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To the Moderate Republicans :

 I keep hearing from a lot of Republicans: “We have to play safe and we must come across as “moderate” so we can win elections.” “Ya can’t be too extreme, you won’t win the majority if you are.”

I personally think we are where we are at because we have been playing the moderate card for too long.

Honestly, ask millennials for five key fundamental differences between Democrats and Republicans, and they have a hard time answering!

Our world has become so “whatever” as in -the ability to differentiate between values, is now a serious challenge! People want to be able to decipher, they do want clarity in a very unclear and indecisive world.

I totally and completely disagree with this “moderate” approach in the political realm. Why? Well for starters we have been playing “moderately” and our country has literally been transformed before our eyes! We have let Democrats play offense and we play defense and as a result, after endless years of playing defense-you start to only know one set of plays in the game.

So to the Moderate Republican here’s the deal:

-Pro-abortion feminazi’s aren’t going to vote for you, even if you are a “moderate” Republican.

-Climate Change junkies aren’t going to vote for you

-Socialist aren’t going to vote for you

-Free-loaders aren’t going to vote for you

-Most Union members aren’t going to vote for you

-Democrats aren’t going to vote for you

-Illegal Immigrants aren’t going to vote for you

You get my point? Or should I go on?

Now focus. You RAN as a Republican, you were elected as a Republican.

Are you confused about what a Republican is…..hey I don’t blame you…..we’ve gotten off course-so let me refresh you.

We are FOR:

Standing by the Constitution of the United States-if something is Unconstitutional DON’T SUPPORT IT!

SMALL Government-that’s right less of you up in our biz!

Cutting Waste and departments that serve no purpose!

PRO-LIFE-that life is an individual-it’s own entity-has it’s own rights-not your body-someone else is now involved!

Pro 2nd Amendment-no “ifs” “ands” or “buts!”

School Choice

Strong supporters of LEGAL IMMIGRATION

Supporting the right for people to Choose healthcare-not be forced to buy it!

Balancing the damn Budget!

Stop the spending!!!

Securing our Borders

Creating Jobs

Lowering Taxes

Does that help? Now…..I’d like to add….READ the BILLS that are up for a vote….ya I know that’s hard, might even be considered work-but that’s what you are there to do! If the bill goes against the things listed above-DON’T Support it!

“But if I clearly stand for these things, I might not get re-elected,” you say? Well if you are there for re-election, you are there for the wrong reasons…… period.

This Moderate crap can suck it for the moment, we are losing our Country and we need some people that will step up and save it!