The Consistent Inconsistency of the Democrat Party

Hypocrisy can destroy. We have all witnessed people that preach one thing and do something completely different. It’s frustrating, annoying and destroys all trust. I read a post today on Facebook about how one can be “pro-life” and “pro-choice” the absurdity in this statement is why the Democrats LOST the election.

We have become a world of “gray zone,” where everything is just blahhh. Don’t stand for anything because you might offend somebody. Don’t speak up because somebody might disagree with you. Well, I am not blah, and I am not gray. I get attacked DAILY by liberals and now, it’s my normal; because there is RIGHT and there is WRONG. There is GOOD and there is BAD. There is also this thing called INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY. You OWN your actions, that’s right. You cast a vote for an elected official that pushes for THIRD TERM abortion, then you are a contributor to that legislation. OWN IT. Sorry….there is no I vote Pro Abortion but I am Pro life….that is a total and complete contradiction and this is also known as hypocrisy.

Shirking all responsibility by saying you are essentially “everything” and there really is no right or wrong is asinine. Ya you might sleep good at night because you don’t offend people throughout your day, but you are living a life without conviction.

The Democrat Party has become the “whatever, fluid party of blah.” This morphing has caused many to get the hell out of this party! No Borders, No Citizens, No Gender and so forth has left many thinking “what is this I am a part of?” And, they can’t answer!

This last election Independent Voters and Democrats came out to support and VOTE for Donald Trump. Why? Because he spoke up, he told it like it WAS and stopped tip toeing around issues that desperately NEEDED to be confronted. Actions have Consequences….even if you bury your head in the sand….there are still Consequences for your actions.

I made this video and posted it on Facebook and I thought I’d share it with you all, behold the consistent inconsistency of the Democrat Party and be thankful you aren’t part of it.