Speak up and Speak out.

It’s easy to look at the world and just feel like we are losing the battle. Socialism at our door step, confusing children with gender identity at young ages, an attack on our First Amendment, an attack on our Second Amendment, leaving babies to die that survive abortion, terrifying our youth by telling them the world is ending in twelve years, school shootings, a total removal of God from pretty much everything…… it can make you feel like there’s no hope. But, I want to tell you there is hope.
Last night I attended my local county’s school board meeting. I had a zillion things I needed to get done as mom, but the Board was deciding some very important things and I knew emailing them wasn’t enough. I had to speak up, I had to speak out. Believe it or not, I get nervous to speak- but I believe God wants us to push through our fears. To not be silent. So I pushed through the fear and I went.
I spoke, and others spoke- hoping that the predominantly liberal board would hear us out. Hoping that perhaps we might move the needle a little bit.
As I left the meeting, I was stopped by a man. He said “I agree with you, thank you for speaking up.” He looked so familiar. I glanced down at his shirt and there was a picture of his son. I knew this face- it was Kendrick Castillo, the young man who gave his life to defend his classmates in the STEM school shooting last Spring. Tears swelled into my eyes, I couldn’t talk -which is rare, all I could do is pull him in for a hug and say “thank you. Thank you for raising an incredible son.”
I went to bed last night not knowing how the board would vote. I do know that I did the right thing though. I could have stayed home. I could have gotten all the things I needed to get done done, but I chose to speak up.
As I got up this morning and rushed around the house getting kids ready for school, my husband sent me a text. The text stated that the School Board ruled in our favor! I was shocked, because honestly I thought we had little chance of victory.
A battle won. It may be small, but it’s a win.
Do I think we got a win because people showed up and spoke up- yes I do.
I truly believe that we can no longer be silent. That we can no longer go about our “day to day” too busy to get involved, too busy to speak up and speak out.
The opposition wins because no one is standing up to them. They win because we are all too often too busy and too silent. We allow the minority to rule the majority.
Kendrick Castillo gave his LIFE, the very least WE can do is give our VOICE.

Hope comes when YOU and ME speak up and speak out!

Kendrick Castillo March 14, 2001-May 7, 2019 -Hero



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If the Church wasn’t so silent….

I have noticed something that goes far and wide, it is silence at injustice -the inability to speak up and speak out against it. This silence is most loudly heard in the church. While many gather on Sunday mornings to worship and hear a cozy “feel good” message-there is no truth being uttered from the pulpit. Never would a pastor dare to speak about social issues or endorse a particular candidate-they’d lose their 501C3 (non-profit) status. But, I think this is the very reason why we see so much ugly in the world today.

Now let me be clear, I am a supporter of the separation of church and state. All throughout history time and time again-the church was found to be corrupt when influenced by the state and at times the two were as one. Declaring a “master” religion, Monarch’s corruptly influencing the church and it’s message, propaganda, the misuse of funds….it was a mess! The government should lack all authority when it comes to an individual’s conscience.The liberty of conscience and individual thought must not be infringed upon.

I get people don’t want to go to church and hear what side of the political aisle their pastor is on….but I personally think they should know! I think that people have become so “gray” in their thinking that they have no radar in deciphering black from white, right from wrong and this….this is a pastor’s role! Making it clearly obvious what is right and what is wrong through their teachings

Simple hearing a pastors views on social and political issues, I believe does not infringe on our Constitutional rights nor does it impede on our own individual rights. It rather challenges thought. The separation of church and state, should not prevent free thinking. No one is forcing one to vote a particular way, or pushing one to adhere to what is being preached from the pulpit….one is still able to choose for themselves what is right and wrong. I am simply advocating….that pastors should be speaking out on these issues, especially ones that directly correlate to a biblical truth of right and wrong…..because if you haven’t noticed it’s getting NUTS out here!!

For example-Supporting abortion….not something Jesus would support, stating this from the pulpit would be the right thing to do, so they should SAY SOMETHING!!

Addressing the enthrallment of misogynistic movies that are popular in our culture is not something Jesus would support, so pastors SAY SOMETHING!

Supporting any leader that does not stand with Israel, when it is clear in scripture that they are God’s chosen people, should be talked about from the pulpit-so SAY SOMETHING!

Supporting any candidate who sleeps around or can’t keep it in their pants-not something Jesus would support, so SAY SOMETHING!

Supporting any legislation that infringes upon individual freedom-which Jesus is ALL about-freedom, that’s what he died for, for us to be FREE in Christ! Ummmmm….He’s all about Freedom…..so SAY SOMETHING!

For the love….open up your Bibles pastors. I am not a pastor. I am not called to be a pastor….but if you are a pastor…it’s time to STEP IT UP!

“Oh but people will leave the church,” “we don’t want to offend,” “We won’t be tax exempt anymore,” “People will stop giving.” This is where your much talked about “Faith” really comes into play….

Church is to be a place of Truth. Truth hurts, it’s not fun to hear, it’s even uncomfortable at times….but truth-sets people free and that is your role! That’s it! Speak TRUTH….no matter how uncomfortable it might be! I think of the apostle Paul, being stoned, and held in prison-that wasn’t comfortable, I think of Peter-being hung upside down on a cross-not comfortable, I think of Stephen being stoned to death-not comfortable…..and I think of Jesus being crucified….he wasn’t crucified because he preached “lovey dovey” messages…..he was crucified because he spoke the truth…..

I believe that our country would not be in the condition it is in, if the church wasn’t so silent…..

so Say Something!