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If we want to stop mass shootings…..

I get that those that cry for Gun Control are scared. They are scared of guns. Guns kill people in their minds. It seems like every day some shooting is taking place-it’s the Wild Wild West! Or at least the media has sensationalized it to feel this way. Innocent people are dying and gun control would prevent or at least limit this -are the thoughts of many on the other side of the aisle.

My question is what gun control?

The Shooter in the Sutherland Springs cleared a background check because the Air Force neglected to enter his dishonorable discharge and Domestic Abuse record into the data base -which would have prevented him from getting a gun. A Failed process is what allowed the shooter to get a gun. This shooter also escaped a Mental Institution in 2012 where he had been sent after he was court-martialled for assaulting his ex-wife and stepson during his time in the US Air Force. He was an Atheist who hated Christians as well…..a deeply troubled individual at the very least.

I have heard the other side say “no one needs and AR-15,” well that’s exactly what Stephen Willeford needed, when he shot the Sutherland Springs shooter.  A hand-gun would have been a much more challenging pick, when preciseness was needed to pierce in between the body armor of the assailant in the midst of the chaos.

I think if Liberal Legislators were REALLY honest-they don’t want gun control, they want to ban guns. They want Australia-like confiscation here in America. I mean if we were to be really honest. Yet, no Liberal legislator will step forward with a proposal to ban guns because their career in politics would end.

That’s what happened when Colorado State Senators Angela Giron of Pueblo and John Morse of Colorado Springs voted in 2013, to enforce strict gun laws in Colorado-they were recalled! Why? Because the majority of Americans love America-we are not Australia! We believe in our Constitution that was put in place to limit Government overreach and chipping away at our Constitution doesn’t bode well with Americans.

So what we are really witnessing is a lot of theatrics.

If some form of gun control was passed by Congress many would “feel” better, but the problem would not solved.

I want to solve the problem.

Banning an object doesn’t solve the problem.

We have to look deeper. We have to look at our society.
We don’t value human life. If we did, we wouldn’t be allowing for the murder of life in the womb.

We stigmatize the mentally ill. They feel trapped, tormented and alone. We call for gun control but where is the legislation on helping the mentally ill?

We treat psychological sickness with prescription drugs, with no deeper research into how these drugs affect the psyche.

We have a nation full of adolescents playing violent video games that suggest death is not permanent.

We spend millions watching movies that glorify violence.

And worst of all, we are a culture that has removed God from our society. Even if you do not believe in God…..-God is love and we have removed love. Love is a verb. It is action. It speaks truth, convicts and heals. 
If we want to solve mass shootings, we have to be a society that values life. We have to be a society that speaks truth. We have to be a society that calls out evil instead of tip toeing around it.  We have to be a society that focuses once again on God. And we have to be a society that is determined to raise the generation behind us to do the same.
*Below I address banning guns without mentioning “guns”….to expose that this would not solve the real problem our society faces.

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