyone of us to speak up, speak out and enlighten a generation that has yet to see the light! Because they vote….let’s get them to be informed voters!


i have hope

I have hope

Last Tuesday evening I attended my GOP Organizational meeting……I was kinda skeptical….because I had talked to two other family members who didn’t enjoy there’s so much. My younger sister said she literally walked into a nursing home at hers (no offense to those in nursing homes) but my sister said she was the youngest one there by about 30 years! My dad’s county is having a helluva hard time being open to change, hearing new ideas, welcoming new people, embracing all walks of life….they are perfectly fine with average….they have no desire to be exceptional or welcome those who are exceptional.

So hey…..I’ll admit, I was like a little bit of a cynic at the beginning of Tuesday’s meeting.

What happened though at my organizational meeting gave me hope. We elected a chairman that had not been part of the poltical hoopla! Now he has done some things to promote the Conservative cause-but he’s not part of that insider click….which is so refreshing! I’ll admit, I was scared as hell, when he spoke at a meeting I was at a month ago, and a women in the audience yelled out “I don’t know you, I have never seen you, how do I know what you stand for!?” Ughhhhh when I heard that I wanted to run over to that woman and say: “YOU are part of the problem! You don’t want anything new and that’s why we keep losing elections!” But…..I held my tongue ;) So…..I didn’t think this guy stood a chance….and I was totally wrong!!! We got a new guy at the helm and I am excited. We also elected a young millenial as our county treasurer, a grass roots Conservative as our Secretary and an ex-Californian mother of two as our Vice chair!

I was given a sense of change is coming….a good change…..a change for the better….a change and call for returning to our roots and electing the best person for the job!

Ya see…..I have watched candidates in other counties in other elections….lose because they were new or different. They had not put in enough volunteer hours at the phone banks, they hadn’t walked enough precincts, they hadn’t mailed out enough envelopes, they hadn’t served on enough campaigns…..they hadn’t “earned” their spot.

I think this whole idea of “earning” a spot has created this career politician mentality. These people that earn their spots have been part of the political class for years! They become so immersed that they lose touch with the small businessman, the single mom working two jobs, the young millenials….these people form their groups, and if you aren’t part of the group-then you don’t stand a chance at getting elected into anything……ya it’s a flash back to high school!

I didn’t see this from my county though. I was so proud and excited when I left my meeting on Tuesday, because the right people were elected….not those that expected to be elected because they had “earned” it.

I grew up with a father that worked harder than anyone I had every known. He raised seven children with my mother, he has put all his children through college, he has started businesses, he has taken risks, he has always been there when I needed a shoulder to cry on, he’s coached little leagues, he’s cheered me on in every thing I have set out to accomplish, he is the definition of the capitalism dream, he has honored God in every area of his life and never held a political office, not because he’s never ran for office but because … his county….you have to “earn” it.

I am just glad I live in a county that is waking up. My hope and prayer is that other counties in the country begin to wake up! That the permanent political class is ousted and that we begin electing citizens of the people and for the people. That we return to our roots of true conservatism and the BEST man or woman is elected to serve-this is what our forefathers intended.

Tuesday, gave me that hope.