Conservative Momma asks, “Why Trump?”

Here’s another one guys! So awesome to have people, speak up and speak out! This is how we make a difference in this world. Using our voice to strive for change is a gift. Those that use this gift will never have to look back and wonder, “what if?”

Thank you, to every single person that has sent me a clip on “Why Trump.” You inspire me to continue in this fight for individual liberty.

This next clip is from Jan. She is a momma, a wife and an Independent Voter! Below is why she is supporting Trump this November!

Conservative Momma asks, “Why Trump?”

Here’s another one folks! Meet Claire-wife, millennial momma, horse trainer and entrepreneur! Claire emphasizes the need to secure our borders, standing up for LIFE and Trump’s ability to get the economy rolling again! With almost 100 million Americans out of work, we need someone with the know how to create jobs!

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Conservative Momma asks, “Why Trump?”

I’ll keep sharing these as they come! Can I just say, how awesome it is to have people sending me their clips of why they support Donald Trump this November! These videos are destroying the media’s perception of those who support Trump!

The clip from Becca and Madison. Recent college graduates, who recognize Trump is the only contender who has the know how to Make America Great Again!


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