You are not a horrible person because your were born white……

Last week all over social media, headlines of MTV’s new show “White Privilege” was causing a lot of chatter. It’s a show that basically shames white people for being white, because that will cause more unity and harmony in our most divisive and racially boiling country right now……(sarcasm…..lots and lots of sarcasm).

Now I write under the name Conservative Momma….some know me, but the majority do not. I am a mom, a wife and I am white and I am not going to feel guilty or shamed for being white. God made me white and God does not make mistakes. I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I am proud of my skin color. Just as I am proud to be an American-and we all know there’s just a matter of time until MTV or some other liberal media outlet puts out a program shaming Americans for being American.

Society has informed me time and time again that I am supposed to feel guilty because I was born white. Because I am white, I am said to be privileged to things that people who are not white are not privileged to. I am supposed to feel shame for the way I was born. I had nothing to do with what color my skin would be when I was born…..but somehow I am to feel disgrace over the outcome. Because of my skin, I am immediately at fault for all of our histories troubled past and for all the turmoil existing today due to race. I am to be blamed, humiliated and dishonored, because I was born white.

Many who are homosexuals and trans-gendered say they are born that way……well I was born this way, I was born white.

There has been a desperate need to publicly humiliate white people, for being white. To shame someone because their skin color is a certain color is racist. This causes no healing, but only drives a deeper knife into the soul of unity.

How long does this need to persist? What is the intended result?

I never saw color growing up. My friends were my friends, I didn’t care what color they were. As I aged though, I was told that the color of my skin has caused pain to many. I would sit in class after class in college hearing about how horrible I am because of my skin color. I was to feel deep remorse for how I was born.

Shaming someone for how they were born, is not going to lead to any kind of healing for anyone. Putting down one’s race is not going to elevate another. MTV, you infiltrating young minds and perpetuating this vicious cycle -just to get ratings.

If I chose to embrace the ridicule, embarrassment, shaming guilt that society is trying to place on me because of the way I was born -no good would come of that. Hating myself for how I was born isn’t going to racially unite us.

Loving myself and loving others is the only way to stop this vicious divisive cycle.

Instead of focusing on what divides us, let’s focus on what unites us.

Unite we stand, divide we fall.